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  1. Data extraction thread

    Hey is there a tool to unpack/repack Eushully’s script file? I’m trying to extract 封緘のグラセスタ trail’s script. All the link in the previous posts seem to be expired thanks!
  2. Data extraction thread

    Here are the two files: https://mega.nz/#!AY4x1YDJ!F65sMjU2Prkmy35gTVuxvmuq-2oD5JW_mH-UkS737qk
  3. Data extraction thread

    lol I didn't even realize that since I have this tool for a long time. BTW cg_info.dbs and music_info.dbs in Summer Pockets use Shift-JIS encoding and your tool uses UTF-16, opening those two files shows unreadable texts as shown: It'd be nice if you could fix it
  4. Data extraction thread

    Hey I know someone has already mentioned this on page 30, but I'm still looking for a way to unpack/repack .dbs files under dat folder from Summer Pockets. There are actually scripts in there that are not included in Scene.pck such as the creator names from shimamon fighter mini game as shown below: Does anyone have a clue? I also uploaded the files if needed. https://mega.nz/#!sZgy2QwT!WSizjZzYrlidXNCVItrv-Oj5bBaYI2g1VI_1z5Z7-8g