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  1. Okay, I'm done with episode 5 of Umineko. Things are starting to clear up somewhat and I've revised some theories as well as made up some new ones. I might just be pulling things out of my ass here, but that's part of the fun.


    We learn of the fact that Natsuhi, who was unable to get pregnant, were handed a child by Kinzo, and that she then supposedly pushed that child and the servant holding it off a cliff, or at the very least let it happen. This seems to fit with some parts of my previous Battler theories, so I started thinking that might have been him, which he then confirmed himself towards the end of the episode. I obviously can't be entirely sure it's the truth, since both Higurashi and Umineko likes to play around with perspective and turn things on their head, so it might just as well just be something Battler proposed as a means to preserve the illusion of the witch and Beatrice's existence in the fight against the others. It seems plausible though, and it has made me question Battler's and Beatrice's relation to each other.
    I think my previous theory about them "being in a relationship" still holds true, with the one big difference that, rather than lovers, I'm currently leaning more towards Beatrice being Battler's mother. Basically, my theory is that she might have been the servant girl who fell off the cliff along with him, and while he survived, she didn't.
    (Sidenote: There's a flashback of Rosa as a child in episode 1 or 2, where Beatrice falls down a cliff and dies. We didn't know many details at the time, but it fits quite well together with this "servant falls off a cliff" story that we've learned of now.)
    In the episode where we're told that Battler isn't Asumu's son, we learn that he's still a true descendant of Kinzo's. My guess is that Beatrice was a servant that Kinzo fell in love with and either had an affair with or maybe even forced himself upon. (going by the information provided so far, it seems like she was being held in Kuwadorian against her will) The outcome was still the same, namely that she got pregnant. Kinzo wanted that child as his successor, but since it was the result of an illicit relationship, he chose to claim that the child was a boy from the orphanage and put him in Natsuhi's care since she couldn't bear a child herself.
    Kinzo never truly acknowledged Natsuhi as part of the family and even went as far as to not speak to or even look at her, and I imagine that might be caused by resentment after she failed to take care of the child (which, unbeknownst to others, was his own son) that was entrusted to her.

    Battler being that child makes me wonder who Asumu's and Kyrie's sons are, though. To be honest, I don't remember if it's been proven beyond doubt that Asumu even had a child, or if "Battler=Asumu's son" was just some concept that was proposed to us.
    In regards to Kyrie's supposedly dead son, I still have a hard time accepting that he's really dead, since it seems like that wouldn't have much impact on the story. (Then again, not everything must.)
    I'm still pretty hung up on that white-haired dude employed by Ange in 1998, so maybe he's Kyrie's son? The hair color sure fits, as everyone in her family seems to have white hair. On the other hand, my theory of him maybe being Battler could also still hold true, since it's not exactly hard to dye your hair and whatnot. (Honestly, it would be kinda poetic if he is Battler, since that would mean that Ange's dear brother has been right beside her without her even realizing it.)
    At the very least, that guy seems to fit age-wise, and his particular skills make it seem like carrying out murders on an isolated island wouldn't be all that difficult.
    If nothing else, it seems very likely that he'll play a larger part in the story at some point, and it wouldn't exactly surprise me if Okonogi does as well, given his role in Higurashi.

    Some things that confuse me:
    1. I still don't know what to make of the fact that Battler and Ange have the same hair color. Maybe it doesn't have any deeper meaning at all, but it really seems to indicate that they're full siblings. However, that falls apart if Ange truly is Kyrie's daughter while Battler is Beatrice's son. Bah, I don't know what to think.
    2. Likewise, I still have no clue as to what sin Battler is guilty of according to Beatrice, but I'll probably find out pretty soon even if I don't manage to deduce it on my own, since he claims to have figured everything out at the end of episode 5.
    3. Beatrice's gold. If she truly was a servant, the only reason I could find for her having that much gold is if Kinzo in reality didn't get it from her, but rather gave her the entire fortune he made over the course of his long life.
    4. The relation between Higurashi and Umineko. According to several different scenes, it seems like the world of Higurashi was a playground for Bernkastel and Lambdadelta, with Bernkastel controlling Rika and Lambdadelta controlling Takano, but there's also the fact that Lambdadelta both looks and laughs like Satoko. Maybe they had several game pieces each, I dunno.
    On the other hand, there's another scene where they're explicitly talking about the game "Higurashi no Naku Koro ni" and Lambdadelta not knowing the ending of it, which doesn't make sense at all if she was actually playing one or more parts in it.

    Oh well, time to move on to episode 6!

