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  1. Thank you for your inputs, As far as we plan to do we are planning to make this game better and better. of course we don't plan to rework everything from ground up. from the inputs we get about story, events, and anything we get from this game. we will try to input these to the next game. *after all if we fix everything in comments we will not release any games even though we are still learning we hope for your assistance in these points. Thank you
  2. hello and thanks Artos we are already progressed around 70% and planning to finish the ending at the end of this month. after that we will start the part 2 with more content and gimmicks. the project planned are revolves around monster girls but the main character is always three. The Protagonist "Shikiyoku Minoru" - Human ???% The Heroine "Alice Spade" - Succubus The Antagonist "Lavos R. Fransteiner" - Mad Scientist this is quite a spoiler as for the next project Actually we had a hiatus because after we do a recruiting, some members leave or procrastinating that makes our first suspended first game-[the slg ones]. And this happens around 5 months to be honest. We are too enthusiastic to develop games and did not see our limitation like UI and Sounds. So learning from that we are using a complete set of engine rather to make everything from scratch. also we are happy to receive critics like how we are wrong in delivering the speech in some scenes, a wrong aspect of CG and body template, etc as we can make it better next time. we are still learning but always want to better ourselves, and after some time or maybe enough supports we will recruiting again to make animation and VA. hopefully our games are enjoyed enough for you all to play thank you
  3. Anybody here likes monster girls? We develop monster girls game and want some input about the story and how can we make it better, It's free to play About This project is still revolves on a man named "Minoru" yes that is you presumably. He is a net and gaming addict that loves to be the top of everything related to game. He was about to finish his current favorite game only to be abducted to another world. Where in this world he lost and search for the way home. He must collect the lust and libido as a key to become stronger and open the way home. The system is RPG Maker default with some gimmick here and there. While there is a lot of meme and reference we inserting, we still hope you can enjoy this game. [SC RPG-August Release] | Siluman on Patreon there is freebies of art-books and sketchbook if you become a patron for only $1
  4. Hello, Nice to meet all here. We are erotic monster girls game developer Siluman! Anybody here loves monster girls can check our work on itch io or patreon https://www.patreon.com/Siluman https://siluman.itch.io/ please check as the game is free to play and we want comment to improve our games better. Thank you
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