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  1. Welcome To... Chichester 2 - Part II : No Regrets For The Future

    Good news ! The release date is scheduled to be no later than June 30th 2020 !
  2. The last OVN in the current series, I hope to have this out towards the end of June (sometime after No Regrets). Story-wise it's complete - just need to get a few backgrounds and characters done. In this episode, Grendel Jinx and the protagonist are charged with investigating the death of patron of The Violet Hotel. However, detective work is the least of the duo's problems.
  3. Anybody playing Re;lord?

    Any news about Re;Lord 2 ? It's nearly two years since Sekai announced it, and according to their status reports, they are still waiting for an engine update from Escu:de I do hope it hasn't be abandoned or anything
  4. This side-story to the main WTC series is finally out on Steam, although it has been out on DLsite for a while now. Android versions are available on Play Store and Amazon Store too. Set sometime during the protagonist's holiday, who desires nothing but peace and quiet away from Grendel Jinx (the protagonist supposed enemy), and sets in motion a plan to enable him/her to do so. Meanwhile, Grendel wants an answer to an important question and will stop at nothing to get it.
  5. Welcome To... Chichester 1 : The Spy Of America And The Long Vacation

    Good point ! I've added some links !
  6. It's taken far too long to update this, but it's finally done (with the exception of a new title sequence, that is - but that can wait) Set before the events of WTC 2, your plans for a mountaineering holiday are thwarted by your nemesis from a rival organisation - the much feared Grendel Jinx. After destroying almost all of her organisation, the funds for dealing with her and her much put-upon assistant are redirected to "interrogation" equipment by your rather perverted boss. "Transfered" (aka demoted) and replaced by a more ruthless agent, the only thing you have looking forward to is your holiday. Originally planning on containment and perhaps getting revenge, Grendel's plan soon changes when she hears where you are going. Bringing back memories of her first partially complete solo mission, she decides to finish the job, taking you along with her - whether you like it or not. Unbeknownst to either of you, this sets in motion a series of events that has repercussions for your rivalry with Grendel and your organisation. It's available from Steam and DLsite as usual
  7. The last in the current series. What was originally a different, but enjoyable holiday soon takes a turn for the worse as your tourist guide falls ill; Grendel, still refusing to unveil her secrets, takes out her frustrations on the local pet population and you find that Misericordia is on your tail seeking revenge for all the perceived injustices that you've done to her. Will you be able to make it back to America in one piece ? Your last day has arrived. Current in Early Access on Steam, it won't be released until the end of next year (lots of backgrounds to do), but it is up and running
  8. Welcome To... Chichester OVN : The Beach

    Ah - yes. It usually means she up to something
  9. Welcome To... Chichester OVN : The Beach

    I notice a release sub-section after posting I presume you're refering to Misericordia - she's not smiling
  10. This is currently in Early Access on Steam, and is up and running, although I am currently updating it with the new gender selection (which hasn't been uploaded yet). Taking place on the second day of your holiday, you arrive in the hotel restaurant nursing a nasty headache, which is not helped by the presence of your nemesis - the megalomaniacal, kleptomaniac and cake mix loving Grendel Jinx. Whilst waiting for breakfast to be served, you start reminiscing about how you both met. Inevitably, the conversation veers onto a period in which your budding "friendship" was nearly permanently severed. Suffering a string of defeats by the handle of Grendel following by an unauthorised beating by her bodyguards, you spend your time in hospital realising that there must be a mole in The Phoenix Custodians, and you set your secretary onto the task of finding out who it is. Meanwhile, Grendel gets news that her bodyguards have been killed, and with all evidence pointing to you, she sets out for revenge.
  11. Welcome To... Chichester OVN : The Beach

    Sometime during your holiday in England, yourself and your friends receive an invite to "The Beach". Thinking the invite is for a private beach party, they are sorely disappointed when they end up at a haunted bungalow and tasked with finding three parts of a sword. Will everyone survive ? Or will everyone succumb to the haunted chairs, lack of food and water - or perhaps even the perverted ghosts ? This is a short side-story to the Welcome To... Chichester series, although you don't need to have played the previous games to follow this. It has been recently updated to incorporate gender selection for the protagonist, with dialogue changing when needed. It's available from Steam and DLsite
  12. Welcome To... Chichester 2 - Part 1: The Spy Of Chichester And The Eager Tourist Guide

    A trailer : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQzenFBiD8k
  13. Anybody playing Re;lord?

    At least there is some comedy in 2 then I like the story a lot in 1 : Both light and dark comedy mixed with plenty of drama with a foreboding atmosphere - and it an interesting, if disturbing, story. I suppose you could say that Wilfried, was doomed to fail (more or less) from the start - what with a corrupt rapist father, sycophantic friends and a penchant for capes Have you played 3 ?
  14. This is the sequel to a test Visual Novel I put on Steam a few months ago, but is much longer. Continuing from where Episode 1 left off, the protagonist still believes he is in America. When faced with the truth, however, his world falls apart. What will it take to get him back on his feet ? And what secrets are being kept from him ? It's a comedy/drama/historical visual novel with an over-eager tourist guide (who likes to give lectures about bricks), and the violent (but supposedly) nemesis of the player. Its out on Steam now (with a demo), for those interested. This was updated a while ago.
  15. Anybody playing Re;lord?

    It will be interesting to see what "fatal mistake" Wilfried makes to bring about his downfall - the most obvious would be trying to "rescue" Iris from the Huntsmen. However, that is probably too simplistic - in order to be fatal, the Huntsmen would have to survive his trap, see him use magic and have Iris attack him as well. It's more likely to happen when he starts his terrorist attack (and proving he was lying). In addition, I wonder what Erika will do when/if she discovers that Wilfried was involved with that I wonder how they are going to reconcile the two versions of that - the soldier who (apparently) started it and was executed and Wilfried doing it. I hope Fine ends the series in a fairly good position - I think she has suffered the most out of all the girls.