  2. 16 minutes ago, Mr Poltroon said:

    I don't know if Seraphim has seen your reply yet

    I have. While the reply makes it seem like my theories are off, which could be considered a spoiler-ish statement in itself due to process of elimination, I still don't know if I'm wrong on all accounts or just some, so I guess it's not too bad.

  3. Finally done with the Umineko question arcs. It ended up taking a lot longer than I expected (almost two months), mostly because the first two episodes were less exciting than I hoped for, which led to me putting them on hold several times in favor of other games and VNs. Things started getting more interesting in episode 3, and then even more so in the fourth and final episode.


    After learning in Higurashi that events depicted on-screen might be fabrications that only show up based on the perspective of the scene, I naturally ended up being skeptical about all depictions of witchery and did a lot less speculating this time around overall.
    However, I do have some theories and thoughts, so I figure I might as well share them, no matter how far off the mark they may or may not be.

    1. I think Battler and Ange are full siblings. First of all, we learn in one of the chapters (I think it was the third one) that Battler isn't actually Asumu's son; he just Asumu'd he was.
    *cough* Aaanyway, it has seemed a bit weird to me from the start that Battler and Ange would have exactly the same hair color if they only share one parent. (I mean, it's technically possible that they could, but it seems highly unlikely.)
    We're told at one point that Kyrie and Asumu were pregnant with boys at the same time, meaning there is very much a chance that Battler could actually be Kyrie's son and that the story about his death was faked for one reason or another. (In any case, I sincerely doubt the story about her supposedly dead son has no relevance to the plot. I get the feeling it's either a case of deception or a trigger for a revenge scheme.) Speaking of fakes...

    2. The Battler taking part in the "killing game" isn't the real Battler. One thing that points to this is the fact that he couldn't answer Beatrice's question about a sin he supposedly committed, which would make sense if he isn't the one who actually committed it.
    Also, the whole "number of people alive on the island" argument that keeps being brought up again and again as evidence for the existence of witches, can be refuted if the Battler on the island is a fake. The real Battler is just assuming that he himself is actually part of the game and thus counts himself among the number of people there. On the other hand, if he actually isn't, he should be excluded from that count and that makes it entirely possible for someone else to act as a fake Battler without the number of people exceeding what we've been told. (It's actually kinda funny if this is the case, since Battler once proposed a theory about this very thing in regards to Kinzo as the 18th person.)
    In chapter 3, the other family members acknowledged someone as Kinzo, the head of the family, despite the fact that Kinzo himself was already dead. That, combined with my other theories, leads me to believe that the fake Battler might be that Kinzo. I feel like the fact that the other family members acknowledged him at all is in itself proof that it must be a person they already know well. If it was someone unknown to them or someone they, for one reason or another, considered unworthy of headship, they would most likely start protesting vehemently as soon as that person revealed themselves.
    To add to this theory of mine, there's also the fact that the title picture for Umineko - Answer Arcs on Steam shows Battler wearing a cape very similar to the one Kinzo had. (If my theory is actually on point, that picture is a pretty big spoiler.)
    While on the subject of Fake Battler, I might as well mention that I think that white-haired guy (his name escapes me at the moment) employed by Ange in the future might actually be him. He seems to fit age-wise, and, as it so happens, he's apparently specilized in sniping, which could no doubt explain many of the cases of people's heads being blown off. I can recall a certain other event where people started dropping dead from major wounds, namely when Ange visisted the island in 1998. And oh, wouldn't you know it, Mr. White Hair just so happened to be on the island at that time. That's quite the coincidence.
    One of the things that speak strongly against this theory is that the Battler left behind on the island after the murders in chapter 4 (the same Battler who couldn't answer Beatrice's question) seems to act like the normal Battler during his inner monologue at the end. It could just be another case of convenient use of perspective though, I guess.
    (Sidenote: It's entirely possible that the "fake" Battler might be the one bearing that name and the "real" Battler is actually called something else, but it wouldn't really make a difference here; my point is just that the Battler on the game board and the Battler off the game board are different people.)

    3. To add to my previous theory, I think both the real Battler and Beatrice might already be dead. The battle between them off the game board doesn't make much sense from a realistic viewpoint, but it could easily be explained if it's some sort of afterlife where the rules of the real world don't apply.
    I'm guessing they were in a relationship that was cut short due to tragic circumstances and then they got stuck in a limbo where Beatrice retained her memories while Battler didn't, and now she's trying to make him remember.
    The second choice on Battler's test on the game board in chapter 3 asked him to name the person he loves, and it seems highly likely that Beatrice's name was supposed to go there and the reason her mood did a 180 is because Battler didn't realize that.
    As for the sin Battler supposedly commited, I don't have any theories whatsoever at the moment, unless she's referring to him forgetting her.

