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  1. Yes!!! on my search for sad novels I have heard SO much about saya no uta. I will most likely give this novel a read before its all said and done. thank you, I will be looking into this
  2. ok thank you I will look into it. I am currently downloading the fruit of grisaia as we speak.
  3. So after reading pretty much all of KEY novels, im looking to read some other (sad,drama) novels to read. Can you guys give me a list of some you have read that made you cry or was sad??
  4. so after reading a good bit of key works like air , kanon , rewrite , clannad and even tomoyo after I decided to dive into the infamous (little buster's). Needless to say compared to the other key works . Little busters has been really hard for me to get into. Idk , from the start the story just seems really slow and boring compared to the other key novels. The characters aren't especially likeable and just overall doesn't draw me into the story like all the other key novels have done in the past. I mean , does the story gets better at some point or is it just slow , boring and mundane unti
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