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  1. Then there are a few protagonists that I actually would prefer unvoiced. The first one that comes to mind is Makoto in School Days. His pathetic moaning during h-scenes still haunts my mind to this day. I didn't realize until after I was done with that VN that I could've probably turned his voice off in the sound options.
  2. As long as it's just some run-of-the-mill self-insert protagonist, I don't really mind if he's unvoiced, but I think it becomes a problem when it's one with a strong, established personality, like Yuuji in Grisaia. I much prefer if a protagonist like that is voiced, and I think the only counter-argument I'd (reluctantly) accept is if it has to be cut for budget reasons.
  3. Note that if you want to read SeaBed, you should go for the recently released Switch version, if possible. It has new scenes and illustrations that are currently not present in the PC version.
  4. You can turn off shields for specific sites by clicking the Brave logo to the right of the address bar while you're browsing them.
  5. To those of you already playing, are there a lot of puns? I saw someone post this on Reddit and thought it was pretty brilliant! If there's more where that came from, I'm looking forward to this more than ever!
  6. Hah, yeah, I guess that's true!
  7. http://imageshack.com/a/img923/28/ys2vPY.png Good thing they're being specific, or else I might have thought it was miso soup or something.
  8. To get back on topic, I just picked Making Lovers up from Steam for 19% off! (10% launch discount and an extra 9% for owning other NekoNyan titles) I'd say this is one of the things that intrigue me the most: This type of VN tends to feel pretty repetitive due to a lack of variation between routes, but it sounds like that shouldn't be much of an issue in this case!
  9. Haha, I guess mixing other games into the discussion might have made it a bit confusing! Making Lovers is a complete experience, so no worries there!
  10. Yeah, and from what I've heard, the first episode only covers what happens in Midgar, which is roughly 20% of the original game. Considering the fact that it's been five years since the initial announcement of the remake and we're only now seeing the release of the first episode, I'd say we're in for quite a wait. I kinda get the feeling this isn't the right thread to discuss this stuff in, though.
  11. I'm kinda put off by the fact that this is just the first of several episodes, though. We'll most likely have to wait at least 5 years for the entire experience, so I might postpone playing it. (I'd also be able to play it in 60 fps if I wait for the PC release, which I assume will come at some point.) I'll probably just go for Princess Evangile with some Resident Evil mixed in, and then check out Making Lovers once I'm done with those.
  12. It's a wonderful day to make lovers, kill zombies or take a stroll in Midgar; the only real problem is deciding which one to actually choose. I'm not quite done with Princess Evangile yet either, so I guess I should try to finish that first.
  13. Aye, that's probably the case. Judging by everything that happens in the main game, it feels like they were originally intending to include her route there but then decided to use her as incentive to get people to buy the fandisc instead. I imagine there are quite a few people who like her character and would be willing to buy W Happiness just to access her route.
  14. As I expected then! I feel like it would have made more sense to have the Ruriko route in the original, though. She's basically a main character but isn't treated as such, being present in more scenes than some of the actual heroines but automatically excluded from all romantic developments despite participating in every event. (For example, she was one of the five girls who marked her spot on Masaya's map during the stargazing event, but the only one you couldn't pick.) Doesn't matter much in the end, but I feel like they could have handled this better.
  15. I find it a bit odd that Ruriko doesn't have a route in Princess Evangile. I get that they apparently wanted to go with just four routes here and that she most likely has one in W Happiness, but it feels strange how she's constantly being pushed aside whenever there's a choice to make, although she's one of the girls with the most screen time and she's obviously in love with Masaya. (The same goes for Konomi, but not to the same extent.)
  16. An SSD should be fine as long as you have backups, but a lot can happen in a month so maybe you should consider doing it more frequently. I certainly learned my lessons this time, so in addition to the new drive I bought yesterday, I also signed up for a Backblaze account; something I've been contemplating for quite some time. $60 a year for unlimited data backup seems like a relatively cheap insurance in case something like this were to happen again at some point.
