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    cykaki reacted to Dergonu in How has visual novels affected or influenced you as a person or your life?   
    It has had some pretty incredible effects on my life. For starters, it got me my job. Had I not started reading VNs I probably would never have started learning Japanese, and I certainly wouldn't have thought of starting up a fan translation, which is what led me into full-time translation. I realize now translating has always been my dream job, I just never knew it, heh.
    It also got me to Japan. Sitting in my new Japanese apartment typing this right now, actually. Once again I never would have thought much about going here, let alone moving here, had it not been for VNs.
    And of course, it has introduced me to so many great people, both online and in real. I met so many great people at uni, which I started to study Japanese as a result of my interest in VNs, and of course, I've met tons of great people in online communities like this, discord, etc, and through work and whatnot.
    So overall VNs have affected my life very positively, and I don't know where I would be today without them, honestly.
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    cykaki reacted to Ryoji in D.C. Da Capo   

    D.C. ~Da Capo~
    Licnsed by MangaGamer
    The game is centered around the protagonist, Asakura Jun'ichi, who lives on a fictional japanese island named Hatsunejima peacefully attending the local Kazami Academy. His childhood friend and cousin, Yoshino Sakura, returns to the island Hatsunejima after moving to America several years ago. Most of the main stories revolve around the magical unwilting sakura tree, it's powers and mystical connection to the main characters.
    ***Ending Guide***
    There are five main girl routes in D.C. Da Capo. There is no forced order for the routes and you can play which ever of the girls you like. However,to unlock the Miharu and Yoriko/Misaki routes, you must beat the game with the five main girls routes. They are all fun. Here is a detailed walkthrough for each.
    ***Route Walkthrough***










    ***Bonus Routes***
    As stated above. These only become unlocked when you beat the game with the five main girls routes.




    Suginami (BAD ENDING)

    This walkthrough is from Eroge Download with minor adjustments by me. Special Thanks to SeniorBlitz for adding Suginami Bad End
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    cykaki reacted to Iori in Cuties with pink hair   
    Himari from Dal Segno is quite pretty, cheerful, and outgoing. The type of character that will cheer you up when you're feeling down.
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    cykaki reacted to littleshogun in Cuties with pink hair   
    As for pink haired heroine, there's Emelita from Kamidori (If you okay with gameplay), Kotori from Da Capo 1, Nanaka from Da Capo 2, Runa from HatsuKoi, and Natsuki from Hoshiori. Out of all of those, unfortunately there's no shy type heroine here but at least I know they're pretty cute. I hope my recommendations here will be helpful to you.
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    cykaki reacted to NowItsAngeTime in Cuties with pink hair   
    A few that haven't been covered yet...
    Sango from Koisuru Natsu no Last Resort- More of the energetic type
    Yayoi from Deardrops - Considered a side heroine but still a major character. Not particularly shy but she's pretty funny and probably the most reasonable girl.
    Kana in Wanko to Kurasou- Definitley not a main heroine but appears often enough. More on the bubbly energetic side
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    cykaki reacted to Chronopolis in [Video Series] JP VN Guided Reading   
    Hi fellas, Chronopolis here. I want to rollout to you guys this new videos series I'm testing: The VN Guided Tour Project.   The idea is that I'll do a read-through of VN prologues, reading aloud the unvoiced text, and explaining the vocab and grammar.   Reading VN's is very difficult when you first start out. One of the challenges, is that there are a lot of expressions and grammar patterns (out-of-my-ass number, like 33%-40%) which aren't covered by JLPT, but which show up commonly in novels. You can find a lot of grammar guides on the web, so I want to offer something which is dead focused on reading Visual Novels.
    This series is for people who have down some reading in Japanese, but who still maybe struggle on tackling different titles. If you've haven't or have just started reading VN's in Japanese, it might be difficult to follow, but you could try anyways. I explain almost all of it. So far, I've recorded two videos.       Thoughts on this format, anyone? I'd especially like to hear your feedback if you are someone who might use this series.   Edit: Started adding some grammar notes for the lessons. Edit 2: Link to the full folder. I'm going to add some longer guides for JP grammars that need full explanations. Not going to cover everything, just a few select topics. So far there is just one super-guide on conditionals.  
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    cykaki reacted to adamstan in Cliches in VN's You Wish Would Just Die!   
    The only cliche I truly dislike is characters turning into pornstars during h-scenes, throwing away their personalities. And other hentai cliches related to it.
    Most of other charage tropes mentioned above can be fun, if there is something else besides them in the story
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    cykaki got a reaction from Naterocks2000 in Why Visual Novels?   
    Books are great in general, I view VN's as interactive visual and audio books...ever since I was a kid I loved reading and really enjoyed the feeling of immersion when you tune into a good story. So before discovering VN's I always wished that I could be a part of some sort of different world or a story like in the books, so reading VN's gives me one of the best feelings in the world which is imagination and dreaming. I don't self-insert but still enjoy the ride, I think most of the people who reads/plays VN's love this game genre because it's a getaway or an escape from reality. 
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    cykaki reacted to NowItsAngeTime in Create a vndb profile based on your IRL self using vndb tags   
    For people who appeared in something like the /r/vns Visual novel no cheating!
    Ideally I'd want you to use your current IRL traits but if you have an ideal person you wanna be or base yourself more on how you act on the internet you can make that I guess
    Here's mine:
    Hair- Black, Short Eyes- Black Body- Young-Adult, Average Height, Dark Clothes- Baggy Pants, Shoes, T-Shirt Personality- Friendly, Serious, Strange, Docile, Pacifist, Kind, Otaku, Loyal, Food Lover Role- Living Alone, Gamer, Phillipine, Older Brother Engages In- Online Chatting, Teasing, Sarcasm, Reading Subject of- Teasing, Bullying, Massage Engages in (Sexual) - None Subject of (Sexual)- None
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    cykaki reacted to Eclipsed in VNDB Tips n' Tricks   
    Heya Fuwanovel, Eclipsed here, ready to do another trolly trolls filled with pure enlightenment and innocent funzies.

