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  1. Nekonyan's Two December Announcements

    Ah. I see, just wished that's not how things were run. A lot of companies draw the uncensored than censor it later, probably in hopes that the laws are changed in Japan. Read somewhere else where somebody said "If you are reading erotic content and are content with mosaics covering the point of said content, what's the point of having it included?". They aren't wrong, at least to me.
  2. Nekonyan's Two December Announcements

    Only saying no due to mosaics. If I am going to sit through porn I want to at least see it in all its glory.(My opinion of course) How do they make a H CG and not have a copy of it before applying the mosaic? Or is it just made with a general look of what would be underneath it? [Thinking about them just applying color to make it look like there's something there kind of seems lazy to me but I guess it makes sense for time purposes]
  3. Nekonyan's Two December Announcements

    Too bad Senren Banka will still have mosaics, guess that's how it goes with Yuzusoft, might be a pass for me but it depends on the story and other titles releasing at the time(well more than the summary at least).... Making*Lovers looks good though, I bet it'll be especially good since Smee's other title Fureraba was pretty good. Definitely'll invest in it.
  4. Nekonyan's Two December Announcements

    Man, repeating things on threads is fun. They are asking the community before coming to a decision mate. They haven't embraced KS as the be all end all for their translations. Merely questioning on whether or not people care to have a physical copy so much so that they would need to crowdfund to put up the money required to manufacture the copies. They haven't said anywhere that KS was ever their end goal and treating it that way is a little much and unfair to them. Beyond that, they haven't done anything to be hypocritical besides considering crowdfunding as an option for the persons who want the physical copies of games. All their TL projects have been funded by themselves [thus far] and no money has come from our pockets beforehand. The flak you're giving them is honestly just unfair if you think them considering their options is hypocritical. They say on every FAQ on their own site that physicals are talked about with the Japanese Devs. KS is just one solution to pay for the cost of the materials to manufacture. What was discussed here was more as a "Why attack a company attempting to receive feedback on a important financial decision, as well as try to call them out for considering viable options to appease the community?". Not really as much as a "Be more nice to Neko, or else" as it was a "Why is there a hate bandwagon for a good localisation company that doesn't delay VNs forever(Once again, RIP Dracu-Riot) and actually interacts with their target audience?"(Yes, I understand, they shit on companies using KS, now that they are understanding how expensive some costs can be [more in regards to price of materials for physical releases], they are considering it as a solution if the community wants it that badly . )
  5. Nekonyan's Two December Announcements

    So we just gonna act like MoeNovel or SakuraGames doesn't do this just for the money? What logical sane person would rip apart a VN that has sex and other things integral to routes that ruin the game if missing or in SG's case literally translate horribly and call it passionate? By passion I mean actual interaction with the people that make up the consumers of your projects. I've seen a few persons from each company in discussions at some point besides the ones I've mentioned before. (Maybe in a previous post I said something about Sol Press, I wasn't meaning it in a snide manner. Honestly, Newton no Ringo was one of the VN's of the year for me.) Yeah, Melty Moment( Early or mid 2019 initial release date) has no announced progress but hasn't been announced as "we'll get to it when we want"(Also I believe Hooksoft is new to western releases so there's that)[Actually there are no translated Hooksoft games so it's going to be the first TL'ed title from them]. Honestly, they are probably trying to make sure their release schedule for 2019 stays on track and working on those first, which is entirely understandable. I never put them on a pedestal, just did not understand the flak they were getting for actually reaching out to the community about physical releases, which prompted some people to say they are going back on promises and are terrible at business because they didn't have the promotional material ready for an announcement.
  6. Nekonyan's Two December Announcements

    Like the mod literally just said, we aren't talking about me anymore so either pm me and complain there or move on and live another 70 years until all of our eventual demises. After of course reading all the translated VNs in those 70 years.
  7. Nekonyan's Two December Announcements

    It's clear there are two sides to this. The side that believes Neko is "falling apart at the seam" and are not keeping their promises and the side that can see why they question the community before bending their promises. It is one those things we will never agree upon and as such, let's just agree to disagree.
  8. Nekonyan's Two December Announcements

    I said a "Shitty slice of life protag". That means like the dumbass from Hatsukoi. Not that Slice of life is shitty. How did you get that interpretation?
  9. Nekonyan's Two December Announcements

    Oh boy... I never said they were our lords and saviors. "Announcement botch". These are humans mate. Humans are not robots as such should not expected to hit every deadline on the nail. They said their "Promo materials weren't ready". Don't think that any Japanese Developer (Or even Neko themselves) wants incomplete advertisement on a western release. Underwhelming? That's your opinion and you can keep it. At least they are releasing and translating things in a timely manner and haven't shoved any VNs in an icebox.
  10. Nekonyan's Two December Announcements

