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  1. First stretch goal is done, meaning that the first chapter and UI are being retranslated, and we might manage the second as well. Stretch goals 3 through 5 are probably beyond what the Kickstarter will reach.
  2. Shit, sorry, to truly clarify, I switched topics to the moon-cycle/element thing.
  3. Thanks for the link! Now, how to do it in 15 days or less... Oh, and to clarify, I know where it is, but I can't figure out how to read the damn thing.
  4. I suspect they don't have stretch goals, with the Money Pool taking their place. Anyway, nice review, hope they read it, but one thing I want to ask is where the "unofficial wiki" is, as I'm trying to find it so I can rank my own performance. Also, in addition to your criticisms, a clearer explanation on how to tell what element the day is would be great. I've yet to figure it out. Edit: Never mind, they've revealed the stretch goals. Wonder if your review had anything to do with it? Since part of Stretch Goal 1 is redoing the parts released in the demo by Arunaru...