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  1. Yeah, that's pretty much what I figured. I wish MoeNovel would put as much effort into pleasing their fans as they do trying to please Steam, so we could get the complete experience via a patch or an uncensored release on another platform. I'm pretty sure that would make them more money as well, so it'd be a win-win for both them and the consumers. I really don't understand why they stubbornly refuse to go that way.
  2. Any idea what this additional cut content is? I've read about it, but I've never seen any details about what was actually cut. I can accept the absence of h scenes, but I hate when they remove or alter content that isn't even 18+ in the first place.
  3. Thanks for the answers! I've decided to not worry about it too much for now and just do whatever stuff shows up on the map while I'm heading for my destination. If I have the patience for it, I might use a guide to go back and do it all after I'm done with the main story, or maybe I'll just pick up a 100% file by then to watch that ending you've mentioned.
  4. I'm an hour-or-so into Rewrite and I'm already sick of using the map. It's beyond me how anyone could think it would be a good idea to force the player to move the mouse cursor over basically every pixel on the map in order to find hidden map points. This isn't the right way to implement gameplay elements in a visual novel. Are any of these map points actually required to get quests and whatnot, or can I safely ignore them without missing anything else than some additional dialogue? EDIT: I just got a friend addition from one of those map points, so it seems some of them are mandatory in
  5. Shouldn't an AI be able to learn proper grammar, use of context and whatnot? It might not be on the table right now for everyday consumers, but I feel like it's something that could really revolutionize translation processes in the near future.
  6. I will probably do that as well, because I'm sick of waiting for Rewrite+. I figured the fan translation of the original might be truly disastrous, since the topic was brought up, but maybe I have lower standards and will find it tolerable. I mean, I managed to enjoy Hoshimemo quite a bit despite the enormous amount of typos, untranslated text and whatnot.
  7. In most cases, I don't really mind if h scenes are removed, since they usually don't add any weight to the story, but it becomes a problem for me when they expand upon this and start altering the script even for scenes that aren't really explicit in the first place. *cough*MoeNovel*cough*
  8. I haven't done the Misaki part yet, but the other three were pretty disappointing. A few scenes that basically only feel like shallow buildup toward the single h scene each heroine has. Each of the routes took 20-30 minutes to complete for me, so don't expect hours of content.
  9. I’m honestly more annoyed by how protagonists quite often suddenly turn into sadists during h scenes, despite never having shown any such tendencies before.
  10. Are Amaterasu generally bad at translating? I know they did Cross Channel too, and I’ve heard that it’s supposed to be pretty awful as well. I’ve been planning to read Sekien no Inganock (also done by Amaterasu) sometime in the near future, but I’m starting to worry now that maybe it’s another bad translation.
  11. I sure hope so. I've been looking forward to reading Rewrite soon, so if what ChaosRaven said is actually true and also something you're not supposed to know until later on in the story, I'm going to be pretty pissed.
  12. I sincerely hope that what you just mentioned is an established fact from the get-go in Rewrite, and not a major spoiler that you brought up out of the blue without properly marking it as a spoiler.
  13. I don't know any details about the story, since I haven't read it myself due to the language barrier, but it's supposed to be a direct sequel to Aqua's route from the original game. Here's how a review I found sums it up (without any specific spoilers): I would very much like to read it for myself to find out what actually happens, but I sincerely doubt it'll ever be translated (unless it's by a fan) and I don't know if learning Japanese is a wall I'll ever be able to climb.
  14. That's too bad. I guess one of the biggest issues with anime/manga adaptations of visual novels are that they often change the story or do mashups of several routes to make up for the lack of choices that are available in the visual novels. Tayutama is a VN I've been wanting to read, but unable to due to it still being untranslated. Hikari Field is localizing the sequel, but there are no plans for first one as far as I know.
  15. Wow, that's awesome! I've managed to completely miss that you can add a "has anime" filter there. I'm still interested in specific recommendations, though!