    First, let's talk about VNDB: Vector Newton Digimon Battlefield.

    With this site, you can diary-style all of the Visual Novels that you've read over the course of your career.
     I. Linking your VNDB profile to Fuwanovel
    "Want your profile & sidebar to look sexy (and taller) while roaming the forums? Load it up with your VNDB!"
    Create your VNDB account over at https://vndb.org/ Go to your VNDB profile, make note of your ID number, then go to your Fuwanovel profile -> Edit Profile and input that number under the VNDB section (without the letter "u") You can also link other things such as your MAL and Steam!sdfdsfsfs  
    II. Commentating on your listed Visual Novels
    "Want your VNDB list to look SEXY (& cluttered wall-of-texty) as hell?"
    Tick the Visual Novel you want to comment on "Set Note" Type in your comment "Update"

    III. Rating Visual Novels with "Fractionals" (cr. palas), Because Whole Numbers Are Too Mainstream & Hipster
    "Sometimes, you just wanna rate things the SEXY way using decimals!"
    Go to your desired Visual Novel's profile. Select "Other" from the voting menu. Input your desired score, ranging from 1.0 to 10.0 (one decimal place only!)  
    IV. VNStats!
    "It's all about dem stats."
     "Noslyl from Reddit made VNStats, a cool site that hooks into VNDB's api to analyze its data. It gives some broad data on VNDB's overall voting habits and then it allows you to dig deeper and see data on individual VNs, tags, character traits, and users of VNDB.  My favorite feature of the site is the way it gives you an analysis on the VNs you've voted on and your own reading habits. " -Decay
    V. The English-only Pleb's Odyssey for the TL'd Vector Newtons (Search Filtering for Translated Visual Novels) cr. Nosebleed
    VI. The Power of Chaos, Disorder, and... Randomness! cr. Final Chaos
    "Sometimes. the only way to find what you are looking for, is to not look for it!"
    Select "Random Visual Novel" from the upper left menu on VNDB.  
    Feel free to add any VNDB tips n' tricks that you think the public should know about, and I will compilethemtotheOPTM
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    cykaki reacted to Narcosis in Island   

    VNDB: https://vndb.org/v18498
    BUY on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/857450/ISLAND/
    Urashima is a small island, far from mainland Japan. It’s a true utopia, blessed with rich natural beauty. But the island harbours a difficult past, and it’s about to be erased, silently, from history.

