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  1. Problem when launching Sora-iro no Organ.

    Yeah, if that is the only choice, I have nothing to do but give it a shot. Thank you.
  2. Dear brothers and sisters, It's kinda awkward to make the first post with full of troubles but I, unfortunately encountered some problems with this archaic VN due to the fact that I'm bad at handling technical stuffs. Not relating to the topic but this VN has an important meaning to me as it holds a lot of precious memories I want to experience again with my much improved Japanese comparing to the first time, it's still the best VN in my heart though it's unpopular. Yeah, going straight to the topic, my regional settings are already Japansese so there nothing to do about it, and I believe I installed the VN correctly as no error occured during the installation. Well, here's the problem: it couldn't run by launching game.exe as it should, surprisingly there was no process to be found in Task Manager as well. I guess compatibility caused it as I used Windows 10 Pro 64bit and the VN had been created long ago to run on Windows 98/2000/XP. Compatibility mode of Windows didn't work for me. To be honest, my situation now don't allow me to use virtual machine, down-grade my OS or switch to another computer. That's all, just my pure prediction, there might be problem with some different things other than that, I'm not sure. Sounds like a dream I can't fulfill it myself... Just kidding, but I truly hope that kind and excellent people here may offer me a solution. Thanks in advance! (Also forgive my terrible English >_<)