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  1. I'm not really sure your post is pertinent to the topic? I mean, having your opinion on the game is fair and all (even if you can't actually gauge a game's length by your own reading speed), but I'm not sure why you're making this post in this thread considering it's not a review thread and what you wrote doesn't actually address the recruitment request in any given way.
  2. I personally use Kitsu.io because I've difficulties running Anilist smoothly. But if you use either of those two and watch anime with a player rather than via streaming, for convenience's there's also the software Taiga allows you to keep easier automatic track of the anime you're watching and the episodes you're on. It's been running decently for me so far with only a couple issues occasionally. Recommending it in case you're like me and you only remember to update your lists every two months...
  3. While I can't exactly participate in translating efforts because I'm still learning a lot about the language, I dare say my Japanese comprehension is advanced enough for me to take care of some extent of QCing and mainly proofreading, if you need any of those!
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