    Soot blight syndrome, an endemic disease, has brought about a rift between the island and the mainland. An offshore platform intended for marine research has long been left abandoned; five years ago, three separate incidents brought the once influential Three Families of Urashima to near ruin. Rumours about children being spirited away have become part of the local folklore, alongside another legend, one that has been repeated on the island since time immemorial...

    “Let me tell you the legend of this island: it’s a story of tragic love...”

    The key to saving the island lies with three girls, each of whom belongs to one of the Three Families. These girls aren’t able to change the fate of the island by themselves, but might they succeed with the help of the young man who’s just washed ashore? Claiming that he’s traveled back in time, the man immediately sets out on a lonely path, challenging the long-standing traditions of the island, and seeking to change the future. But those aren’t his only goals...

    How will his presence transform the lives of these three girls, the future of the island, and the fate of the world...?

    [From official website]
    About "Island"
    Similar to G.O.'s previous works (Himawari), Island is a science fiction multiple route mystery with a fixed progression order. Your own enjoyment from the game will greatly depend whether you're capable of piecing together the presented fragments on the way to discover the truth. Despite being an all-ages title, Island is choke heavy on sexual humor (called shimoneta in japanese) and adult themes, including sexual content; explicit erotic content is simply not shown on-screen. Story discusses topics such as death and rebirth, loss of beloved ones, family, personal responsibility and a variety of science fiction related subjects - with time travel and many-worlds interpretation amongst few - but also astrophysics, genetics, spirituality, philosophy, human psychology and history of mankind. Most of the topics are entry-level, making Island a perfect choice for beginners willing to delve deeper into more complicated visual novels.
    General Info
    It is possible to actually chose between Karen and Sara during your initial playthrough, but I highly advise to chose Karen first, since her route acts as a natural introduction to the setting, without being as convoluted or cryptic as Sara's.
    Island contains many alternate endings (The so called BAD ENDS, although only few of them are tragic), with vast majority being story-based (non "game over" screens, where the protagonist typically just dies). Those endings need to be cleared in order to progress the story beyond certain points.
    The overall recommended progression order is as follows:
    SUMMER [Karen (restart) -> Sara (restart) -> Rinne] -> WINTER -> MIDSUMMER [Rinne End -> True End]
    This guide follows the above mentioned order, unlocking all the content along the way.
    Aside from four main endings (Karen, Sara, Rinne and True End), there are total thirteen alternate endings available in-game (twelve for the SUMMER and one for the MIDSUMMER). You will see them all in a fixed order, provided you follow this guide. Names for the BAD ENDINGS are as follows (within their chronological order):
    All the saves are meant to be done during choices. The total number of saves used in this guide equals 16 and allows you to 100% clear the entire game. Save states in red are meant only for collecting BAD ENDS. You can skip those, if you prefer the trial & error approach. Regardless, this guide always assumes you have them cleared whenever required. Save states in blue are used for progression and remain the only ones you should be concerned about in general. We will be using those to jump quickly to required scenes without being forced to continously repeat large portions of the story. "Your choice" describes so called "flavour choices"; no matter the decision, they always lead to same exact outcome so pick whichever you like the most. Answers are merely kept to ease guidance. If you're lost or unsure, don't forget about the in-game flowchart! You can access it any time from the In-game menu and it can also be used to jump between already cleared scenes, similar to loading save states. Use it often! SUMMER






