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  1. Too bad you don't own a Switch, or you could've picked up that version for a measly ¥3960. It's, to my knowledge, the only release that includes the story in its (current) entirety ("all 19 console arcs, the drama cd arc, Hajisarashi-hen, plus the three Hou exclusive arcs", to quote VNDb). That's some serious bang for the buck.
    (Dunno if you're at the point where you can read Japanese without a text hooker though, so maybe it wouldn't help you even if you had the console.)

    EDIT: I just noticed that the Switch version was apparently later ported to PS4, so maybe that's an option for you.

  2. 6 hours ago, adamstan said:

    BTW I think that weird character limit for protagonist's name is there because developers couldn't be bothered to properly adapt the system from the Japanese version for English release - in Japanese number of characters would be enough for almost any possible name, when writing in kanji.

    Yeah, that's what I figured as well. It'd be pretty weird to implement such a limit otherwise, when most of the other characters have names that are longer than that.

    6 hours ago, adamstan said:

    if I enjoyed this VN, would I be okay with Higurashi?

    Hard to say since I don't know quite how sensitive you are or what type of content affects you most. I found Higurashi a lot less disturbing than SubaHibi, but it's definitely a few shades darker and more impactful than World End Syndrome. In any case, I highly recommend you give it a try, because it's quite a ride if you're up for it! Just remember to grab the 07th-Mod.

  3. Hands down one of my top 5 VN experiences last year, so I highly recommend it!

    4 hours ago, AngstyNarrator said:

    I hope that's not all of the major spoilers.

    You can rest easy. There are a lot of major plot points to unveil, and what you mentioned in your spoiler isn't entirely accurate anyway.

  4. Finished World End Syndrome a few moments ago. I'm a big mystery fan, but I ruined the experience for myself here to some extent by unintentionally spoiling myself.


    See, the thing is that I have this habit of, in games with nameless protagonists (such as Persona), look up if there's a canon name for him or her. As such, I googled "<game title> protagonist name" as I usually do and was immediately met by the name "Sora Otonashi". The game had a limit of 6 letters per name though, so I settled for "Sora Otona" instead.
    Unfortunately, I soon realized, basically right at the start of the game, that this name was in fact a huge spoiler, as I was introduced to a certain "Yukino Otonashi". It didn't take a lot of brain power to deduce that this was most likely the supposedly dead sister of the protagonist. Suffice to say, this made the whole reveal at the end of the game quite anticlimactic.
    Not only that, but the game apparently wasn't expecting anyone to name the protagonist "Sora" from the getgo, because there was a bunch of dialogue towards the end about how "Sora's" name was "Sora", not "Sora". This made it all seem more like some sort of comedy skit rather than the serious scene it was supposed to be, and the same goes for the grand reveal of Sora's name itself.





    Anyway, despite this and the cliffhanger-ish ending, I found the VN quite enjoyable as a whole, and I'm looking forward to see what they do with the sequel.

  5. 48 minutes ago, TheMode911 said:


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    What did you see in the censored version? The scene was pretty harsh and brutal so I cannot imagine what they displayed instead


    I honestly don't even remember any specific details. I guess that in itself is proof that it impacted me far less than that other scene, which I can clearly recall to this day despite the fact that this happened several years ago.
    I've been intending to reread MLA at some point, and I'll make sure to use the 18+ patch this time around to see what it's like then.

  6. Yeah, that's the one.


    She's one of my favorite characters, and that definitely served to increase the impact that scene had on me. As horrible as it was though, I actually feel like it added depth to the game in the way that it makes the player potentially suffer some PTSD symptoms themselves just as Takeru did. It somehow made it more realistic and relatable, despite all the ridiculous stuff going on in the story.


