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  1. Have you ever read a VN twice?

    Even though i read VNs for about 5 years, i've only re-read 1 VN, "Tokyo School Life", and it wasn't because the story was great, it was because i ended the VN when i was reaaally sleepy, i think i was over 90 hours awake back then, and when i finally slept, i forgot the whole plot, and for some reason i can't remember, i overwrote the save, so i played the whole VN again. i was sleepy, okay? I got used to never re-read anything because i never had time to do so, and now that i do have time, i'm used to "not re-read". Same for anime, i can count on my fingers the number of animes i did re-watch. (btw, i've got over 10k Episodes and 300 Finished Animes on my MAL, and i've yet to complete the list, so it's not like i have nothing good to re-watch.)
  2. How do you choose your first route?

    I really get into role-playing when i play VNs, so it all depends on what sort of character i am role-playing as, but sometimes i pick characters that remember someone i like a lot. But there also is VNs in which you can sort of choose how your character will be like, in those cases, i choose the route i see as "unique", because normally that route is the one that will have the most unexpected, unique and satisfying plot, and that's one of the things i like the most. What sort of unique, you ask me? Well, let's use isekai as an example, do you know why Isekai is getting a lot of attention nowadays? Simple, if you're writing a isekai story, you're free to do whatever you want, there is no restrictions, while with non-isekai stories, you still need to maintain a certain connection with the real world, otherwise you would have to explain the whole world and how the MC lives in such world, what is normal and not normal to him, which most of the times, if not done by a professional, will make the story boring and time-taking. It isn't a impossible task, is just really hard, you have to maintain a coherence/consistency on the story, which is reaaally hard if you're working with a completely new world, but isekai doesn't need to explain any of these, it's basicly a normal person in a world completely different from the one we know, thus both we and the MC can get to understand the world while the story passes by. That's why it's so satisfying when we find a anime/mangá that is not isekai, but is also offering us something new that we've never seen before, and that's the "unique" i'm talking about, the "non-isekai but still new, out of the conventional and satisfying while still maintaining consistency on the plot."
  3. Going back to VNs?

    Yes, i find myself dropping VNs pretty often, mostly because of personal problems. I do feel bad for dropping them since i really get into role-playing, thus dropping a VN feels the same as breaking a relationship with a friend. I think that one of the reasons i drop VNs is because i'm never reading just one, and whenever i find one that is unbelievably good, i stop reading all the other to focus on this one, and when i finish it, i have already forgotten half of the story of the others and i'm too lazy to start from the beggining all over again. I think the only VN i came back to after dropping was Dorei to no Seikatsu ~ Teaching Feeling ~. And yeah, i also know how hard it is to have a lot of hobbies, but it's also really fun and satisfying, so whatever ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Things that makes me drop a VN: Weird/Bad plot Over-dramatic plot When the MC is so retarded that i want to get into the VN and struggle him/her to death When they force way to much "edginess" When i realize that the main story is that same generic story but with another names/faces (quick examp: 16 to 18 yo MC, Romance, School, Childhood friend, Reserved bookworm otome girl, Tomboy with short or red hair, Perverted or Edgy best friend.) yes there is some VNs that has this "generic story" but also has a great plot nonetheless
  4. How should I approach learning Japanese

