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  1. Thanks and good question, let me give a brief intro to the characters in the game. James The main lead of Lust Selection, James needs to plan, outplay, outmaneuver and outsmart his opponents with his schemes and petty tricks. He employs them in creative and unorthodox manner, often catching his subjects off guard. He would have been the perfect commander on the ground if he could keep his pants on during crucial moments. Belinda James's ex-wife and first love. Belinda knows James better than he knows himself. She has undergone a significant change in her physical outlook and character after separating from James. Determined to start life afresh, the last thing she expects would be to become colleagues with her ex-husband. To make things even more awkward, Belinda is dating the boss of the company. Terry Being handed the company on a silver plate, Terry has absolutely no idea when it comes to running a business and he bulldozes through all obstacle without much thought. The main problem with Terry is that he thinks he's smarter than everyone around him. He still cannot get over his crush Sandy who works in the same office. There are rumors that say Terry got involved with Belinda in an attempt to spite Sandy. Sandy Terry's longtime crush Sandy is a sweet and bubbly girl who happens to work in Mr. Liew's team and directly reports to James. She is under constant harassment by Terry who would try his means and ways to get fresh with her. Terry is determined to make Sandy's life miserable in the office as a punishment for dumping him. There is only one man who could help Sandy get out of Terry's grasp. However, the price to pay for getting away from Terry might be too much for Sandy to bear. Kate A young spirited woman who joined the company in the midst of a territorial dispute between different project teams in the office. Her innocence appealed to James who just wants to protect her. However, James being who he is, has to make the difficult choice of protecting her innocence or taking it from her. Mr. Liew A shrewd veteran in the construction industry with a good network of contacts. Liew mentored James and taught him the way of the trade Comparable to a master chess player, Liew works in the background, laying the groundwork for his team to make the kill.
  2. How would you like to play a visually stunning adult visual novel paired with an amazing soundtrack? What if it also comes with a sensually erotic and compelling storyline with branching routes based on your choices to top it off? Hi, my name is K and I'm the founder of Select GameWorks. First of all, a very big thank you for giving us an opportunity to share exactly what we are doing here. I started this team with one purpose. "To develop quality yet different." We want to create beautiful visual novels with amazing soundtracks and high-quality artworks but deviates away from the conventional themes like Magical Fantasies, Sci-Fi, Anime, Japanese high school romance and the such, focusing instead on a more realistic setting which we can actually relate to and fantasize in real life. We have a game in development just like that. It's called Lust Selection! About the Game Lust Selection is a dramatic episodic visual novel with branching storyline routes and is based on the erotic web story "My Adventures in the Office" by James Sunny. You play as the main protagonist James. The story begins with James joining a new architecture firm as Senior Projects Manager. Unknown to him, this new workplace has a fair share of hot and attractive office ladies, however, what may look like a completely ordinary and friendly office environment on the surface is actually just a facade for what really lies beneath. As the story progresses, James will unfold conspiracies, dirty deals and dark secrets kept from its very own employees. How would James handle each and every situation will completely be in the hands of the player. How far would you go to clinch a deal worth millions? What dirty deals would you stain your hands with or would you abide by your moral compass and stand to lose everything? When you are so close to reaching your goals, do you give it all up for that tender touch of a woman's embrace? Join James as he begins his journey into this beautiful and ugly world of the construction industry. An industry where favors, money, deals, and secrets changed hands right under our very nose. Your methods, your endgame. Welcome to the theater of Lust Selection! Your choices matter... Current Development Progress Lust Selection will be released in episodes and we target to release the first two episodes in early 2019. This is a fairly huge game with close to 200K words in dialogue. We are a pretty young development team with a small budget but we are doing our best with all we've got. Here is the development progress at the current moment: Episodes 1 & 2 Script: 80% complete Programming: 70% complete Character Models: 90% complete Background Art: 95% complete Music and Sound: 100% complete Sex Scenes: 70% complete Voice Acting: 5% complete Our Team of Talents Executive Game Writer - James Sunny http://sensualsingapore.com Character Artist/Illustrator - Windboi Trung Nguyen https://www.artstation.com/windboi Character Artist/Illustrator - Ndoll Tran Thu Huong https://www.behance.net/ndolltran Background Artist - Iris phan https://www.deviantart.com/kjkjmulo GUI Designer - Laura Sasquatchii Henderson https://www.laurahenderson.design/ Music Producer/Composer - Hyde Vu Nguyen https://soundcloud.com/chaosringen Our A-Team Voice Talents Phillip Avalos https://www.youtube.com/user/philsterman10 Aika Intong https://www.youtube.com/aikalockheart Olivia Steele https://www.youtube.com/user/AuroraGuiniverePrice Jeff Werden https://www.jeffwerden.com/ DJ Horn https://soundcloud.com/user-92101212 Feel free to ask us any questions about the game! Oh and also... Support us on Patreon for a copy of the game at release as well as some awesome rewards. https://www.patreon.com/selectgameworks Download the free demo now at: https://selectgameworks.itch.io/lust-selection-demo Follow us on Twitter @sgameworks Feedbacks will be most welcomed. Cheers everyone and have a good one! K Creative Director/Developer Select GameWorks
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