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    Luiginico reacted to Lycoris20 in Stuck inside my home and bored   
    You can look at my list and check if something suits your tastes all of my VNs are 100% English translated and a lot falls into your category of generic cheap romances
    VNs like Making Lovers,Fureraba,Sankaku Renai,Nobleworks etc
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    Luiginico reacted to littleshogun in Stuck inside my home and bored   
    As for your next VNs, I think you can try Sakuramori, Dracu Riot, Senren Banka, Umikana, and Yukikoi. I hope my recommendations here would be helpful to you.
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    Luiginico reacted to supercar in Stuck inside my home and bored   
    I see you stalled your progress with Deardrops, but I will still recommend Kira Kira.
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    Luiginico reacted to r0xm2n in Stuck inside my home and bored   
    If you really want to cry hard, there's Clannad and Planetarian .
    Making * Lovers is from the same makers as Fureraba.
    Sankaku Ren'ai: Love Triangle Trouble has a lot of quirky humor.
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    Luiginico reacted to Zidan209 in Stuck inside my home and bored   
    If you're looking for nakiges (crying games) then you should read Clannad.
    From what I've read, there's also Symphonic rain, which can quite possibly make the reader cry, but Clannad is the "stronger" nakige
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    Luiginico reacted to MDruidd in Stuck inside my home and bored   
    look my list bro if you want to read with english fully translated,  here my list
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    Luiginico reacted to kokoro in Stuck inside my home and bored   
    Making Lovers. 
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    Luiginico reacted to Dreamysyu in Stuck inside my home and bored   
    Well, if you liked Little Busters, you probably should play Clannad by the same developer, if you are okay with reading through this behemoth of the novel. Also, Air, but it's unavailable officially, you need to install the fan patch.
    Also, it's not really what you're asking for, but since you rated both Fault games highly, I'm adding a recommendation for the latest game from the same developers, Mhakna Gramura and Fairy Bell. It's a short fairy-tale-like story about the meaning of growing up. It's a lot shorter than the previous two games, and it but I personally found it pretty interesting, and also pretty impressive in a technical sense.
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    Luiginico reacted to ShinRaikdou in Romance VNs in a fantasy setting   
    Pure fantasy romance without haremish/rapist protagonist is rare, especially on english.
    I think the closest one you can get is "Aiyoku no Eustia" that is still being translated. No erofu tho.
    There is also a "Hatsuru Koto Naki Mirai Yori" but seems like Frontwing forgot about english tl.
    If you fine with non-hentai rpg's like Agarest, you can also try "Fire Emblem (Awakening / Fates / Three houses)" and "Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time".
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    Luiginico reacted to Clephas in Romance VNs in a fantasy setting   
    Ikusa Megami Zero
    Kamidori Alchemy Meister (basically all of Eushully's Dir Lifyna games)
    Ou no Mimi ni wa Todokanai
    Any Kyonyuu Fantasy game
    Princess Frontier
    Hyakka Ryouran Elixir
    Racial Merge
    Curio Dealer
    Boku no Te no Naka no Rakuen
    Bullet Butlers (well, technically it is a 1920's style setting, but elves, dwarves, lizardmen, and dragons are all around, lol)
    Ryuukishi Bloody Saga
    Primary ~Magical★Trouble★Scramble~
    Valkyrie Runabout
    Sekai o Sukuu Dake no Kantan na Oshigoto
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    Luiginico reacted to Ranzo in Banter and bickering   
    Hmmm good banter is my fucking jam
    I'd say the banter in G Senjou and Sharin No Kuni is the stuff of legend
      Campus Notes - Forget Me Not has some really fabulous banter as well
    All the Key games that I've played have some pretty good banter between the characters Clannad and Rewrite being the best for it.
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    Luiginico reacted to r0xm2n in Banter and bickering   
    Little Busters has that group of best friends thing going for them. And the Battle Rankings minigame in the common route literally has the cast compete against each other with random household items!
