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  1. Fureraba Walkthrough

    There's no jealousy short scene for the secret character which is Misaki, pity.! Just saying.. I'd also like to add these effective choices for Misaki: (It's only an addition about 2nd stage and 4th stage) 2nd Stage [Future] Have you decided what you're gonna do after graduation. --------> I think it's okay to take your time, though. [Fitness] Do you like sports players? ---> Guess it's time for me to pick up a sport. [Hobbies] Do you know some unusual tea? ---> Are you sure this tea exists? Tell me what you consider a cool hobby. ---> There's just something cool about being able to make your own piece of pottery. 4th Stage [Hobbies 3] Do you watch that ranger series show? --> I always wanted to be the red ranger. I picture you as being able to play the piano. --> I'm a virtuoso on the triangle!! Collecting cards and stickers is so addictive. --> Did you know it's now common to RUB card packs at stores? Libraries are surprisingly fun places to go to. --> I know what you mean. Did you know they opened a Go lounge in the station's basement? --> I'm unbeatable at Othello. Have you ever tried balloon art, Senpai? --> But when they finished they look amazing.