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  1. Hmm I knew something was wrong with my installation. I'm playing on W10 (Steam version + Fakku 18 + restoration patch v1.2) and whenever there's a bathhouse scene I don't actually see the character sprites at all, only the bathhouse background. They don't appear even with towels like in your picture... Anyone have an idea as to what I can do to fix this?
  2. First of all, thank you for sharing this patch with us! I just have a quick question here. I just "installed" the patch by dragging the patch.xp3 file into the game's root directory and it seems to have worked based on what I've seen on the Scene Viewer, however, while playing the game for the first time I noticed Hachiroku's model doesn't actually appear when you first wind up the key and she slaps you in the face (the scene only shows the background and Hibiki's dialog box). Anyone know if I'm doing something wrong? Currently running the Steam release of the game + Fakku 18+ patch.
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