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  1. Ayakashibito Text Wrapping

    In case anyone in the future has this same problem...launching the game from "SETUP.EXE" shows more font options than when I launched it from "AYAKASHI.EXE", including MS PGothic which fixes this issue. No idea why, but...hooray!
  2. Ayakashibito Text Wrapping

    Hallo, So, after some difficulties, I finally managed to get Ayakashibito up and running thanks to some old threads here on these forums. Hooray! Except now that I'm running it, the text is wrapping in a really annoying way. Here's a screenshot: https://i.imgur.com/LecE7ru.jpg That doesn't seem right. I saw some other posts indicating that the font needs to be " MS Pゴッシク " to avoid text glitches, but my game only seems to have " MS ゴッシク " (note the lack of a P). Screenshot: https://i.imgur.com/ycIJ7dg.jpg Yes, I do have my system locale set to Japanese. Obviously I can live with it if I have to read it like this, but I'd prefer not to. Is this a known issue with this or any other VNs? Any advice on how to fix it? Thanks!