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  1. Does Anyone Know This Visual Novel?!

    *UPDATE* I found it! Just now I recognized an image from the game, if anyone is curious as to which VN it was it's called "Homeward".
  2. I'm gonna cut right to the chase here, about a year or two ago I played this one visual novel that I can't remember the name of... I've searched as much as possible for it and I'm unable to find it again as I think it wasn't an overly popular one but I'm posting in hopes there's someone here who can help me rediscover it. Below I'm gonna list as much as of it as possible so if it sounds familiar let me know. List: It's title had something to do with a butterfly and it was a reoccurring theme. It opened up with the protagonist chasing a butterfly as a child and comes across a girl and they both climb a tree together and look over their town (She's also a love interest). It was a romance story. Set in High School. It had 3 routes. One route was the childhood friend, other is a girl you meet and the other was the MC's sister (I know incest is taboo nor do I enjoy it but admittedly it did make a very good and emotionally conflicting story). One of the girls names began with K I think, could have been the sister. It had H scenes. There's a scene where if you do the route with his sister they both go into the woods and consider suicide. I remember with the childhood friend route they have a kiss upon a Ferris wheel. The two non related love interests have average length/short brown hair and white skin, his sister is paler then the other two and has long black hair. There's a gym scene where you and the new girl run in a race but your legs are tied together with rope and her bra comes loose while she runs. In the incest route if I can remember his sister attempts to drown herself in a river. If I manage to remember more stuff I'll update this list, if anyone knows what I'm trying to find I'd appreciate a reply. Thanks for reading.