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  1. welcome fellow noob, I have a question how far have you guys progressed? and what projects are planned in the future after you guys finish the current one? The reason I am asking is because I've seen many many developers lose motivation and quit, I would play the game and support if I like it but wont bother wasting my time if its a sinking ship and there is no future for it. again welcome!
  2. What are you playing?

    Thank you adamstan! I love challenging games, I remember how the snes versions of fire emblem were and I really miss that style, so I can expect perma death or something entirely different?
  3. How do you study?

    When I was working on my bachelors I did the trick of doing several practice tests before exams that way my memory was fresh by the time of the exam but then I guess it all depends on how good your memory is. I had it easy since most of my classes were online and they had mercy on me I loved what I was studying so it was not too hard to keep myself motivated but then I was very tired, the mil works you to the bone and it was hard to find time to study Anyway good luck with your exams! oh and what subject are you studying if you mind me asking?
  4. preferably one with this a laptop without it to me is not properly a gaming laptop, its great if you travel alot like me
  5. What are you playing?

    started reading world end a few days ago economica and left it half way then went to majikoi and finished it then found out there was majikoi s and all that and burned out and decided to return later for later so I can read muv luv alternate chronicles ep 3 then GW2 fever took me by storm and left muv luv halfway for now... but planning to return soonish kinda feeling like returning to monster girl quest wish they had some sort of sequel on it. hey I keep hearing of YU-NO is it worth the read?
  6. Core i5, Core i7

    if you dont play anything else besides VNs you can stick with an I3 preferably one of the latest generation ones, I5 are decent too but you might not even need that much processing power in a VN I used to use an I5 before I upgraded to an I7 and I used it for games like dragon age and the witcher on high specs along with my 1080 Ti and it worked fine. But eh watever suits your taste
  7. ey

    Hello people I am Artos, I been reading VNs LNs and manga on my spare time since I was in hs a while back I am still hooked on several right now mainly muv luv series,sunrider, ace academy of course overlord is a must read and 5 others sorta making for time lost while I was in the military... So anyway I have alot of free time now that I am a bum that doesn't work play games and read all night and most of day so feel free to bombard me with suggestions I would read about anything unless its trash like holy knight gosh that crap gave me nightmares... Hopefully I can meet like minded people here eh at least I hope