    4. I don't know if there's actually anything to this, but I feel like there's something suspicious about Jessica. First of all, she has at times shown some reactions that seem somewhat overly dramatical. People can of course react to trauma in many different ways and maybe this is just the way she is, but to me as an outsider, it kinda seems like she's trying to fake an emotional reaction to something that didn't actually come as a surprise to her.
    Then there's the fact that she, in one of the first two chapters, was very much against holing up in Kinzo's study, by far the safest room in the mansion, as a safety precaution. Rather, she wanted to go to the parlor instead, which is probably the least safe room of them all. Even if she didn't like the smell in Kinzo's study, like she claimed, I find it hard to believe that she'd actually be willing to put her life on the line just to avoid it. To me, it seemed more like she deliberately wanted to keep everyone out of the study, either to put them in harms way or to conceal something that she didn't want them to find there.
    Furthermore, during her pre-death phone call with Battler in episode 3, she seemed abnormally pushy about convincing Battler that a witch was responsible for everything that had happened. Kyrie did the exact same thing during her following phone conversation with Battler after that, which felt suspicious for the same reason.
    On the note of convincing people that the witch is real, I'm pretty sure that's the entire purpose of the magic circles. It puts the idea of something occult going on in the minds of the people there, which in turn would make them more suggestible to accepting the notion of supernatural causes for subsequent incidents.

    5. I find it a bit suspicious that there's a space inbetween Rosa and Maria on the character screen.
    It might not necessarily mean anything, bit it could also mean that someone with a relation to one or both of them is going to show up at some point. I currently don't have any theory as to who that might be, though.

    I've probably forgotten to mention some things, but this'll have to do for now. I know there's a recent Umineko discussion post here on the forums that I'd love to read, but I haven't dared venture into it due to fear of getting spoiled in some way. I'll probably have to put it off until I'm done.

    On that note, I think it's about time I move on to the answer arcs, and I'm looking forward to seeing if any of my theories managed to hit the nail on the head.

  4. 7 hours ago, MFrost said:

    I give all my hearts to Kozuka every day, but choose Shiori during the heroine select afterwards, does that change the extra lines of the confession, since I chose to spend more time with her, or does that matter at all?

    From what I can tell, giving hearts to girls that you don't choose doesn't make any difference whatsoever; the only thing that matters is the amount of hearts given to the girl you choose in the end. As I understand it, for Hajime himself to confess to the girl, you need to have given that girl a majority of heart points. If you pick a girl with either 0 heart points or one that has less heart points than any other girl, that girl will do a second confession instead and you get to choose whether or not to accept it.

    To be honest, I have no idea why they even implemented this system, as it's mostly just needlessly confusing.

  5. If I've understood correctly by now, this is the way it is:

    If you choose a girl you've given a majority of heart points to, Hajime confesses to her. If you haven't given the chosen girl any heart points, she confesses to you again and you get the choice of either accepting or rejecting her. The latter is an assumption of mine based on the fact that there are Steam achievements for rejecting each girl. If anyone here has experienced if for themselves, feel free to either confirm or deny it.

  6. 9 minutes ago, Shaun said:

    pretty sure it's required to get into a route

    I don't think it has any effect on this. I mean, even if you go on all dates and give all heart points to one of the girls, you can still choose any of the others at the end of the common route if you so prefer.



  7. I was wondering about that myself, since I've now played through the game two times and didn't get a single new piece of dialogue during the common route when I gave all the heart points to another girl. It honestly seems kinda pointless that they make you spend 10 heart points on the girls if it only affects one girl in the end. I also don't understand why the points have to reset after every date.

  8. 17 minutes ago, Shaun said:

    setting the opacity to 0% makes it worse not better imho.

    Agreed, but some people apparently find it more readable that way for some reason. Results vary depending on your monitor, I guess.
    Personally, I have opacity set to 100% and find it annoying that it doesn't make the text box opaque. 100% looks more like 70% at most.

  9. I assume you're referring to the text box? If so, then no. Your only option is to make it completely transparent by lowering the opacity to 0% in the game settings.
    They've released a patch that supposedly improves readability of the text in the game, but the changes are so minor that I honestly can't even tell the difference from what it looked like before.

  10. Since they usually don't take up much space, I tend to install my VNs the moment I buy them, even if I won't be reading them anytime soon. What this means in reality is that I currently have over a hundred titles installed on my computer just from Steam, and if you count the stuff not available there, it's even more.
    I do make some exceptions, though. I don't install VNs that eat up an unusual amount of space unless I plan to read them soon, and if it's a series consisting of several separate chapters, I only install the first one.

