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  1. Good work Looking forward for the whole product!
  2. Agreeing with Sanah. Discussion with OP at this point is irrelevant, because they don't listen to differing opinions. Confine yourself with likeminded friends and live in a bubble while the real adults keep discussing what they wish to.
  3. Sekai Project sets a new low standard

    Oh god, this sounds terrible. And my popcorn ran out
  4. I wonder if you guys cannot read between the lines but the MangaGamer tweet was probably not a direct encouragement to back. There was no big hijinx like "PLEASE BACK this thing!". It was more a neutral post that can be interpreted both ways. One of which is: "Good luck, you'll need it" and the second could even have kind of a mocking tone ". Since its probably Kaitsu who writes for the mangagamer PR and she backed the KS personally I suspect its the first. I am sure that she would have gotten in trouble if she posted a super hype tweet because it would provide a weird image. Why would MangaGamer openly support someone who doesn't offer their games for their platform? I do not think that MangaGamer wanted to show that they actively bank on that Kickstarter succeeding. It felt like more of a PR-Move to show support while not actually meaning it. Jast did the same, they only retweeted the KS when it looked bleak which can also be interpreted as creating awareness but not fully committing to support Sol Press. I do not think that MangaGamer is the benevolent messiah you make them out to be here.
  5. Under One Wing (Hitotsuba) Steam store opened

    It sells pretty well. I didn't think it would. I am tempted to get it myself honestly.
  6. Another name left the scene - RIP minori

    Thats very unfortunate but understandable. They started with classics like wind - a breath of heart that brought us technically one of the first FanTLs and started the whole shenanigans for this side of the planet. Their downfall started when they started blocking foreigners, that even gave them a bad image on the big stage because even Kotaku and other major outlet took the piss out of them with shit like minorigate and other meme shit. As for their games I personally only played Supipara, Eden and half of Trinoline, but i can tell that they suffered because they had to keep their artistic standards on an alltime high. The art in their games never disappointed and even Makoto Shinkai made great animations for them, which they couldn't match themselves. Just look at efs intro.. But this perfectly shows that good looks only don't make a good game. Also, their characters always always looked the same after a certain point, I know they keep using the same artists but if they cannot draw a little more variably the people are going to notice that all you make are rehashes of earlier titles with the same formulaic plot progression and forced nakige-elements. Its a shame.
  7. Where are we close? This game unfortunately bombs right now... I'm sure that they manage to fill the bar for one, but all the stretch goals are absolutely mad delusion.
  8. Google is terrible, at least for Japanese to English, believe me. You have a better time translating from easier languages such as German, French or Spanish with google though.
  9. Hello Fuwanovellers, ParanoidGengar one of the authors on our website wrote a detailed review about the newest release from JastUSA "Lilium x Triangle" Typically its a german review, but reading it with google translate or translationsoftware is perfectly fine. https://visual-novel.info/lilium-x-triangle-18-german-review/ We also hold a raffle on twitter for one of the keys that Jast provided to us. You'll just need to retweet this post! https://twitter.com/BishoujoNEWS/status/1096847314973409280
  10. Who doesn't play nukige or eroge?

    I learned everything I know from Eroge.
  11. Yeah dude. Just imagine buying the game for 20 bucks, not applying the patch and misunderstanding why everyone hypes it when it is just a barely 5 hour long yuri. And then getting told...dude you haven't seen the missing 45 hours of content yet. Horrible marketing tbh. And even if you know that there is a patch, you will be misled by the purpose of said patch. You'll just think that it uncensors/demosaics the few ecchi scenes - instead it unlocks 95% of the game LOL
  12. No Lesiak. I disagree. The whole marketing was a disaster as a whole, because they didn't even advertise the darker side of the game in the kickstarter beforehand, which also just barely made it because of the die-hard fans and the shills who conveyed the message that this game is the next coming of jesus. I read it fully and i was blown away by it, but after reading different VNs that what flashed me earlier felt so incredible felt incredibly washed away. Anyways, it was advertised as a yurigame based on the screenshots on steam and the games description was abysmal. They could've shown darker (not porny) pictures and screenshots in the steam showcase, but they decided not to and got burnt for it. I still assume this was planned because the game teaches you to look beyond superficiality, and use that as a plot/marketing element. Well, we can say that it definitely failed. It's not that good of a VN, unless you understand the deep notions of how the characters display different types of personalities. It depends on which point in your eroge career you read this game. As a novice you will get blown away because you haven't seen anything like it before, but delve into the denpagenre (ex. Sayonara o Oshiete) and consume other darker stories, and you see where subahibi falls flat on its face. And all kinds of philosophical infodropping doesn't help sewing up the issues either. Also the main problem with the sales was that everyone who was interested in Subahibi at this point pirated it already. If you want to know how abysmal that description was: Sounds like a Pulltop Moege to me, especially because of the Summer Triangle thing, a theme that has been completely drained by a platitude of different moege before.
  13. Kickstarting three games in one month of time? Good luck.
  14. Well, its a taste for a cool game. But just the prologue is more a tease than a motivation. I still could read it in japanese but others maybe can't :v But good work
  15. Island

    Great. Finally I can finish this goddamn review copy from like a year ago. I didnt find my way to 100% completion so I got frustrated and quit :/
  16. What is your favourite VN store?

    JAST because they take paypal, its really easy to navigate and because they have a cute mascot
  17. Something happened at Sekai Project?

    Not everything is won/lost. Sekai still has to publish their step into the virtual reality. Tokyo Chronos may be delayed again, but the reason is to polish up the game to the best possible state. This at least shows us that they give enough fucks to quality control for this title. I think when Chronos flops, they are pretty much done for, but let's give them a last chance.
  18. sweet pool hype thread!

    I bought it.
  19. How do you rate your VNs?

    10 (Unironically Kamige and everyone who disagrees can engage in a horrible chuuni fight with a huge killcount with me) 9 (Ironically Kamige, Games without many flaws, cohesive storyline, good characters, rememberable Lines and make me want to read them more than once. 8 (Games with great value, good story, passable characters and great overall composure) Everything below is depending on enjoyment.
  20. What kind of ending structure do you prefer?

    And then there are games like Kara no Shoujo where the "True Ending" has a sequel (´・ω・`)
  21. What are you playing?

    Currently playing Inochi no Spare from Akabeisoft3. A game about designer babies which purpose it is to live as a remedy for their siblings to counter a serious illness called "Oumonbyou" The setting reminds me a LOT of the movie "Blueprint" which I read around middleschool so it felt really intriguing to me Blueprint: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0321473/ Inochi no Spare https://vndb.org/v19513
  22. VN Article

    Amazing article! I'm super disingeniously impressed by your work and effort! (´・ω・`)