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  1. For me personally,I actually changed my studying style when I enter my uni. When I was still in High School, learning with textbooks and notes then trying to explain the whole thing as if I am Michael from Vsauce was actually rather effective since I also learn to improvise the subject I am studying while also burning it into my memories. Starting in Uni, where the book is thick enough to be used as Noble Phantasm for Berserker and the lecturer barely give me time to take notes forced me to start studying individually. Everyday I scheduled what i need to learn and which task i need to do
  2. I agree lol. Interestingly, SG 0 patched many weakness of the previous SG which I was happy with. SG was one of my favorite but it has some problem (which are not that bad tbh) 1. Not much added in alternate routes (fixed by SG 0 turn off/on route which was very distinct and was quite distinct from each other) 2. Hard to get true end (fixed by more easier to see trigger in SG 0) 3. No flowchart (fixed by autoquick save each time a choice popped up) however it added some problem that did not present in the original SG 1. True end? More like true epilogue. The las
  3. 1. Yeah, the information presented in certainly interesting, i like it very much and it is the reason why I liked steins gate lol. What I am having problem as of currently is that the interlude branch of as a subplot which the MC has no access. The reader has no ability to use that info either since the choice in the vn is quite miniscule. So it sometime end up, for me at least, waiting for explanation that the MC wont use each time a tense moment occured. A good sideplot interlude would be Fate Hollow Ataraxia since the info, while cannot be use by MC, is useable by reader to pick a choice la
  4. @cro-mag. Well I guess you were right. The D-Sword in building moment with the villain was actually pretty well executed. I am just gonna take your word for it and finish this up lol
  5. I was quite hyped when i finally got the chance to play Chaos;Head and I enjoyed the VN. However, there is couple of glaring flaw in the VN which became worse as the series goes Surprisingly, the whinny coward MC is not one of them. While I do hate him and would like him to be feed like Lancer in Carnival Phantasm to Seiba, it is rare to see this kind of MC so I don't really mind. What I want to rant is actually the narrative aspect of the VN Here are my issues. 1. Interludes that distrupt the flow of the VN. The VN seems to branch to MC story with confined point of view and the dete
  6. Hello! I am limitseeker. I have been reading VN for awhile, mostly out of whim. The first exposure to VN was actually Katawa Shoujou (Emi route was very good). Afterward, I played Ace Attorney Trilogy on my DS and enjoyed further VN. Currently I have read all Ace Attorney series, Zero escape trilogy, Steins Gate and Steins Gate 0, and of course FSN Realta Nua and Hollow Ataraxia. I am hoping to soon complete Tsukihime and Chaos Head . I am hoping to expand my interest with joining this forum. I often spend my time playing games, especially JRPG or Monster RPG. I also,admittedly, pl
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