    RE: (TRUE END)
    This guide was made thanks to the walkthrough available on Seiya-Saiga repository. All rights go to their respective owners. Everything else was done by le watakushi. If you'd like the high-res version of the title banner, PM me.
    28/08/2019 - Rewrote certain parts of the guide for better workflow and fixed an inconsistency with Common/Summer route, which also made me partially omit one of the bad endings.
    05/10/2018 - True end retrieved it's original name
    09/09/2018 - Initial release
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    cykaki reacted to Narcosis in Island   
    Took a while longer than expected, but here it is - a fully polished walkthrough/guide for Frontwing's Island.
    I hope this guide will help everyone enjoy Island to the fullest without being forced to hunt for bad endings or getting stuck. It's a fantastic visual novel and real treat for fans of science fiction.
    As usual - if you have suggestions or found any mistakes or typos - drop me a note and I'll be sure to fix everything.
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    cykaki reacted to rimvydasm in Cuties with pink hair   
    Yuuna Misaki from Ace academy
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    cykaki reacted to Okarin in Cuties with pink hair   
    (These are more than your regular cuties.)
    (This is more like your regular cutie.)
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    cykaki reacted to Shu in Cuties with pink hair   
    Inamuma Rio from Dracu-Riot would fit the description perfectly, I also think she had the best route in the vn.
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    cykaki reacted to Clephas in Cuties with pink hair   
    It keeps going and going and going...
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    cykaki reacted to r0xm2n in Cuties with pink hair   
    * Sachi from Grisaia is an obvious pick. I just love her sensual voice and her NOT very subtle innuendos.
    * Yuzuyu from Fureraba. Yeah, she's a Tsundere, and an extremely verbally violent one at that. But all Tsunderes have their cute side.
    * Tamase from Muv-Luv series. She's about as DereDere as they come. She wears Neko accessories too.
    * Asahi from Sorcery Jokers. I absolutely adored her for her singing Christmas carols randomly. Not to mention her utter fearlessness....
    * Mihiro from Wagamama High Spec. For an Oppai Loli, she's cute. Her theme song is also super cute.
    * "Ruuko" from To Heart 2. She's certainly unique, that's for sure.
    * Rise from Princess Evangile. I liked her random jealous skits.
    * Kirari from Kira*Kira. Ever wanted to see an adorable punk rocker girl who changes her hair pink? Well here you go.
    * Hikari from Under One Wing. Like Sachi, she's rather prone to sexual jokes too.
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    cykaki reacted to Ranzo in Cuties with pink hair   
    I've got two for you
    One is Milfeulle Sakuraba from Galaxy Angel
    And the other one is
    Asuka Osachi from Nurse Love Addiction
    Both of them I really like as characters though they are far from the shy type in any way shape or form
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    cykaki reacted to snowbell55 in Cuties with pink hair   
    Going to recommend Miyase Mihiro from Wagamama High Spec. IMO her route is one of the best in the VN. There's also Kunihiro Hinata from Noble ☆ Works, too. Both of those are kouhai heroines though. 
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    cykaki reacted to MaggieROBOT in What are the best visual novels that were released in 2018?   
    On the "games for girls" side of things, I think 2018 was a pretty solid year.
    We got the localization of both Psychedelica games, and Sweet Pool recently. For Japanese releases, there were Cendrillon Palika as a Switch exclusive (as the Vita is dying in the West because Sony itself is trying to kill it, it's a good thing to expand the market), Piofiore no Banshou, a fandisk for Collar x Malice, and some great BL games from first-time developers, like Mahoutsukai to Tenshi to Akuma and Nie no Machi.
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    cykaki got a reaction from Thyndd in So I grew tired of being an English pleb and I decided to do something about it asap   
    I like your enthusiasm but, don't just practice it alone.
    Make sure to use the kanji's etc. in your daily life. I talk with my japanese friends to practice it with both texting and voice chatting and it's very helpful/useful than just reading stuff alone. Also my advice is don't try memorizing everything because it's impossible and you'll forget it, so focus on the meanings and visualize them on your mind. For example make up a story inside your head with the kanji's meanings and shapes. 
    Lastly never skip anything, like the onyomi and kunyomi readings. 
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    cykaki got a reaction from Page93 in Helloooo   
    Hey, welcome!
    I'm pretty new here too but there is a lot to learn and discover so I'm sure you'll have fun.
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    cykaki reacted to tahu157 in [SOLVED] Need to rip BGM from Evenicle   
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    cykaki reacted to aliciarune in Creating Good Yuri Visual Novels   
    Thanks. You make a very good point. At the end of the day I just have to keep writing and see what happens. And yeah, I know the characters. I got the routes planned out to a good degree. It's just conversation or scenes can be hard at times. Sometimes I start out writing feeling decently confident but as I go more into it I begin to worry. 
    But yeah, I guess i should just have fun with the stories and see what happens. .I like that way of thinking =D.