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  1. Showing a friend some anime

    Thank you for all those recommendations! Completely forgot about Drifters! Thats a good idea actually I thought about Code Geass but I personally needed a few episodes to get into it Yeah Death Note was on my mind aswell, I just forgot to put it into the thread ^^ I'm pretty sure he isn't a big mecha fan and that he likes iron man more for the character of Tony Stark than for the suit. My bad should have been more specific there. Not bad ideas, especially because we share a netflix acount and all these are in the german version. I might add one of these and recommend the others.
  2. A friend of mine (18 years old) was always against anime, which i understood and respected. He is/was still in school and I didn't watch any anime back then aswell, since I thought it was rather weird and "uncool".That was until recently, when he was so bored that he decided to watch "Cars 3" on his own. - I was like... Are. You. Fking. Serious?! So after some talking I was able to convince him to watch some anime with me. Thats where I need your help. I only get one shot at this and if I pick the wrong stuff he might never try it again Infos about him: He likes series with a lot of action or/and where the protaginist is badass (e.g. Punisher, Sons of Anarchy, Shooter). They don't have to be badass in a brutal way. It's fine if they "destroy" someone on a mental level (House of cards, Suits). He is also a big fan of most super hero movies. I think his favourite hero woud be Iron Man.I thought about showing him the first episode of a few animes from different genres. So I am looking for some good anime shows with an entertaining first episode that don't seem too "weird" for someone who isn't used to it. ^^Maby something funny like One Punch Man, something a bit darker like Berserk/AoT/Hellsing (maby a bit too weird for the beginning), something different/chill like Samurai Camploo or Cowboy Bebop. I don't watch that much anime myself and I would appreciate some help Which anime(s) would you show him if you were in my position? Thanks!