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  1. Lover Able TL

    Hey, are you guys still doing the project? Smee really hooked me with Fureraba so im looking forward to Lover Able just wondering as i can seem to find anything about progress that is recent.
  2. Muv-Luv failing to start

    okay, thanks guys for your responses, i'll try using a virtual machine first, if not, then i guess i'll get a newer version
  3. So i just got Muv-Luv and i keep getting a runtime error 1006 https://imgur.com/gallery/6xgQe00 (heres a screencap) I Tried to repair all of the C++ visual redistributes like everywhere else told me, but i still cant get it to work. My Specs are: OS: Windows 10 Home RAM: 4.00 GB Processor: Intel Core i-5-4210U @ 1.7GHz System Locale: Japan
  4. Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate help.

    nevermind, it fixed itself after a few tries.
  5. Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate help.

    Okay, so i thought this was the end of my problems, but it turns out that was a naive thought. Now, when the starting movie ends, the screen goes black and wont move past the black screen. what do i do?
  6. Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate help.

    Okay, so i changed my system locale and it works fine now! thanks for your help!
  7. Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate help.

    I'll give it a go, but i dont know why the locale emulator wouldnt work for it, considering i've never had a problem with it before. Oh well.
  8. Hey guys, so i downloaded Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate and then i got the english patch. i installed it fine, but when i go to play start.exe, i get this error: https://ibb.co/c4rDrU I've looked around and i cant find anything to help me. Im using a locale emulator to simulate a Japanese locale and running with administrator privelages my OS is windows 10 (not sure what bit, but fairly confident its 32bit) if one of you have some incline as to what i need to do, please help me!
  9. Hey guys!

    Sup guys, been using Fuwanovel guides for a while now, so i figured i'd make an account and get to know some of the wonderful people that inhabit this site. Favourite VN's would be: 1. The Fruit of Grisaia 2. Majikoi 3. Tsujidou-san no Jun'ai Road 4. Hatsukoi 1/1 5. Fureraba i love most sci-fi and fantasy works as well, so if you wanna chat or just say a friendly hello-hi, then feel free to pm me. Cheers