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  1. Akatsuki no Yona is a cool anime indeed!
  2. Amatsutsumi is cool and you can also purchase it in the JAST store, I believe. That place is the safest store out there and it offers instant refunds should you dislike the game - no questions asked. Amatsutsumi (jastusa.com)
  3. Welcome, Charlotte (●´ω`●) Yeah, this community sure will restore your enthusiasm - if vn.info didn't do it yet
  4. Welcome Rabin! What kind of games do you want to make? Pure Visual Novels, some with additional gameplay elements or hybrid games like Danganronpa or Digimon Survive?
  5. The Symbiant | vndb try this one maybe. This might not be it but it has the space aspect and it is some hardcore BL stuff. We actually had it at our booth at a German convention together with its developer team.
  6. Holy shit, you are a hero. I did not know that this forum had new posts about such important stuff this recently.
  7. I prefer visually pleasing artstyle. This doesn't necessarily require anime aesthetic. Stuff like Pale Cachexia and Soundless tickled my fancy too!
  8. You can totally make a career out of it. Especially if you know italian. Do it like us and kick off an effort to promote VNs in your own national region. It took us on-off five years, but the tendency for the German market to consider German translation has majorly increased to the point where we just finished founding a translation company last weekend.
  9. Bongiorno, and welcome to our place!
  11. I QC'd this together with Infernoplex, casual_scrub and someone called Jack. It was an arduous, monumental task but we probably did well enough. Should you find some problems feel free to post screenshots in the #majikoi-discussion chat on the JAST Discord or here! (*´∀`*) Happy Majikoi-mas
  12. Interesting project. I have a bunch of contacts which I can ask in case your project your take off.
  13. Now the game is perfect \o/ @everyone If you find typos make sure to send them as an imgur album in this thread. People might fix it quicker then
  14. Wish you would put as much work in TLing more lines over making magna-autistic posts :kek:
  15. Atri is a very good game, but Aniplex.exe is not a new star on the localization heaven.
  16. Atri is really nice. The main theme of this game is contrast. Atri is providing warmth and enjoyment in a world that feels like they lost the ability to laugh. Somewhat relatable.
  17. Agreeing with Sanah. Discussion with OP at this point is irrelevant, because they don't listen to differing opinions. Confine yourself with likeminded friends and live in a bubble while the real adults keep discussing what they wish to.
  18. Oh god, this sounds terrible. And my popcorn ran out
  19. I wonder if you guys cannot read between the lines but the MangaGamer tweet was probably not a direct encouragement to back. There was no big hijinx like "PLEASE BACK this thing!". It was more a neutral post that can be interpreted both ways. One of which is: "Good luck, you'll need it" and the second could even have kind of a mocking tone ". Since its probably Kaitsu who writes for the mangagamer PR and she backed the KS personally I suspect its the first. I am sure that she would have gotten in trouble if she posted a super hype tweet because it would provide a weird image. Why would MangaGa
  20. It sells pretty well. I didn't think it would. I am tempted to get it myself honestly.
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