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  1. Hi everyone! Hibik's & Erick's routes are now released! Both Hibik's & Erick's routes contains: 9 playable days 11 CG's images & collectible in a CG gallery 2 Bad story ends, 2 Good ends, 4 Bad relationships ends 5 otters & 2 side character Music & SFX HD graphic Choose your own name Available for Mac & Windows
  2. Hi everyone! We are two swedish person who is called Snowy Owls Studio. Our latest game is: Otter of My Life! A queer visual novel game were you get to befriend 5 otters at a high school. Each otter studies aesthetic programes like art, music, dance, theater or media. Features: CG Gallery Main & side otter characters Good ending, bad story & relationships endings Available for Mac & Windows, And more. . . Available on itch.io: https://snowy-owls-studio.itch.io/otter-of-my-life Thank you for reading. If you want then you are free to play our game. Have a otterly nice day
  3. The demo conatins only the first day of the story. Then it brances depending of which otter you integrated nicest with most. Currently it's Hibki's route is the only playable route that include 4 more days and more features. The game is still under development. Edit: I have change a bit of the demo info text so it's much more clear that it's only the first day that is playable in the demo.