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  1. I play VNs mostly for history, not for romance, but I still have my preferences in romance-focused VNs, for example, I tend to hate GxB/otomegame for the fact that most of the time it's the same VN, different places, "a fragile girl surrounded by aggressive (Romance-wise) men, except for one that for some reason will be a slim and "cute" introvert, normally short-haired (and probably blue-haired), or having bangs-over-eyes character", and the plot is most of the time, non-sense or some rip-off, however, of course, there are exceptions. I feel that normally GxG has a better character devel
  2. I personally don't use one, I've never used and I most likely never will, I think that's the fun, that's the line that separates VNs from Books. The sense of accomplishment at the end of a VN seeing how my choices affected the outcome is what keeps pushing me forward to play VNs, that's why VNs with a lot of choices, routes and endings in which your choices and actions is what's gonna decide not only the overall plot but also the relationship with side characters is my go-to. Maybe if after I finish a VN I want to check out the other endings or if I end up losing a save, drop the game and
  3. I did suffer from the same thing, I have a chronic disease that made me, until a few months ago, unable to leave my house alone or play on a park, so I don't have ANY friends at all, well, I had one, but that's in the past, even nowadays I still feel the loneliness grappling down my body, wasted time passing through. My life was hard, and still is, but things change and so do I, I found a passion, Cooking, I'm aiming to become a Chef, I went to a doctor to check if I could join a Gym, if that would be bad for my health, and he said it would actually be great, and so I joined it, built for me a
  4. In my case, I have a chronic disease (it's not life-threatening if taken the proper care, dun worry) so I couldn't go to school like, 50% of the time, and when I could go, I'd left sooner than everyone else, and because of so, I didn't have any friends at all, be it in or outside of school, so back at the time I'd wish that I could have friends and fun in school like the MC of the VNs I play. But yeah, I did stop playing some VNs or watching school animes because I didn't want to feel sad, nowadays I don't really care that much, because for the reason that I didn't get to go to school that m
  5. Even though i read VNs for about 5 years, i've only re-read 1 VN, "Tokyo School Life", and it wasn't because the story was great, it was because i ended the VN when i was reaaally sleepy, i think i was over 90 hours awake back then, and when i finally slept, i forgot the whole plot, and for some reason i can't remember, i overwrote the save, so i played the whole VN again. i was sleepy, okay? I got used to never re-read anything because i never had time to do so, and now that i do have time, i'm used to "not re-read". Same for anime, i can count on my fingers the number of animes i did re
  6. I really get into role-playing when i play VNs, so it all depends on what sort of character i am role-playing as, but sometimes i pick characters that remember someone i like a lot. But there also is VNs in which you can sort of choose how your character will be like, in those cases, i choose the route i see as "unique", because normally that route is the one that will have the most unexpected, unique and satisfying plot, and that's one of the things i like the most. What sort of unique, you ask me? Well, let's use isekai as an example, do you know why Isekai is getting a
  7. Yes, i find myself dropping VNs pretty often, mostly because of personal problems. I do feel bad for dropping them since i really get into role-playing, thus dropping a VN feels the same as breaking a relationship with a friend. I think that one of the reasons i drop VNs is because i'm never reading just one, and whenever i find one that is unbelievably good, i stop reading all the other to focus on this one, and when i finish it, i have already forgotten half of the story of the others and i'm too lazy to start from the beggining all over again. I think the only VN i came back to after
  8. As someone that has learned quite a few of languages, i can say for sure that learning a language is not that hard, but it is boring and it will take a somewhat long time. As for Japanese, if you already know a few basic words, you should then learn Hiragana/Katakana, which should not be a difficult task, it should take a few weeks if you're really bad or a few days if you're really good. However, if you have yet to learn the basic keys words, then learn them first and then go for Hiragana/Katakana. Basic Key Words -> Hiragana/Katakana -> Grammar -> Pronunciation ->
  9. Brazil not only is the fifth biggest country in population, but we also have the biggest Japanese community outside of Japan, since we have great ties of relationship with them. I can't find one person that doesn't know about animes around here, of course, the elder ones doesn't know, but still. However, about disposable income, i can't say for sure, see, we just went through one of our worst economic crisis that just began to calm down, we even went through a impeachment, a lot of people fell into the lower classes, however, i can't explain without sounding like a idiot, but even the
  10. Well, what i can say for sure is its growth if my country, also from the West, Brazil. No, it isn't growing in official translation nor on development, but it is growing in popularity, for sure. The numbers of brazilian who speaks English is growing at an tremendous speed, so it's popularity in Brazil is also growing, we also began to make fanbased translation, so its popularity also got boosted because of that, it is just a question of time before we begin to have official translation, or maybe even VNs made here. Taking in consideration that Brazil is the fifth biggest country in
  11. I first met VNs through animes based on VNs, such as Amagami SS (best romance VN imo btw), but then i got into Eroge, because, you know, adolescent business. I always loved reading and all, so i saw myself really into VN, but most of Eroges for some reason has a really bad story, i know, they're not nukige, but still, idk, i simply can't enjoy reading eroges to my heart content, it's like they focus more on the sex parts than into actual story, and that pissed me off. I know, there are some Eroges with a great story and all (name me some pls i need it for learning purposes), but i still q
  12. Most VNs can be easly ran with that config, you may have some problem with some new VNs that requires a better CPU. Most of the times, the "requirements" counts background apps as well. When i first started playing VN i had a shitty notebook. Most of your problem can be solved by simply clearing background apps. By the way, first time i see a Brazilian other than me here.
  13. She will eventually find out (or you'll quit playing), you should tell her, if she thinks that you're a perv or whatever, you just need to explain what a VN is, if she's still thinking that it is cheating, it means that what will happen is bound to happen, you shouldn't stop playing because she tells you to, in a relationship both you and she need to adapt at each other, not change what one truly is to make the other one happier, if you need to change to stay with her because she said that if you don't stop she'll break the relationship, that means that she doesn't want you, she wants the othe
  14. To make a TRUE horror story, you need to make the reader immerse on the story, most of the times that is done by explaining quick what is happening and in a interesting way, but that's how books works, VNs are different, you don't need to explain everything that is happening to the reader because he already have a good idea based on the images. Images, that's how you make someone immerse on a VN, of course, having a great story is also a part of it, but to make the person immerse on the VN, you need to make him feel like he's inside the universe of the game, a good story and images is a good w
  15. Stay calm, be sure you're not sleepy, get a good ilumination on the room you're at, do not hear any music, get on a confortable position, read, if you isn't understanding something, take a break, drink water, hear a calm music or something that makes you feel relaxed, not hyped, STAY HYDRATED, DRINK A LOT OF WATER (you can also drink tea or juice, just don't drink coke or coffee, staying up by a natural way is better than staying up by caffeine). You also should sleep, studying means nothing if you don't relax, and having a good night of sleeping is one of the best means to reach it, don't o
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