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  1. It's annoying, but i think real life itself is just a collection of meaningless choices
  2. we can take this analysis a step further by seeing that in this case, the tsunderes are actually being portrayed as weak. i think there's another key aspect to this in that the brutalization is always portrayed as a joke-their "abuse" actually isn't a big deal or worth taking seriously. there are a lot of reasons why this could be the case (e.g., double standards with gender in regards to abuse), but regardless of these reasons, we can see a trend in which the focus is on the tsundere's violence being "broken down" and revealing her deredere side due to the mc's influence over her. the satisfa
  3. used to use vnr, now use textractor. i personally prefer textractor, though i can agree that the actual translation aspect of it can be wonky at times. it's always fun to see the kind of goofy shit that gets put out when you're trying to read a vn:
  4. Some men think about the problems plaguing philosophy, the natural sciences, and the lessons of history, and some think about fictional girls' pubes
  5. ngl i've always been really tempted to try translating the dasaku games, but my japanese isn't that great yet
  6. the real question is, when the hell is madosoft going to produce a meta vn where it turns out all the heroines are the same people being reincarnated into different games
  7. I highly recommend anyone who likes Katawa Shoujo to check out the development blog. It made the experience of playing the game a lot more enjoyable and interesting.
  8. yup, several times. recently tried a clean boot and it still doesn't work.
  9. so i got the game, unfortunately i can't install: "the application was unable to start 0xc00007b". tried a number of things such as restarting, running as admin, running in all available compatibility modes, updating, reinstalling and updating directx (including 9c), scanning the disk (no errors), installing aio package, installing all versions of microsoft visual c++, reinstalling the net framework. still doesn't work. i might be fucked at this point, but i'll keep trying.
  10. i've been hyped af for this shit, i've been wanting to play this in english for a few years.
  11. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/04/03/science/coronavirus-genome-bad-news-wrapped-in-protein.html?utm_source=pocket-newtab might be worth checking out some of the original studies to get a more in-depth understanding
  12. Asmodeus visits me in my dreams and tells me which vn to play next
  13. i mean, i can see why people would be ashamed of liking them. most h scenes just suck. they would probably be a lot better if they were written by people who've actually had sex before.
  14. as it turns out, the girls have been taking plan b off screen
  15. i look forward to the fact that nothing will change. i will wake up on january 1 and look at myself in the mirror. i will observe my hideously lovecraftian form before i leave my house. i will disappoint everyone around me, ruin all my new friendships, and procrastinate my time away. i will look back and wonder why i cant make a change before repeating the cycle over and over again. i will become more and more at peace with the fact that i will never live a happy life. i look forward to the fact that nothing, absolutely nothing, will change
  16. some of these things sound absolutely wild. i can't believe there's bible verses and marijuana in this game, wtf, i might not be able to handle all this crazy shit...
  17. thank you vizualfan, very cool your system of determining who deserves the title of "man" is utterly arbitrary. there is no objective goodness within the world of meatsuits, and fictional characters are mere abstractions with the verisimilitude of meatsuits
  18. wow, the opening perfectly captures how I feel about this. shield my eyes, emptiness inside... definitely checking this out when it's released
  19. My first was Saya no Uta. I thought it was pretty cool and interesting, but over time my positive opinions towards it gradually decreased.
  20. Cool looking male uniforms are nearly impossible to find...I'll just stick with females. I really like the color palette of the Sono Hanabira uniforms, and the flowing designs in the Sakura no Uta and Subarashiki Hibi uniforms are also really appealing to me.
  21. on one hand, i get to enjoy a multimedia form of art with lots of cool stories, and i even get a new platform to create my own stories with. on the other hand, i am isolated further from society because vns are niche, and i can't publicly promote my stories because all vns are commonly equated to child porn.
  22. mine is kinda cringe but ok Hair-Blonde, Shoulder Length Eyes-Blue, Hosome Body-Pale, Slim, Young-adult, Average Height Clothes-T-shirt, Tank Top, Blouse, Sweater, Turtleneck Sweater, Shorts, Jeans, Leggings, Glasses Personality-Secretive, Curious, Misanthrope, Eccentric, Slutty, Relaxed, Insightful, Low Self-esteem, Pervert, Reserved, Airhead Role-Based on a Real Person, Scientist, Video Game Developer, Student, American, Not A Virgin Engages In-Driving, Gambling, Investigation, Learning A Foreign Language, Sadism, Stalking, Flirting, Job Hunting, Suicide At
  23. tbh i've always dreamed of a sonohana game where you're the new girl and you get to pick a new gf out of a wide selection of cuties. i think the biggest problem with this set up is that the idiot writers would probably just write a standard male protagonist with boobs
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