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  1. Thanks, I'll try Seriously though, anyone who knows must be some God of the VN world lol. I thought it looked similar to what the artist of Deathtopia drew but I couldn't find anything :/
  2. That's what I thought too, then I looked for the CGs but that wasn't it >_<. I haven't tried searching other works from that same artist/company yet. I'll try that, thanks. Yeah, me too, I've tried searching for the character in VNDB and ACDB but came up with nothing. I even removed all the tags except hair color and still nothing. It's possible that the character hasn't been added to any of the db yet or maybe we're missing something. Anyways, thanks for the responses guys. I really appreciate it. In most other places people just give me lukewarm responses, some are downright judging(because of the content in the picture), so I'm really grateful to everyone trying to help. If anyone has any idea(maybe artist seems familiar etc), just shoot. It may lead to help us find the source in the long run.
  3. I apologize in advance if this post annoys any of you in any form/way. I'm trying to find a certain old vn but the only clue I have is one picture which appears to be a game cg. It seems to be a death scene of some kind where there's a woman getting buried alive by cement/concrete. The picture was posted on an image board 5 years ago without a source. The terrible quality came from the original poster, not sure why. There could be a lot of reasons, I thought of one game that was actually infamous for having this kind of problem called "Deathtopia" and the art looked similar too, but apparently that wasn't it. The game is likely at least pre-2008, according to the person who was looking for the source of the image before me(he mentioned he had been searching for 10 years). I've been asking around here and there but apparently nobody knows. I'm wondering if any of the visual novel experts here recognizes what game it's from or has any idea about it? Thanks in advance.
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