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  1. Reading VN is masochistic

    Yet another autistic thread on this "wonderful" forum?! No wonder the forum is dying.
  2. VNs about culinary arts.

    https://vndb.org/v11945 https://vndb.org/v19933 https://vndb.org/v19954 These might fit your interest.
  3. Its been a long time

    Or Sumaga...
  4. VNs that need more attention

    KKK, Chrono Box, Amatsutsumi and Sakura no Mori + Dreamers.
  5. Site Work 03/17/19

    Is it just me or the search function broke?
  6. Here ya go: Alpha release: https://mega.nz/#!btth3JKI!tyL9ajI8oV7Xj1nC0Itw76xQ--tdDGeg92VpRxqcTpI Lily patch (minor update): https://mega.nz/#!el1QyDCS!1b1diDY4A3isORf4vC2qD-gNRWtiAy5YGBMF40f244o
  7. E

  8. A Sky Full of Stars - +18 Restoration

    Once again thank you Inferno.