  7. I've heard many people say that that particular scene is so traumatizing and horrible, but it honestly didn't have nearly that big an impact on me. Is it a lot worse in the 18+ version of the game? Back when I read the VN, the 18+ patch didn't exist yet (it wasn't released until almost a year after the game), so all I know is the censored version.
    "That other scene" earlier in the VN affected me to a much greater degree, to the point where it actually triggered a panic attack. (I assume that's the kind of effect they were hoping for when they wrote it.) MLA is the only piece of media ever that has managed to do that to me.

  8. Rather than just the "being called a pervert" part, I'd say any form of unfair treatment tends to be annoying to some extent. Some occasional playful teasing is just fine, but when it gets to the point where a heroine is making some sort of derogatory statement towards the protagonist at any given opportunity, it's too much and I usually find it hard to like those characters even if they start acting all cutesy later on. (Yeah, I'm generally not a big fan of tsunderes.)

  9. Just finished 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim, and, well, I'm kinda underwhelmed.

    The overarching plot was pretty decent, but the presentation; not so much. I mean, you're just dropped in the middle of things without any idea what's going on, and then you're expected to keep track of a ton of characters and their relationships while the game jumps back and forth between different timelines in basically every scene. Things obviously got clearer as the story progressed, but the hours leading up to that point weren't very enjoyable and I don't feel like the conclusion to the story was satisfying enough to make up for it.
    I found the characters completely uninteresting, in large parts due to the sheer number of them, which effectively counteracted individual character growth. This is a common problem for me in games with a large cast, and this one was no exception. I could barely keep track of their names, much less care about what happened to any of them. Now that I'm done, I can say that not a single one of them left much of a lasting impression on me, save for maybe Miwako, who wasn't even part of the main cast.

    In conclusion, I wouldn't say this is a bad game, but I had quite high expectations diving into it and that ultimately ended up making this a lackluster experience for me when it didn't live up to them.

  10. Prelude to the Fallen is just a remake of the original Utawarerumono, which was released long before (roughly 13 years) Mask of Deception/Truth. If you want the most out of your experience, you should definitely play Prelude before the others. You'll appreciate cameos and whatnot a lot more. (I sure did, at least.)

    And yeah, you can actually get some bonus items in Mask of Truth if you max out the BP and level of a character in Mask of Deception, but they don't make much of a difference if you ask me. They boost EXP and BP gain, but the bonus only affects the character the items are equipped to.

  11. @Stormwolf You should consider reading this. It's based on part of Episode 8 of the manga and explains a bunch of stuff that was left out of the story in the main game. I also disliked how they were being so vague in Umineko, but this clears up at least some of the confusion and improved my impression of it overall.

  12. I do, but I was under the impression that the difficulty and tactical positioning were something kept from the original game. Maybe that's not the case, but that doesn't really change the fact that there are quite a few things I don't like about the gameplay parts of Mask of Deception. Too high damage, too much RNG, no EXP for non-combatants, no decent ways to farm EXP on the side, BP being borderline pointless, and so on. I hear Mask of Truth at least adds shared EXP from the battles, so that's nice. Dunno if they did any other improvements than that, but I guess I'll find out soon enough.

  13. Currently playing Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception, after finishing Prelude to the Fallen a few days ago. Admittedly, that one was pretty easy, but what the hell is up with the enemy damage in Mask of Deception? Regular, run-of-the-mill enemies actually hit harder than the main characters of the story and can easily kill them in 1-2 hits, not to mention the AOE attacks that can wipe out several party members instantly. I imagine the developer being like:


    Makes it feel more cheap than genuinely challenging, really. Especially when you add all the RNG stuff and the fact that they've removed the position-based damage bonuses, which I considered one of the best parts of combat in Prelude.

  14. You might wanna put off reading those too. :moses3:
    Haven't read them myself yet, but from what I've been told, they're connected and the first one supposedly ends on some sort of cliffhanger that isn't resolved until the final part of the series, Le Volume sur Hiver. Judging by the fact that the previous parts have been released during the summers of 2016, 2018 and 2020 respectively, I'm guessing we can expect the finale to be done in summer 2022.

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