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  1. I think they might make it so they're more lenient on pornographic content; I assume they still won't be allowing straight up porn onto Steam, but at the same time I'm aware that they have games like Witcher 3 on their platform, which does have straight up sex in one (or more) scene(s). If we're lucky, they will allow pornographic content on Steam. This probably wouldn't be good for their public rep, but I'm assuming it'll be much less worse since they'll probably bundle it in with the "anything goes" introduction. This is pretty much the most optimistic view of it. The most pessimistic view would be them not allowing it whatsoever, but still allowing visual novels. This would mean that official patches for VN's would still have to be linked by fans of the game rather than the creators of it. It's not that bad, but this could also mean that shit companies/devs like MoeNovel would use it as an excuse to not release the 18+ parts whatsoever in their English TL's. The most centrist view of it would be that they'll allow the developers of VN's to post about it, regarding it as a "modification" to the game. I mean, if you look at it, technically, Skyrim (among many, many other games with mods) could be considered a pornographic game thanks to a few mods from LoversLab that allow sex, nudity, etc. Therefor, introducing the nudity as a "mod" for the game should get it past its barriers, allowing it to be introduced very freely and openly by the developers. Unfortunately this might also be a good enough excuse for shithead companies/devs like MoeNovel to restrict 18+ scenes, since I assume they're just looking for the easiest way out of doing more work and make the most money. I think that even if Steam/ValvE allowed pornographic content onto their platform, they wouldn't go to the extent of allowing straight up Porn or Nukiges onto the platform. I don't think they do even now, but I'm sure they won't in the foreseeable future, either, unless they bizarrely choose to partner up with Xvideos or Pornhub. That would actually be pretty hilarious IMO but yeah, I really do not see that happening. Our best bet as of now is to assume that they're going to be allowing developers of VN's to link the 18+ patches onto their discussion boards/into the extended description of the VN's they release. I think that'd be the most reasonable outcome from all of this. The luckiest bet would be that they straight up allow 18+ scenes in the games, which would follow what already exists in other games on Steam (GTA 5, Witcher 3, and a few others, probably) Of course this is all speculation and these are all really unnecessarily long replies because to be quite honestly fair with you I am rather excited by what is to come with this revision of Steam rules, to be quite frankly frank and fair and honest and real with you. yes
  2. Overall this is actually absolutely great news, but I'm sure you're all aware of that already. Since Steam is saying "Anything goes", this could even potentially mean that 18+ patches could, like Antera said, be publicly released, and it could even possibly be within the game, no patch required. Another good thing about this is that it makes much of a less incentive for shitty companies (like MoeNovel) to remove 18+ scenes from the visual novels they butcher. That way, anyone who uses Steam and is aware of this update to their rules (Which I'm assuming will be mentioned and detailed for everyone using Steam) will know exactly what MoeNovel is doing (as well as any other VN dev/company who region-locks/language-locks their 18+ scenes) with the scenes. This also means that they'll know just exactly how scummy MoeNovel are if they choose to release VN's in the future with butchered scenes thanks to removal of 18+ moments, which makes boycotting them much easier should push come to shove. And last but not least, this will drastically improve popularity for Western visual novels because creators and developers will feel less pressurized by appealing to all demographics; now they can choose which demographic to appeal to, which would be only people who actually like visual novels/anime/manga/etc. Less pressure = more quality & quantity of western visual novels. And to add to my final point, this also puts much less pressure onto VN companies who are afraid of 18+ rules on Steam. Since they are effectively gone (To my understanding) they don't need to be afraid of censoring the games and can just release it with translations as is. IMHHW had the big problem of over-censorship and the result was a catastrophe which involved big eyes, 12 year old french girls and jokes that fall flat. Assuming that they decide to drop the whole "12 year old french girl appeal" bullshit because they realize it's much easier to appeal to an older demographic (and much better in terms of sales) it puts much less pressure on them. This also applies to pretty much every company/developer that creates 18+ Visual Novels; less focus on censorship = better translated lines and scenes = higher quality = win/win. Now the only problem from all of this is the possibility that Steam decides to actually enforce an 18+ rule in terms of nudity. I'd find it stupid if they did, particularly because 1. Less sales, 2. Less products, and 3. They're removing practically every other rule, and it'd be stupid to just keep this specific one in. However, knowing Steam and how stupid they are with their rules and the way they enforce them, it's unfortunately a possibility that should be considered. I'm going to have some naive trust in Steam for now and hope they make the right decision with this. With what they just recently did, I think it's fair to say they deserve a small bit of applause, since it's a pretty ballsy move that could possibly lead to lots of negative media. At the same time, however, this gives so much room for developers to move freely with their products and act more personal with their consumers, which is an incredibly good thing. I feel that I'm probably a bit too happy over this and too enthusiastic; there's totally a possibility that this doesn't change much, true, but I personally believe that this will make more close-knit communities between the players and the developers, as well as putting much less pressure on developers and companies when it comes to censoring their games. Of course, company politics is also a part of it; I know the whole "12 year old French Girls" meme was a decision made by MoeNovel/Pulltop themselves, but what's important is whether or not they'll change it in light of the changes to Steam's rules, which allows much more leniency on which demographic developers want to target. Again, probably too hopeful. But it's good to feel hopeful every now and then. Especially since I have like 3 projects due tomorrow. I need all the damn hope I can get, lol
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    hell yeagh
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    literally everyone in vancouver is "dude weed LMAO" at least that's north van. not too sure about the other ones. I know West van is full of rich kids that do coke, south van is never talked about, and east van is degenerate land moral of the story is vancouver sucks and yeah you get used to it after a while kinda sad though i've seen kids like 10 years old smoking weed, like wtf
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    >vancouver imagine living in a place where emotion is dead and everybody is just "DUDE WEED LMAO" i blame justin trudeau this is actually a good idea, will pass on to Elon there are great places in canada im just not in one of them lul makinas route sucks but everything else is top 100 crying laughing emojis gone viral >live in richest part of canada >poor family >only talent is in fine arts my limited piano knowledge can only get me so far definitely not in it for just the money, that question was more of a "well I could learn it and as a bonus I could maybe get a job for it" kinda thing. also me big dumb dumb in pretty much every subject except language so yeah lul also I guess I want to live in Japan? although I know there's a bunch of stories about "falling for Japan's waifubait" etc. so I'll have to see for myself before I decide to live there. would be nice though. also >big reply to almost everyone in one reply haha yes i dont know the emotes here11!11! love you all and thanks for the warm welcome
  6. Regarding MoeNovel and what can be done.

