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  1. i understand you . What you said is what i would had said too if i was you
  2. maybe he has a team behind his back , not alone . Actually he are not really in need of help , he just said any help with the translating will be very appreciated so i think he can work by himself. Should i just copy the link in here ? How much does it cost . Is it 63 $ ? I was trying to buy the original but people said it costs 63 $ , which is way too expensive for a VN , even big project games like FF XV ,Nier, Assasin Creed does not even cost this much not to mention this is only VN , where you do nothing by watching
  3. there is a person who named Miyoshi is working on the English patch for the original Japanese version . So the only things change is the language, EVRYTHING ELSE remains the same . i dont know if he even tells the truth or still working on it at the moment . He stated that last year so there might be chance he still works on it . He is in need of people to help him translating
  4. I will absolutely do it even if it is the last thing i can do while staying alive. But rarely see any 18+ VN get translated . I think i better learn Japanese and play the original game instead of waiting
  5. I want to give this a try . But apparently i can not find any information about how to get it . So i guess this VN only popular in Japan . Is there anyway i download or purchase it from ? Even if i can , is it available in English. I can only find the original Japanese one . If anyone have any information about getting a hand on this , please let me know . Really aprreciate if you can help me out
  6. so it has 3 copy Option : copy link address, copy image and copy image address. Which one should i choose
  7. apparently , it does not work, i upload to imgur , copy the link, put in the box but when i press " Insert " , the box only turns red and does not continue to upload it
  8. I want to ask what is the purpose of the Grade points . The VN does not tell anything about what does it do or what is the affect it has on the playthrough. I know you need to reach a limit if you want to pass the final test but it does not point out how much do i need . So whoever know any ideas about what does the Grade stat do or how does it affect the game , please tell me. If i know what it does and why do i need it , this will help me a lots in my next play through .
  9. I want to insert a picture that has a statistic i want to ask about . But it seems i can only insert picture from a link . How do i upload a picture from my computer to the post ? Thank you in advance
  10. Really appreciate everyone ' advices and recommendations. You have helped me a lots by providing these answers . Thank you
  11. So i am going to buy the VN on Steam. But i do some research and find out this one has a 18+ version. Since Steam is the only common place i have ever purchased anything from so i dont really know much about any other places to purchase VN. But after asking some people. They told me that the H scene is not that good and they said i will not likely miss anything from it. But some other people recommend me to buy the Perfect Edition because H scence is one of the major part of a VN. I am not really into H stuff. But the more the merrier. So if i have to choose i think i will go with the one has more content. So my question is which version should i buy? Does the place sell Perfect Edition ever have a sale on the product? Because if it does not have then i will go with the Steam one since the only thing i miss is some h scene but i save 70% on it instead
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