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  2. I QC'd this together with Infernoplex, casual_scrub and someone called Jack. It was an arduous, monumental task but we probably did well enough. Should you find some problems feel free to post screenshots in the #majikoi-discussion chat on the JAST Discord or here! (*´∀`*) Happy Majikoi-mas
  3. Interesting project. I have a bunch of contacts which I can ask in case your project your take off.
  4. Now the game is perfect \o/ @everyone If you find typos make sure to send them as an imgur album in this thread. People might fix it quicker then
  5. Wish you would put as much work in TLing more lines over making magna-autistic posts :kek:
  6. Atri is a very good game, but Aniplex.exe is not a new star on the localization heaven.
  7. Atri is really nice. The main theme of this game is contrast. Atri is providing warmth and enjoyment in a world that feels like they lost the ability to laugh. Somewhat relatable.
  8. Agreeing with Sanah. Discussion with OP at this point is irrelevant, because they don't listen to differing opinions. Confine yourself with likeminded friends and live in a bubble while the real adults keep discussing what they wish to.
  9. Oh god, this sounds terrible. And my popcorn ran out
  10. I wonder if you guys cannot read between the lines but the MangaGamer tweet was probably not a direct encouragement to back. There was no big hijinx like "PLEASE BACK this thing!". It was more a neutral post that can be interpreted both ways. One of which is: "Good luck, you'll need it" and the second could even have kind of a mocking tone ". Since its probably Kaitsu who writes for the mangagamer PR and she backed the KS personally I suspect its the first. I am sure that she would have gotten in trouble if she posted a super hype tweet because it would provide a weird image. Why would MangaGa
  11. It sells pretty well. I didn't think it would. I am tempted to get it myself honestly.
  12. Thats very unfortunate but understandable. They started with classics like wind - a breath of heart that brought us technically one of the first FanTLs and started the whole shenanigans for this side of the planet. Their downfall started when they started blocking foreigners, that even gave them a bad image on the big stage because even Kotaku and other major outlet took the piss out of them with shit like minorigate and other meme shit. As for their games I personally only played Supipara, Eden and half of Trinoline, but i can tell that they suffered because they had to keep their artistic st
  13. Where are we close? This game unfortunately bombs right now... I'm sure that they manage to fill the bar for one, but all the stretch goals are absolutely mad delusion.
  14. Google is terrible, at least for Japanese to English, believe me. You have a better time translating from easier languages such as German, French or Spanish with google though.
  15. Hello Fuwanovellers, ParanoidGengar one of the authors on our website wrote a detailed review about the newest release from JastUSA "Lilium x Triangle" Typically its a german review, but reading it with google translate or translationsoftware is perfectly fine. https://visual-novel.info/lilium-x-triangle-18-german-review/ We also hold a raffle on twitter for one of the keys that Jast provided to us. You'll just need to retweet this post! https://twitter.com/BishoujoNEWS/status/1096847314973409280
  16. I learned everything I know from Eroge.
  17. Yeah dude. Just imagine buying the game for 20 bucks, not applying the patch and misunderstanding why everyone hypes it when it is just a barely 5 hour long yuri. And then getting told...dude you haven't seen the missing 45 hours of content yet. Horrible marketing tbh. And even if you know that there is a patch, you will be misled by the purpose of said patch. You'll just think that it uncensors/demosaics the few ecchi scenes - instead it unlocks 95% of the game LOL
  18. No Lesiak. I disagree. The whole marketing was a disaster as a whole, because they didn't even advertise the darker side of the game in the kickstarter beforehand, which also just barely made it because of the die-hard fans and the shills who conveyed the message that this game is the next coming of jesus. I read it fully and i was blown away by it, but after reading different VNs that what flashed me earlier felt so incredible felt incredibly washed away. Anyways, it was advertised as a yurigame based on the screenshots on steam and the games description was abysmal. They could've shown darke
  19. Kickstarting three games in one month of time? Good luck.
  20. Well, its a taste for a cool game. But just the prologue is more a tease than a motivation. I still could read it in japanese but others maybe can't :v But good work
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