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  1. Basically you're correct, there is no "TJS2 decompiler"(*) other than my Furikiri. But Furikiri is not finished (the TJS2 language is a bloated, badly-implemented language after all), and currently the decompilation result can only be used as a reference of TJS2 bytecode's behaviour - that's already useful in my cases. You cannot expect the decompilation result can be directly compiled again, it's impossible for now. However, it might be more practical to implement a tool to compile the disassmbled assembly. Furikiri has a plan (issue) to do that, but I currently just focused on decompilation. Furikiri also provides the fastest TJS2 disassemble feature - definitely faster and more complete than the official one. That's the main feature of girigiri for now. (*): Xmoe said on weibo (at 2019-5-25) that he will release a tjs decompiler after a while. Maybe he can make a better tool than my shit
  2. Just to mention, it seems that someone else is going to pick up this game for translation, and FreeMote v1.9.1 is enhanced (for some issues) to support this game.
  3. E_AYA07_A.dat & E_AYA07_B.dat are WMV video files, open directly via PotPlayer. C2_EA.PSP is PSB file, however it is either incomplete or encrypted or obfuscated (there seems to be many 0xFF inserted), it's not possible to be loaded in my FreeMote. If you believe C2_EA.json is JSON file, it could be XORed, too.
  4. This is not necessary at all since my FreeMote already handles PSZ. It will be decompressed to PSB when you use EmtConvert or PsbDecompile.
  5. GARBro's GYU decoder: https://github.com/morkt/GARbro/blob/master/ArcFormats/ExHibit/ImageGYU.cs For my first glance at that source code I think it's possible (maybe) to implement an encoder by learning from the decoder logic. However currently I don't have enough spare time to implement that, maybe someone else with enough programming skills can help you.
  6. Ulysses


    OK I have found what I mentioned, should close your "issue": (Repeat, I won't recommend it, but we can still learn from the source code) https://github.com/lsm1987/CodingGirls
  7. Ulysses


    I have seen an app on Google Play about learning MSIL (.NET Intermediate Language) before. It's using Live2D characters to "teach" and therefore looks like a VN. Maybe it's in Korean. However if that's what you want, I won't recommend it since it's not a VN, and MSIL is not a language for programming beginners.
  8. That's exactly what I'd like to see - emote fan arts/mods! Good job!
  9. Thank you for supporting me! When I started to write FreeMote, I had taken various use cases into consideration, including texture editing feature for fan artists to make more "cute" cats. I'm glad finally there is someone making such patches! Then I thought this FreeMoteViewer improvement should be useful to you so I decided to make it in this update. There are some long-term goals for FreeMote (including easing the pain of L2D <-> Emote conversion), one of them - FreeMote Editor (not ready for use now) - is designed to edit textures and view the edited model (with motions) on the fly. I can't promise anything about that since I'm really busy on my daily work, but I hope I can make a demo version in a few months. Although I'm not going to play Maitetsu before the Japanese/Chinese ver. comming out, I definitely appreciate your work and looking forward to your next works! Update: What can FreeMote Editor do for now
  10. @HoplessHiro @frc_ @Huang Ling Yin Just to notice you with the new FreeMote v1.3 release. https://github.com/UlyssesWu/FreeMote/releases/tag/v1.3.0 As I mentioned before, the new version is faster than ever, Dullahan Load feature allows you to drag&drop your compressed and encrypted "dx***-krkextract.psb" directly to PsbDecompile to get json result, and FreeMote now can pack/unpack known shell types (lz4,mdf,psz) - now FreeMote should be able to replace psbtools totally Click the link for full release note. If you have found a bug, you can open an issue and I will look into it (when I have time). And now you can use FreeMoteViewer to view motions (timelines): Some examples to explain the workflow: You have a LZ4 shell packed, encrypted (key: 123456789) PSB (dx.psb). To unpack it, purify it, edit it, encrypt it, and then pack it (if needed) - In short - You can process a PSB without EmoteConv, just to set params in resx.json to control compile process (pack or not; encrypt or not etc.). Or you can use EmoteConv to get pure PSB at first for editing convenience.
  11. Yes, use FreeMote lib directly is the most efficient way as I mentioned before. I haven't tried SCN translation yet (I mainly focused on emote PSB for now), so I didn't make a GUI tool for that, but I'd always recommend this way. However sometimes it's more convenient to change its structure via json. Be sure to try FreeMote v1.3 when it comes to release (or the CI build for now), it's 10x faster (especially for SCN) than FreeMote v1.2.
  12. Alright, I just didn't realized that since I didn't see that feature implemented in your `psb-translation` repo. But yes, just changing strings (PsbString) in PSB (without changing the structure or numbers or resources) is relatively easy - if you need advanced editing features (e.g. add a new line or remove some lines) you can still try FreeMote. As for the archive, maybe you can also find some codes on github by searching the game titles by 5pb or the file extensions etc. Good luck! P.S. Zakamutt's corrections are right.
  13. Yes, looks like these are scn (psb) files, you could try my FreeMote for decompiling and recompiling. Just get the tools by clicking "build passing" badge for the unfinished v1.3 test version. It should be much faster (especially for scn type, should be 10x+ faster) than FreeMote v1.2 (in releases page).
  14. That looks nice. Looks like a story inspired by a Chinese legend, though I think the house decorations are some kind of Japanese style...
  15. I'm so flattered... Thank you. Based on the work in this post, I can tell FreeMote had handled their jobs without issue. I do like to receive any PSB which FreeMote can not handle, in order to make it more universal, however collecting emote models is also one of my interests and I'm just asking them for collection.... I don't expect/require someone provide them for me though. If anyone meets FreeMote related problems, he/she can reach me via github issues or email.
  16. To tell you the truth, even the full featured version Emote Editor won't be able to edit PSB (or json from PSB), since PSB is "compiled". Emote Editor only accepts MMO (project file, or json from MMO), which contains many metadatas while PSB removed them. I would like to let my FreeMote recover MMO from PSB but that is hard like - as you said - hieroglyphs. The workaround of editing animation right now, is rather to understand and edit json, or to use scripts calling Emote API to make additional animation. Edit: The latest preview version of FreeMote is able to (partially) recover that "hieroglyphs" - which means it's (almost) possible to edit PSB animations.
  17. I'm glad my FreeMote helped you! (I just saw the traffic coming from this site so I come here to have a look) (I'd like to collect emote PSBs. If someone would like to share this game's emote PSBs to me, please send them by email.)
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