    As someone that has learned quite a few of languages, i can say for sure that learning a language is not that hard, but it is boring and it will take a somewhat long time. As for Japanese, if you already know a few basic words, you should then learn Hiragana/Katakana, which should not be a difficult task, it should take a few weeks if you're really bad or a few days if you're really good. However, if you have yet to learn the basic keys words, then learn them first and then go for Hiragana/Katakana. Basic Key Words -> Hiragana/Katakana -> Grammar -> Pronunciation -> Kanji A few tips that may help you a lot: Try to find someone who you can train your japanese with, mainly the grammar, don't be shy, and don't worry that much with pronunciation at the beggining, even my pronunciation has flaws, even though my language has a similar accent to japanese in some aspects. Try to find a connection between Japanese and your main language, which can be one hell of a task depending on what your language is. Find a way to remember key words, in my case, i write them (normally as romaji and hiragana) and their translation down on a notebook. Take your time and be patient, if you overdo it, you'll find yourself less and less motivated to learn a new language, after all, learning a new language is exhausting. No person will properly learn a language within weeks. Keep yourself entertained with something about the language while you learn it. What i did back at the time i was learning japanese was listen to music or read phrases and try to figure out what it meant. In the beggining, search for romaji lyrics and phrases, then get into japanese writing as times passes by. Maybe you should try to watch an anime without subs whenever you get to mid-term, that's also a great idea, i do it sometimes with animes i am re-watching. There also is a few VNs which helps you to learn hiragana, katakana and kanji. But i can't really remember their names, if someone can link one of them down i would really appreciate. In my opinion, the ones that properly learn a language are the ones that are motivated from the beggining to the end, thus VNs may or may not be a way to keep you entertained. If you're not motivated to learn, you may quit without learning the language completely since learning a new language is tiresome, especially a difficult one, such as japanese. Well, i think that as long as you're motivated to keep learning, you can do whatever you want. If you become a language enthusiastic, you may learn the language within 8 months, that is, if you study every single damn day. But if you don't have that much time or motivation, it can take up to 2 years to get into a acceptable level, it depends on how much effort you're putting into it.
  5. Are Visual Novels Growing in the West/Other Countries?

    Brazil not only is the fifth biggest country in population, but we also have the biggest Japanese community outside of Japan, since we have great ties of relationship with them. I can't find one person that doesn't know about animes around here, of course, the elder ones doesn't know, but still. However, about disposable income, i can't say for sure, see, we just went through one of our worst economic crisis that just began to calm down, we even went through a impeachment, a lot of people fell into the lower classes, however, i can't explain without sounding like a idiot, but even the poorest person here can easily buy "expensive" stuff, our average montly income is R$1.200,00, which is around 324 US Dollars, that's around how much a average person can get working 6 hours a day, monday to friday. for 1 month, plus, when foreign companies tries to sell their stuff here, they have to pay a tariff, which increases the price of the product, for example, a PS4 is around R$2.000, or $540, and your income per month is only 324 dollars. This may sound like most people are poor, yeah, but no. For some random reason even NASA fails to answer, iPhone and the most expensive things is more commonly used for the lower class than the upper class, which uses Android, which is cheaper. The taxes for the riches is huge, and for the poor, is almost non-existent, plus a lot of help and support from the governament makes even the lowest class be able to buy those things. Most of brazilians live for the "today", never for "tomorrow", so most of them doesn't care about spending most of their income, if not all of it, in disposable things, so i'm pretty sure people would buy VNs here. You know, i'm middle-upper class, i don't have a PS4 because it's not worth the money, i don't have a lot of things because i don't really care, but the person that worked for me lives with a low income, she lives in a "favela", places most commonly know because it's managed by gangs, laws are non-existent there, most of them lives with a low income, but EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM, idk how, i simply cannot understand, owns a PS4, a PS3, a HUGE TV, a huge house, no, it's not stolen, it's governament welfare at its best. So yeah, imo, i'm pretty sure VNs would sell here.
  6. Are Visual Novels Growing in the West/Other Countries?

    Well, what i can say for sure is its growth if my country, also from the West, Brazil. No, it isn't growing in official translation nor on development, but it is growing in popularity, for sure. The numbers of brazilian who speaks English is growing at an tremendous speed, so it's popularity in Brazil is also growing, we also began to make fanbased translation, so its popularity also got boosted because of that, it is just a question of time before we begin to have official translation, or maybe even VNs made here. Taking in consideration that Brazil is the fifth biggest country in extension (for reference, it would be bigger than the US if not for Alaska) and fifth biggest country in population, i think that's a somewhat good sign of growth.
  7. Who doesn't play nukige or eroge?

    I first met VNs through animes based on VNs, such as Amagami SS (best romance VN imo btw), but then i got into Eroge, because, you know, adolescent business. I always loved reading and all, so i saw myself really into VN, but most of Eroges for some reason has a really bad story, i know, they're not nukige, but still, idk, i simply can't enjoy reading eroges to my heart content, it's like they focus more on the sex parts than into actual story, and that pissed me off. I know, there are some Eroges with a great story and all (name me some pls i need it for learning purposes), but i still quited Eroges. Nowadays i only play VNs that gets recommended to me, most of them are not Eroge because it's really hard to find Eroge that has a good story, but if i ever find one, then i'll play it for sure. TL;DR: Got into VNs because of VN-based anime such as Amagami, got into Eroge, quitted Eroges because of most of them has bad stories, nowadays i only play VNs that gets recommended to me.
  8. System Requirements for VN

