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  1. What are you playing?

    Wow, i see. Thanks, guys, didn't do much researching. Then maybe i'll watch then read in due time.
  2. What are you playing?

    Oh geez... Another one... And i wanted to try that one too, cuz heard it's quite good. And as far as i'm correct, only the first part wasn't translated, which is not so long. So maybe it's not that important for the plot (correct me if i'm wrong). Well, now i dunno if i should read it or just watch adaptation (yes, 50+ hours VN into 13 episodes, i know, but...)
  3. What are you playing?

    I think i can say that all stories are like stepping stones that eventually built into what you can see in Refrain. That's where the REAL story begins. Will you like it or not - that's another thing. I can clearly see why people like this VN very much, but i don't belong to that group myself... Actually, maybe i even like first part (before Refrain) more than Refrain itself. It's just because i absolutely don't like one of MC in it. Won't spoil who it is, but that's how things are for me - story in Refrain is way more good than bad; all stepping stones, that had been built previously, lie to create rather interesting story and experience. Needless to say, this VN has one of the best parties of childhood male friends. But so unlikable character just messes badly with enjoyment that could be gotten otherwise. Before Refrain i can at least read stories about girls i like. Although that's not the case for you it seems... Can't say i like all girls, but most of them are good. It's just so happened that MC in Refrain is the one i don't like the most so... If you like that character then that's a good possibility you can enjoy Refrain to your heart's content. If you don't... Well, maybe that doesn't matter for you and you'll still read it with pleasure. But if you don't like all characters so much, then maybe it's just not for you. Even if you will like Refrain, maybe it's not worth reading all that's need to be read to unlock it...
  4. What are you playing?

    You CAN win on 1st try. But it's hard... I didn't bother.
  5. I read for story and characters. As for genres - can't say i'm too picky, but... Never tried otome games and honestly don't want to. Other than that - have no specific "love/hate" genres. At least, can't say right now that i have. As for what should i read next - sometimes it just depends on mood, sometimes you want something energetic, fun and entertaining, sometimes would appreciate more thrill, suspense etc. But there are cases that main factor is character - that was the case for me in choosing Tsujidou (Maki) and Coμ - Kuroi Ryuu to Yasashii Oukoku (Kagome).
  6. My entire physical visual novel collection

    Oh, thanks for detailed review, didn't expect that. Unfortunately, i wouldn't be able to read anything even if i had these VNs, cuz i don't know japanese(( Don't exactly sad about To Love Ru and Re:Zero though, because, in case of the latter, i read web novel and think that's enough. And as for To Love Ru - personally i think the first season is quite good, 2nd is meh, because i don't like those sisters. Same with manga. Don't think i'm so interested in reading VN... As for Plastic Memories... I quite liked the show, but don't like the fact they didn't explain why they So this sad mood in the end didn't quite get to me. But i think reading VN would still be quite interesting. Gochuumon wa usagi desu ka - i think it's ideal reading for just relaxation, without thinking about anything, without serious plot or anything, just enjoying simple slice of life stuff. I did watch some slice of life that i like even more, but very few of them have VNs, so if i could afford it - maybe i would enjoy it from time to time. But Sakurasou and New Game - that's what i definitely would like to read, cuz i love the shows very much. Sakurasou is one of my fav ever. And i rate New Game 10/10 on MAL as well. Very enjoyable. Here i feel envy that you can read them)) In a good way of course)
  7. My entire physical visual novel collection

    That's very nice collection indeed! And as i don't usually follow the news about VNs i can't purchase/japan only, i'm kinda interested to see here titles such as Gochuumon wa usagi desu ka, Sakuraso, To Love Ru, Plastic Memories, New Game and Re: Zero. I either forgot about their existence or didn't know at all.
  8. What song do you currently play on repeat?

    Can't shake off from my head 3 anime OSTs from last year (first time i watched those shows). Third of them was really unexpected, but SO STUCK IN MY HEAD)) + famous "Devil Trigger".
  9. Ever played a VN twice?

    Yep, that's one of the reasons. The main one is because they're my fav girls in their respective VNs and among the best ones ever.
  10. Ever played a VN twice?

    I only re-read two routes in two VNs: 1). Anzu's route in Da Capo 2; 2). Ayamine's route in Muv-Luv Extra. That just so happened. Also want to re-read someday Majikoi Miyako's route, cuz the first time it still was in japanese and i struggled with translators. Although, in that case i can name Tsujidou as well, cuz i did read Renna and Maki's routes in japanese 4 years ago. That's all. Same with anime. I just think that it's better to read/watch something new, other than re-read/re-watch stuff.
  11. What Are You Playing: Video Game Edition

    Got plat in Shenmue. Good game. Like the whole ending sequence, starting from Next was gonna be Shenmue 2, but... We have Detroit discount now, so guess it's gonna be it.
  12. What are you playing?

    Wow, i never thought that in such VN as "Subarashiki Hibi" if anyone would be arguing about something that would be... cars. Well, that was unexpected. You're free to point your opinion ofc and that was rather interesting to read tbf. Not everyday that happens. Anyway, now i'm interested what would your thoughts be about things that will happen down the road... If you decide to continue, that said. P.S. VN was released first time in 2010, so... Things may be outdated) About pollution, for instance.
  13. What Are You Playing: Video Game Edition

    So i finished Drakengard 3. And even got platinum. Took me slightly less than an hour to beat Ending D. The main problem was to synchronize video. It took more tries than actually to beat the song. Good game overall, except for frame rate. Too bad i don't have access to DLC. Next is Shenmue Collection. Already in the beginning of original disc 3. Just
  14. I also enjoyed this VN very much. But i still remember my thoughts about MC's actions that led to 8 years in a jail... I mean, i understand his behaviour and answers to the police about what happened to Maou (saving Haru and all), but i think he could give slightly different answers to both saving her and avoiding jail, maybe not fully, but ofc not 8 years (some months or even weeks). Like with Haru's fingerprints on the gun - he could say they she found it in that city occupation created my Maou and later they just forgot to dispose of it because of aftershock. Same goes for other questions police asked him. He could give logical answers that could mitigate situation. Anyway, aside from story, i also like some OST, especially these:
  15. Tbf, i decided not to read SG0 and only to watch anime. I thought from the start that was not a necessary VN and still think the same way, despite i really like the show. I thought that because, esentially, all who've read original SG, kinda knew what would happen in the end of SG0. It's just they showed that in details. I'd prefer something after SG movie. But oh well, anime is still good and i believe that VN is also good, but i won't read it. As for Chaos;Head and Chaos;Child - i think i rate them both as 8/10. Sometimes during the story as 7/10. Considering Chaos;Child - my memories are fresh cuz i finished it before the summer, and i still remember how annoyed i was by some characters. Sometimes it was just plain impossible. But overall story is good. In both VNs.