    I see absolutely nothing wrong with what they said. You think MoeNovel translates because they feel passionate? They aren't wrong and never said anything about PHYSICAL RELEASES at all. Literally, their FAQ page for every project says "Physicals might happen if there is considerable interest" (Or at least that's I how interpret it).
  11. Nekonyan's Two December Announcements

    Only because resident haters decide to create a hate train for something so trivial.
  12. Nekonyan's Two December Announcements

    Once again, you ignore the meat of what I said and go off on a tangent. The other replies literally say exactly what I did. They aren't considering using crowdfunding for the actual digital release like Sol press did for Newton No Ringo. Only for physical copies, once again. Completely ignoring what I said about the costs is pretty dumb, but do you honestly wholeheartedly think a company will deliver all of its promises in only under a year? Now had it been three years and they've completely changed to crowdfunding maybe your argument would have substance but the glass is honestly empty. Two replies above me literally explains that discovering that crowdfunding might be more viable if the community wants the physical releases that bad. Not that they are going to fund translations through that method. It's pretty clear that this company and a few other indie devs and translators have their heart in the community and not in their wallets. Are you just intentionally being like every shitty Slice-of-Life protag, or is just fun being that mean-spirited online that you just get a rush out of being toxic? You paint the picture like NekoNyan is intentionally going behind the backs of consumers and slitting throats. Like I said before, if your model of running a VN translation company is better, please prove me wrong or stop shitting on companies that are way more honest than nine tenths of all companies in the world today. Geez man.
  13. Nekonyan's Two December Announcements

    Anyone with a passion for something that wants to turn it into a business will find out that it takes a lot to be able to run a business than just passion. Whether or not they denounced kickstarters, I read that they'll only consider that for physical releases, not for funding the TL of games(Why waste money on physicals people won't buy?). Also, people change, it is literally human nature to do so. If they changed their minds and believe they need the crowdfunding to have a physical release because they don't have thousands of dollars of spend on getting physical releases because their company is new, then so be it. They never promised physicals in the first place, if we are going that far back in the first place. I don't believe they deserve the flak, considering their releases are of good quality and they are going to deliver a ton of new titles that probably would not have been TL'ed. They are a new company, literally not even a year old. How is that even reasonable? Do you understand how capitalism even works? You need money to make money, considering the people from NekoNyan were fan translators to begin with they probably weren't making 100's of thousands of dollars. Upkeeping a business with license fees, website prices, payment processing and other avenues that present expenditures really tend to drain a company's wallet. They literally said they are waiting for feedback about whether or not to use crowdfunding as a way for people to get physicals. That isn't hitting the big red "GO" button and letting them go crowdfund every single game they are translating, considering all TL'ed games really didn't do this. Even if they are struggling, every company struggles in the first year . MG? Just read their first translation release. Sekai? Don't get me started. SakuraGames? How are they even still managing to make it? MoeNovel? We all saw how censored and destroyed they made their TL'ed releases. I could go onto more but literally all of these companies were struggling at one point or another, and some still are. Also, c'mon, if you could run a business any better, please go create one and prove me wrong.
  14. Nekonyan's Two December Announcements

    You mean the fandisc that contains sex scenes? Man, he really shouldn't contradict himself. Maybe he's been "gotten used to" but I do believe that he needs to be positive more, if we wanted negative nancies and toxicity we would just scurry on over to 4chan where you get called a retard for asking questions about a VN. Actually taking the time to look at his profile, its easy to see he plays either devil's advocate/prince or neutral in most cases. Consistently bashing NekoNyan doesn't help anyone either(They are a new startup from this year, of course their business wouldn't be the level of MG in such a short time along with bashing them because they don't have progress on a few titles when they are consistently progressing other titles farther ahead ), or wishing people do not join the VN community or etc. That just doesn't represent the greater VN community and probably wouldn't be a good thing for new users to be seeing so often, even if he's just taking the piss most of the time when posting, it still just makes him seem even more mean-spirited. I guess the "Trash" rank above his avatar doesn't lie to anyone....
  15. Nekonyan's Two December Announcements

    You know, I'm usually a lurker and made an account just for this, but do you really have to be Fuwa's resident 'Negative Nancy'? Glancing at your profile, everything you post is usually either negative or bashing people for not learning Japanese. Just why be so negative, that just leaves a person to feel negative. (Wasn't going to mention but you said "All porn in VNs are gross" yet have a purple-software looking character as profile avatar and, correct me if I am wrong, their games contain a LOT of sexual content having played ChronoClock and Hapymaher.) Can we just make this a nice place that doesn't have the toxicity of Reddit?