    Most VNs can be easly ran with that config, you may have some problem with some new VNs that requires a better CPU. Most of the times, the "requirements" counts background apps as well. When i first started playing VN i had a shitty notebook. Most of your problem can be solved by simply clearing background apps. By the way, first time i see a Brazilian other than me here.
  9. She will eventually find out (or you'll quit playing), you should tell her, if she thinks that you're a perv or whatever, you just need to explain what a VN is, if she's still thinking that it is cheating, it means that what will happen is bound to happen, you shouldn't stop playing because she tells you to, in a relationship both you and she need to adapt at each other, not change what one truly is to make the other one happier, if you need to change to stay with her because she said that if you don't stop she'll break the relationship, that means that she doesn't want you, she wants the other guy that she's trying to turn you into, and as i said, to maintain a stable relationship, one must not change, but adapt. Just tell her, if she breaks up, then that's what is bound to happen, and if you change in other to be what she expects, then you wont be yourself anymore, if the love truly is mutual, she'll understand, if she don't understand and accept it, then she loves not you, but the guy she's trying to make you into (and if that's how she's like, then what stops her from breaking the relationship, seek another guy and trying to change him the same way she's trying to change you?), it's better being alone than being with someone that doesn't love you. Only my opinion tho.
  10. Regarding Horror Visual Novels

    To make a TRUE horror story, you need to make the reader immerse on the story, most of the times that is done by explaining quick what is happening and in a interesting way, but that's how books works, VNs are different, you don't need to explain everything that is happening to the reader because he already have a good idea based on the images. Images, that's how you make someone immerse on a VN, of course, having a great story is also a part of it, but to make the person immerse on the VN, you need to make him feel like he's inside the universe of the game, a good story and images is a good way of making it, and that's where the problem is, making illustration of a Horror VN Game is much more harder, complicated and risky than a non-horror, since the illustration will have a great impact on the overall immersion, the cost to make it is much higher than normal ones (Be the cost money or time). In the end, we have to remember that Horror VNs isn't that much popular, so people that make VNs normally don't want to take the risk on a "high-risk high-reward" sort of VN, you also need to remember that not everything has a english translation, so most of the Horror VNs aren't translated, not only because its harder, that because even a "meaningless" word on a Horror/Mystery VN can end up being important in the end, what makes the translation more risky, for a game which the genre isn't really popular, so its risky for the one that will make the VN and the one who will translate it, be a fantranslate or not. Just to remember, i do not have any experience in making/translating VNs, everything i wrote above is something that i learned after talking with a lot of Light/Visual Novel creators and fantranslators that i know since i used to work at a website about Animes/Mangas/Light Novels/VNs/Live-Action news for a couple of years, when you devote your life to those things, you end up learning one thing or another. Ah, and i also worked as a voluntary in a few indie games as a writer, so i know how hard it is to make a horror or mystery story. You can also check the vndb list of VNs with Horror TAGs if you want to.
  11. How do you study?