  11. I really wish there was some way to change the color of the text or at least make the text box completely opaque. I find it somewhat difficult to read as it is.
    This is what it looks like with transparency set to minimum:


    (And no, the black borders on the top and bottom aren't always there.)

  12. It's a small dream of mine to work with translation to some extent at some point, but my Japanese isn't nearly good enough to even consider it right now. If I had the means for it, I'd probably go for something like the Kazoku Keikaku remake, Konosora Snow Presents or one of the other Asta VNs currently unavailable in English.
    I'd like to see English translations for Muramasa, White Album 2 and a whole bunch of other VNs too, but there's a bit of a difference between wanting something translated and actually wanting to translate them myself.

  13. Quote

    Update 8:47pm CT, July 31: When reached for comment, MangaGamer’s PR Director John Pickett told the Daily Dot that the publisher received an email from Steam several hours after Bokuten was removed from Steam. The representative with Steam responsible for the ban claimed MangaGamer had “added sexual content” to the game “that would not have passed our content review process,” according to Pickett. Pickett refuted this claim by stressing that no material was added to the game since its release on Dec. 19, 2019.

    After contacting Valve for comment, Valve’s Vice President of Marketing Doug Lombardi said Bokuten was removed after discovering an external patch that activated adult scenes with underage characters. “In our initial content review, we missed content hidden in the game’s depot that features adult content with underage characters,” Lombardi told the Daily Dot. “While not accessible in the game itself without an externally acquired patch, we were distributing that content depot through Steam, therefor[e] the game would not have passed our content review. We’ve notified the developer, and improved our content review process to avoid this in the future.”

    Pickett called Lombardi’s statement “incorrect,” as Bokuten’s adult material must be added externally, which he compared to downloading an adult Skyrim mod. “We took painstaking care to ensure that there was no adult content in the all-ages edition distributed on Steam and Discord [Store]. There is mature content befitting a mature title, but there is no adult content in the build provided by Steam,” Pickett said. “Our company does offer an adult-patch, and adult content is contained in the patch available solely on our own website and our servers. No adult content is distributed through Steam servers for Bokuten.”

    Pickett also denied that the game’s 18+ patch activated scenes involving underage characters engaging in sexual acts. He argued Lombardi’s allegation was “a serious claim,” albeit “not the first time Valve has made such as false claim, as demonstrated with The Expression: Amrilato.”

    “At present we’re hoping this issue can still be resolved amicably and we can see Bokuten restored to Steam,” he told the Daily Dot, “but this does give cause for all visual novel developers to worry when Steam can make such a claim and take such action after a title has been reviewed and cleared for sale.”

    As for whether MangaGamer itself is being targeted by Steam, Pickett pointed out that Valve’s content reviewers appear “biased to consider anything with anime art as ‘sexualizing minors,'” such as overreacting to games with characters wearing schoolgirl uniforms. He criticized Valve’s propensity for providing no clarifying information on what offensive content needs to be changed, as Valve neither shows consistency in its decisions nor does it give publishers an option to alter and resubmit their games, he said. “We would love nothing more than for Valve to have clear, uniformly enforced content standards. If there were clear standards we would happily make every effort to abide by all of them, but there aren’t. Valve is making arbitrary decisions that vary day-by-day, person-by-person, and they’re not applying those same decisions, those same ‘standards’ to other publishers and especially not to major AAA publishers.”


  14. 2 hours ago, ChaosRaven said:

    Germany forced green blood into Command & Conquer more than 20 years ago, I suppose no other country takes them serious anymore concerning censoring stuff.

    Reminds me of Turok for N64, which also had green blood, or Contra 3, which was released as Super Probotector in Europe with the main characters replaced by robots for some reason. (I assume they thought it wouldn't be appropriate for them to be humans due to the violent nature of the game, or some such nonsense)

  15. 29 minutes ago, adamstan said:

    It would be nice, at least for the weirdo like me, if, once the VN gets removed from Steam, publishers would offer all-ages version on their own storefronts along with the adult one.

    I agree, but you should keep in mind that Bokuten is one of those VNs where there are some h-scenes that are actually relevant to the story. I haven't played the all ages version though, so I can't really comment on how things were handled there in comparison to the uncensored release.

    As for the ban, it must be pretty aggravating to go out of your way to modify the game in order to pass Steam's approval process, only to have all your hard work invalidated out of nowhere seven months later.

  16. I feel like this isn't really the right forum for this, but whatever. Have you tried Divinity: Original Sin? Seems like a game you might appreciate. Maybe The Banner Saga could be up your alley as well, unless you're averse to strategy RPGs.

    Honestly, one of the best options tend to be to just browse through recommendations on Steam for games you know you like and then read what the reviews say about them.

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