  16. There are a ton of visual novels that I'm currently unable to read due to the fact that I don't understand Japanese, but I imagine there have been anime and/or manga adaptations of some of those. I would greatly appreciate some recommendations of anime and/or manga that are based on untranslated visual novels and worth watching/reading! (English subtitles are a requirement, for obvious reasons.) I don't mind violence, nudity and whatnot, so I'm basically up for anything as long as the story's decent! Thanks!
  17. Both part 1 and 2 are written on the same line, which might have made you think that there was only one link when there was actually two. I nearly missed it myself. I have no idea if that's the same release as the one Fuwanyan posted, though. That one has "finalrelease" in the file name, so I'm guessing it would be the safest choice of the two.
  18. Just finished Chaos;Child. I thought it was a great read overall, but although I liked the way the True Ending route was built, the conclusion to the story felt immensely dissatisfying. Other than this, I thought the VN did a pretty bad job at foreshadowing. In a story like this, you always end up speculating a lot, so it's not really that strange to figure out some stuff beforehand, but I'm kinda disappointed that some of the more major plot points were so transparent. Some twists I figured out before they were revealed: There were also a couple of twists I expected to com
  19. I've finally completed Shiny Days. Or rather, I've managed to complete what I can, but I'm still missing a lot of content that is pretty much impossible to get due to the maze-like routing system that requires you to pick specific combinations of a ton of choices to reach certain route points. Even after doing everything in the official guide from the publisher, I was still only at 70% completion, with 7 endings and several route points missing. Since then, I've replayed certain parts over and over again, picking different choice combinations in hopes of making progress eventually, but I've
  20. I'm currently reading/watching Shiny Days. Not going into any details about what a trainwreck it is in terms of technical performance (basically, it's even worse than School Days HQ, which I referred to as Broken Mess: The Game back when I was going through it), but more importantly, the writing is just plain terrible at times. I just finished the "Paris for Two" route. It was a pretty cute love story for the first three chapters, but then they somehow managed to mess it up completely in the final chapter. Summary of the final chapter: What the hell happened? Anyway, due to OCD
  21. Thanks for answering! I got a pretty in-depth answer from some guy on Reddit, and I'll go ahead and post it here in case anyone else is confused. "Just play Chaos;Head is enough, since Noah only have additional details for characters development and better experience, the main plot is still the same. So yeah Chaos;Child only spoils the main plot, i'd recommend you just go for Chaos;Head then shift to Chaos;Child instead of waiting for Noah. Chaos;Child is just so good it's such a shame to be missed. Chaos;Child only gives some general information on the true end. So Chaos;Head alone woul
  22. Steam page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/970570/CHAOSCHILD/ With that said, I figure I’ll take this opportunity to ask for some clarification! I’ve been looking forward to reading Chaos;Child ever since Committee of Zero released their patch at the end of June last year, but I’ve been putting it off in order to read Chaos;Head Noah first, since Chaos;Child apparently spoils that. I’m growing more and more restless, since it might take a long time for Noah to be translated and I’m really hyped for Chaos;Child, so I’m currently considering reading the original Chaos;Head instead.
  23. I'm going through Shiny Days right now, and it's even more of a technical disaster than School Days HQ. The first freeze happened within less than half a minute from starting, and it was just downhill from there. After a ton of crashes and freezes, I began troubleshooting like a madman for hours on end. I tried a billion-or-so different fixes in Windows 10, like playing in Windowed mode, different compatibility modes, closing all other programs and so on, and then I gave up and figured I'd try playing it in Windows 7 instead. Problem was, I didn't have Windows 7 installed anywhere, and getti
  24. Grisaia no Kajitsu, without a doubt. I had actually read a few visual novels before, like Danganronpa and Phoenix Wright, but I didn't think of them as such at the time because I had no real knowledge about the medium. I actually experienced my first visual novel, which I have now forgotten the name of, sometime in the late 90's, but I didn't even realize it until recently because at the time I just thought of it as some random porn game. Gaming has always meant a lot to me, but over the years as I've grown older and had to take on more responsibilities in life, I've become less and less
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