    Stay calm, be sure you're not sleepy, get a good ilumination on the room you're at, do not hear any music, get on a confortable position, read, if you isn't understanding something, take a break, drink water, hear a calm music or something that makes you feel relaxed, not hyped, STAY HYDRATED, DRINK A LOT OF WATER (you can also drink tea or juice, just don't drink coke or coffee, staying up by a natural way is better than staying up by caffeine). You also should sleep, studying means nothing if you don't relax, and having a good night of sleeping is one of the best means to reach it, don't overdo, otherwise you will end up with headaches and finding that you learnt absolutely nothing. Last but not least, you need to like what you're studying, if you don't like it, learn to like it before you learn it.
  12. I love to read, at the beginning, i just watched anime, then i began to read mangá, light novels, books, but do you know what i love the most? Seeing what my decision changes in the universe. I can't even remember when i first wanted to get inside the show, punch the protagonist and do what he doensn't want to for some random reason, so i began playing games that the universe changed based on my decisions, and then i began playing VNs that had a lot of ending and a lot of decisions to do, and since i LOVE reading, VN was just perfect, i could read, i was way more immerse in the universe than i was while reading books since i had a good image of how the characters are since i can see every single detail, i can see their appearance, and i also can have a way more fluid reading. In the end, i'll like anything that i can read and learn something from. What also helped a lot, is that i did quit school for a long time because of health problems, so i had nothing to do, there isn't really that much animes that i haven't watched, or mangás that i didn't read, i even learned english so that i could read more mangás and watch older animes, but everything has a end, so i ended up on the VNs, hahaha. (And if you want to know, yes, my health is way better now, i have plans on getting back to school soon, even tried to go this year, but i couldn't keep it up after staying at home for around 5 years.)
  13. It sounds promising, i love this type of game. As our friend said: I seriously think that the thing that kills this genre is the forced erotic content, anything made on RPG Maker has a great potential since it isn't limited, but it seems like the game creator always limit what they do by putting a lot of erotic content thinking that it will help, what matters on a game, specially on RPG Maker, is how your decision will change the development of the history, i love to see the changes on the universe based on what i do, and i'm sure that a lot of people thinks the same. In my opinion, to develop this type of game, you need to focus on history, how decisions will affect it and gameplay, if you want to do a RPG, you need to make the player feels like they are playing a role, and that's where web immersion comes in, to make someone feel like they're in the game, you need history, not h-scenes. Be sure to make a good history, no matter how long it takes, and remember, there will always be something that could be changed, and you indeed need to change what you think is bad, but if you try to focus too much on the minimal changes, you will forget the over-all development of the history, if you have time to change the tiniest thing, use that time to make the player immerse on the game, but as i said, of course, change what you think its bad. I hope that this game doesn't become like many others RPGMaker based games, that your decision have basically no difference at the overall history, a rpg isn't a VN, you shouldn't be a spectator reading the protagonist's life, you should be the one changing it, that's the most important thing you remember. Overall, i think this game has potential and i'll certainly follow it. One last thing, when i say that the choice of the player must change the development of the history, i do not mean the development of the girls, i mean the development of the universe that the game is on. Keep up the good work.
  14. Ever played a VN twice?

    I did replay a few VN that i liked the most, such as No One But You, which i fell in love after doing Yui's route (despite the appearance, that's actually a pretty good VN in my opinion), there's also a bunch of others VNs that i don't remember the name right now. I seriously think that read the same VN twice is great, because you will be able to see the game from another perspective and take a look at how the history would develop if you didn't choose the other route on your first play-through, and that's what chocked me with NOBY, the huuuge difference between the possible endings. Now, if you're talking about re-playing the same route you once did, i have only done it with NOBY, but if you like the history and want to read it again, go for it, i am gonna read again until i am satisfied, because if you ended a VN and you're not satisfied, then what was the whole purpose of the VN? VNs are made to be intriguing and interesting. Oh, and about mystery VNs, they are reaaally worth replaying, there's always something you didn't see, the more you play, the more you wish to play again.
  15. What are the things that you hate the most in VNs?

    1. The game ends without really telling us what happened to the "universe" of the VN, what happened to all the characters, etc... 2. The classic VN where the protagonist does absolutely NOTHING, when there's absolutely no dialogue between the characters and for some random and divine reason all the girls fall in love with him. 3. The cliché VN where you're a guy who changed into the "big city" and then 10 years latter you go back to the town you lived before and there is the infamous childhood tsundere friend, a girl that is silent and do nothing but read, the tomboy, a male friend that love playing games, same game, same history, different universe. 4. The VN where you stay locked in a romance route and you can do nothing else but follow that route. 5. When there's a problem and the protagonist isn't clever enough to see the OBVIOUS thing that he should do, and when you less expect, you need to choose a path, both path are bad, and you can do nothing but choose one. 6. A VN that the protagonist is nothing but a spectator, he has no dialogue with the other characters, everyone is talking, but the protagonist says nothing, something around Persona 5, even though P5 indeed has some dialogues, its not that much, considering that he's the "leader" of the Phantom Thieves. 7. A VN that shows h-scenes without they being necessary to the history at the ocasion. 8. Last but not least, the VN that you interact with no one but girls, you have no male friends, you have no male parents, you have no male neighbor, it's only you and the girls (I'm not saying that i dislike girls). I can't say that i hate a non-interactive, but i love making decisions and seeing how they affect the development of the history.