  17. Well, 99.99% sure. I've tried various types of recovery software, hooking it up to different slots on the PSU/mobo, using different cables as well as connecting it to a different PC, and the result is always the same. The SSD is recognized at first (I can see it in disk management, along with the drive letter and title) but as soon as I try to access it, there's a timeout and then the computer can't recognize the drive anymore until I reboot. I've found many sources claiming this is common behavior when an SSD dies. Using an SSD isn't advantageous in all regards, apparently.
  18. The problem in this case is that it's an SSD. From the information I've gathered, once an SSD stops responding, it's dead for good (unlike an HDD, where you can usually recover some of the data). Having to download and reinstall all my VNs elsewhere is a bit bothersome, but the worst part is definitely losing screenshots, saves and all the other files I had stored there (like a manga I was in the process of translating as part of my Japanese studies). The saying "you don't appreciate what you have until it's gone" really rings true in this case. :<
  19. Today, I claimed this tag for myself, "un" part included. It all started out well enough. I was reading Princess Evangile for a few hours and then took a break to do some grocery shopping. While I was out on the town, I thought to myself "Hey, maybe it's time I bought that extra hard drive so I can make those backups I've been putting off for too long". Said and done; I got one, went back home and got started. I had finished backing up my first drive and went to make some tea while the backup for the second one was being finalized. I came back, intending to get started on the last one, but no such luck. Out of the blue, that drive had suddenly become completely inaccessible. I hadn't done anything to it yet, so it's not like it was being pushed too hard or anything; it just randomly died on me literally moments before I was going to make the backup, after having worked flawlessly since 2015. I've tried a whole bunch of recovery programs, different cables and hooking it up to another computer, but it's all futile. Coincidentally, it was the drive where all my VNs were stored, along with screenshots and some other stuff. I guess this is what I get for not making backups sooner, but I can't help but feel that fate truly is a cruel mistress, considering the fact that the drive died at the worst possible moment. (sorry about going kinda off-topic)
  20. Almost done with the common route in Princess Evangile. I heard that W Happiness includes part of it as some sort of recap. Is it just a copy+paste or is there some new content mixed in? I'm hoping it's the former, so I can just safely skip past all of it to reach the after stories and whatnot.
  21. Tried changing to Direct3D and that did wonders for the framerate, but it also made everything extremely pixelated; even more so than when I lowered the native resolution of my monitor. This game just doesn't seem to mesh well with my computer.
  22. Are all the characters with sprites supposed to have portraits by the chat box if everything works properly? Rise (the pink-haired girl) is actually the only one that has been showing for me so far. EDIT: I checked some screenshots (was hesistant about doing that, since I've been spoiled that way before) and it seems there usually aren't any portraits by the chat box; not even for other heroines. Not sure what the point of having one for Rise is then, especially if there's the risk of it glitching out like this.
  23. I can't recall hearing anything about something like that either. You sure you're not confusing it with Article 13 and its censorship enforcement for copyright claims on the interwebz?
  24. Started reading Princess Evangile, and man, this must be the worst VN I've played since School/Shiny Days, from a technical standpoint. I've had to lower my resolution to the point where I can clearly distinguish individual pixels from over two meters away, and it's still stuttering whenever there's some sort of movement. Just out of curiousity, is the fact that one person's portrait stays next to the chat box while others are speaking intentional or is it some glitch caused by the godawful game engine? It seems a bit odd. An example: The girl with the pink hair isn't the one speaking here, but her portrait's still showing. This one's even more confusing: There's one person centered on-screen while another one's portrait is shown and yet another one is actually speaking.
