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  1. A trailer : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQzenFBiD8k
  2. Anybody playing Re;lord?

    At least there is some comedy in 2 then I like the story a lot in 1 : Both light and dark comedy mixed with plenty of drama with a foreboding atmosphere - and it an interesting, if disturbing, story. I suppose you could say that Wilfried, was doomed to fail (more or less) from the start - what with a corrupt rapist father, sycophantic friends and a penchant for capes Have you played 3 ?
  3. This is the sequel to a test Visual Novel I put on Steam a few months ago, but is much longer. Continuing from where Episode 1 left off, the protagonist still believes he is in America. When faced with the truth, however, his world falls apart. What will it take to get him back on his feet ? And what secrets are being kept from him ? It's a comedy/drama/historical visual novel with an over-eager tourist guide (who likes to give lectures about bricks), and the violent (but supposedly) nemesis of the player. Its out on Steam now (with a demo), for those interested. This was updated a while ago.
  4. Anybody playing Re;lord?

    It will be interesting to see what "fatal mistake" Wilfried makes to bring about his downfall - the most obvious would be trying to "rescue" Iris from the Huntsmen. However, that is probably too simplistic - in order to be fatal, the Huntsmen would have to survive his trap, see him use magic and have Iris attack him as well. It's more likely to happen when he starts his terrorist attack (and proving he was lying). In addition, I wonder what Erika will do when/if she discovers that Wilfried was involved with that I wonder how they are going to reconcile the two versions of that - the soldier who (apparently) started it and was executed and Wilfried doing it. I hope Fine ends the series in a fairly good position - I think she has suffered the most out of all the girls.
  5. Anybody playing Re;lord?

    However, it is explicitly mentioned they do suffer afterwards - whether its due to the rape or what Wilfried does to them after he's finished is unknown, but it's certainly not pain free during or afterwards. It's the whole point of Wilfried - his father complex is so bad (and Ria and co are either too sycophantic or couldn't care less to deal with it), that he follows his fathers teachings with almost everything - including "once you've seduced a woman, you can do anything with her". The other reason for raping them is because he feels that they would fight back if he tried to extract mana if they weren't "seduced". Don't forget that even with the earlier enounters, he regards them as nothing more than a nuisance, and Ria urged Wilfried to kill them on several occasions... It's interesting to see Wilfried's character change from being fairly decent to a right-wing, rapist, supremacist, killer, would-be dictator and all-round nutjob - and all because none of his "friends" dare challenge him (well, Ria wouldn't as I think she has her own plans for the world - at least until later), whist Erika goes from being arrogant, lazy and using Fine as nothing more than a shield to being insecure, frightened and in desperate need of help from Fine - finally realising that she wasn't treating her friend as a friend... I'm glad that Re;Lord 2 should be out by the end of the year/early next year - I had originally thought that 1 was just a testbed for Escu:de products (after all, the subject matter and what happens isn't everyone's cup of tea) - but obviously Re;Lord 1 did well enough for 2 (and hopefully) the pretty grim 3 I'm replaying it once more because I bought the OST and to re-acquaint myself with the story before 2 comes out. It's still as disconcerting to play as the first time... The "comedic" ending is pretty jarring, and I still haven't worked out why it was done like that. I presume it's to lighten the mood after the main ending, but it's so sudden and out-of-place... I do feel that the girls have all been setup to fail, which must mean the reason for their invasion was so important that they are all willing to endure humiliations are Wilfrieds hands...