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  1. Hoi! I just wanted to ask why you guys like to play visual novels, i'm not sure why i guess i just like hearing other peoples reasons for why they like them!^^ I guess it wouldn't be fair to ask without giving my own reasoning though, the reason i like Visual Novels is because I've always been attracted to the idea of them, the idea that its story and you're the one who gets to pick how its told has always been cool to me!
  2. Yes there is actually! I know there is something like that for Re:Zero and Oreimo
  3. I was just wondering what every ones favorite Key visual novel is, that is if you like their visual novels. I've just started playing vn's and since I've always been a fan of their anime adaptations i wanted to know which of their Vn's i should play! (My first VN is clannad by the way, i just bought it for ps4^^)
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