    Clannad has the protag be a dick to his best friend (actually, the whole cast is bad towards said best friend). Also, any banter involving Kyou or Fuuko is bound to be funny.
    Grisia's entire female cast are VERY prone to bantering about tons of topics (almost all topics go in a sexual direction very quickly too). Not to mention, Grisia's protag has hilarious lines and inner monologues. 10/10 humor in that VN....
    The whole point of Sakura Sakura is it's two comedic love triangles. It has as much comedic bantering and bickering as you'd expect. The banter between the two protags is great too!
    The Muv-Luv trilogy has quite a lot of banter (especially Extra's Common Route, which has a harem competing for the protag).
    Princess Evangile has two heroines (the childhood friend, and the main heroine), go at it sometimes. And almost every girl is prone to getting jealous at some point. It's hilarious!
    Nekopara series ...... has actual catfights (pipsqueak Azuki is in all of them).
    Island ..... has it's protag banter with pretty much everyone. Some of the best banter I've ever heard.
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    Luiginico got a reaction from Plk_Lesiak in Banter and bickering   
    So, the Etherial Enigma demo just dropped and it got me thinking on why some of my favourite vns are some of my favourite: Banter and bickering.
    Fureraba, ACE, Majikoi, they all have friends insulting each other friendly just like only friends would.
    Can you recommend me something that will make me go "Ohhhhh, you just got played son!"
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    Luiginico reacted to LoganW in Craving a good tsundere   
    Idk if you're still looking but I've really enjoyed Newton and the Apple Tree the whole VN and the tsundere are great! She is quite a unique character and tsundere... I can't recommend this VN enough!
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    Luiginico reacted to Okarin in Craving a good tsundere   
    Riho from Deardrops is a realistic tsundere. She's not harsh because hurr durr, she has real problems getting along with people.
    Kei from Ef, on the other hand, is abuse because abuse.
    Kyou from Clannad is your regular somewhat angry student girl, but the transition from tsun to dere is very well done, one of the better tsunderes under the sun. Also being surrounded by dorks like Sunohara makes her angst pretty much understandable.
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    Luiginico reacted to Prideful in Craving a good tsundere   
    Newton no Ringo has one, It's not that bad but don't expect it to be top tier 
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    Luiginico reacted to ittaku in Craving a good tsundere   
    Asumi from Heart de Roommate. An oldie but a goodie.

    Others have already listed the two I would have recommended from To Heart 2
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    Luiginico reacted to Corrupted in Craving a good tsundere   
    Aiess from Majikoi A2 is legendary. It's perfectly ok to skip the entire 75 hour series and go straight to her route.
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    Luiginico reacted to littleshogun in Craving a good tsundere   
    About Chrono Clock, currently I'm stuck on Makoto's route here so perhaps it would be better if I can replay it again in near future. As for the recommendations, I think Miu from Dracu Riot could be a good tsundere for you. Other than Miu, there's Esteel from Yoake, Riho from Deardrops, and Hotaru from Supipara. I hope that my recommendarions here would be helpful to you in case you still didn't play those yet.
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    Luiginico reacted to adamstan in Craving a good tsundere   
    Ah yeah, forgot about her. She was great too.
    Also, I forgot another great tsundere - Aoba from Kazoku Keikaku
    (BTW, just like with YU-NO, character designs in the remake are much worse IMO)
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    Luiginico reacted to adamstan in Craving a good tsundere   
    If you ask for the ones you havent played:
    - Mirai from KoiIroChu!
    - Saki from Yukizakura
    - Nanase from One ~Kagayaku no kisetsu e~
    - Yuma and Ruri from ToHeart2
    all heroines from Tsujidou-san no Jun'ai road are tsunderes to some degree, but mostly Renna.
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    Luiginico got a reaction from Fiddle in Craving a good tsundere   
    Hey all!
    Can you recommend me some good romance VN with a tsundere heroine?
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