  25. Finished a few VNs since my last post here, so here are some impressions! True Remembrance The music and overall ambience of the game reminded me a lot of Symphonic Rain, which is one of my favorite VNs. Also, while it might not matter much to most people, I'm a sucker for movies, games, etc taking place during winter, so that was a big plus for me. All in all, it was a solid read. Our Lovely Escape This one was a bit of a mess. Everyone seems pretty normal at first glance, but then they just randomly start acting really strange out of nowhere. (Like when It's clear that the developer was going for some sort of shock value, but it just comes off as desperate and feels really stupid. A few other complaints: - The character sprites and CG art don't match very well. They kinda seem like different people. For example, at one moment a character looks like this and the next, they look like this. - There are a bunch of CGs that are animated for no reason (the characters aren't actually moving in the scene) and a bunch of CGs that would make sense to animate (the h-scenes, mainly) are not. - Choices are completely nonsensical. For example, which girl the protagonist ends up sleeping with and falling in love with is literally determined based on what you decide to eat for lunch. - Some of the endings are extremely sudden. Just when things start heading in a somewhat interesting direction; BOOM, the game just abruptly ends and you're thrown back to the title menu. The Way We All Go I think it's a decent VN at its core, but there are three things that lower my overall impression. 1. The dialogue and narration is way too bloated and repetitive. They could easily cut like 30% of the text from the game without having it negatively affecting the story. 2. "Atcchan" is one of the most spineless and pathetic excuses for a protagonist I've ever seen. He never speaks his mind and he's constantly cowering/apologizing to avoid conflict even when people are being rude to him for no valid reason or insulting his friends. Add to that how he treated his so called "best friend" like shit (by moving to another city without even mentioning it, as well as not contacting her even once for two years, although he kept in touch with his other friend that entire time) and you've got yourself one utterly unlikable SOB. 3. The fact that It makes it hard to truly sympathize with her and what she's gone through, even though that is obviously what we're expected to do. I'm sure this could have been handled in a better way; one that doesn't render Sad Backstory™ irrelevant. Chemically Bonded I've seen several people claim this is a "brilliant" visual novel with a "great story", but I simply can't agree. Yes, it sounds compelling on paper (the synopsis on the Steam page was what initially caught my attention), but in reality, it ended up being one of the most boring VNs I've ever read. The story revolves around a friendship that has crumbled, and you, as the protagonist, get involved to try to make them reconcile. Mending a broken relationship seems like a promising premise, but it turned out to all be caused by a dumb misunderstanding that took like 10 seconds to clear up once they finally got around to doing it. Everything leading up to that point was basically just a lot of beating around the bush, repeating similar scenes and dialogue over and over again with little to no actual development in the story. The same goes for afterwards. It felt like they were just going through motions and doing this and that as filler to extend the playtime. I would much rather have had a more focused story that ended in 2-3 hours. In addition, there's the issue of one of the girls, who's also a love interest for the protagonist, being a major annoyance. She's supposed to be a tsundere, but she's leaning so heavily towards the tsun side, constantly berating and throwing completely uncalled for verbal abuse at the protagonist, that it's impossible for me to find her endearing on the few occasions she starts acting dere. The fact that they're repeatedly referring to Naomi as a "tsundere" even in the narration makes it really obvious that the developer was going for that specifically, and that also solidifies her status as just a fictional stereotype rather than give her actual depth and resemblance to a real person. The same goes for the protagonist, who has one of the most hollow personalities I've ever seen in a visual novel. We know next to nothing about him (I mean, he doesn't even have a name); he's basically just an empty shell with the sole purpose of acting as some kind of middleman in Naomi's and Kiyoko's relationship. The only character that can be considered somewhat normal is Kiyoko, but she becomes more or less irrelevant due to how the other two are. A story about a relationship between three people doesn't work very well when two of those three seem like artificial constructs. As for other complaints, there's English voice acting, but it's mediocre at best and the voices don't suit the characters very well. Also, the sound quality is noticeably worse than that of the music, with interference caused by what I can only assume is a lack of pop filter on the microphone during recording. Furthermore, the characters keep stuttering all the time, and the voice actors articulate every stutter, making the dialogue sound forced and unnatural. Sweetest Monster I successfully predicted the plot twist early on and must say that I think there was a little too much foreshadowing. Nevertheless, the dialogue was well written and the narration built a great horror/mystery atmosphere along with the music. It's too bad though that none of the characters were very likeable, because that sort of lessened the impact of everything that happened to them.
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