    Yeah, I read about this and it's probably one of the most driving factors for me against keeping the Steam MoeNovel version, rather than getting ASFOS elsewhere. I'd even question if this is legal since they straight up lied to the customers about the content that should be in the game, but I'm assuming it's technically legal since they could argue about there being different versions based on region, or they could argue that they're two completely different games, or whatever type of argument white collars use.
  7. Regarding MoeNovel and what can be done.

    I know I asked this already but just for a second opinion (and I also ask if anyone else can suggest whether I should or not) if it's actually a good idea or not to support this change. Seeing as they've decided to improve upon what they did with IMHHW, that is. I completely agree with you that a company that doesn't care about a large part of their consumer-base should be cut entirely, but does our opinion even matter to them? Don't they only care if Japanese people are buying their games, seeing as Japan is where their main demographic is? If they cut out their translations, doesn't that just mean that actual translators would have much more trouble since they'd more than likely not be paid for translating whatsoever? Of course then that brings the question of whether or not we should be supporting terrible translators, and if we were to stop doing it, would that mean that legit translators wouldn't be able to translate games, etc.
  8. Regarding MoeNovel and what can be done.

    Based off of this then, would it be wise to actually keep ASFOS, maybe to show that "We like this direction, please keep at it"? Or just refund and get elsewhere?
  9. So I wrote a bunch here but deleted it because it was long and runny. TLDR was that I had been spending a while saving for the game (being a student and all makes it that much harder) and now that I bought it I learned that there literally is no 18+ patch, and I also learned about how scummy MoeNovel is so I refunded it, might get the game elsewhere if that's possible and play it, although that much sadder that I won't be able to play with the wholesome love scenes. (basing that off of IMHHW standards, btw. let's admit it, they're pretty wholesome) Anyways, I was wondering what the hell we can do about it. I'm obviously new here and I have no idea what has already been done, but I do know that a boycott has been attempted, and seeing as they've just released another game, something tells me that it didn't exactly work out (although a good thing I guess is that it literally only has 16 reviews on Steam which is telling me that nobody has really bought it, but on the other hand they are all positive reviews, so...) It's a huge shame IMO because Konno Asta is an amazing writer and he manages to hit home very well. I absolutely hate the fact that MoeNovel is locking the whole "Climax" (get it? but no really, there are like two stories in his works (similar to IMHHW) and MoeNovel is pretty much locking one of the "climaxes" behind a language and regional barrier) behind a regional/linguistic barrier, because IMO everyone deserves a chance to read the story(ies) without interruption. Is it 100% certain that these VN's will never be TL'd fully (not just for 12 year old french girls) and that it will have to be left to Fans? Or are they willing to change, if they receive enough backlash? One thing I've learned over the years of being involved with game developers is that they will literally not give a single shit about their consumers so long as they're making money, or have already made all the money they needed. I'm not certain if they're in this position but if they are... well, you get the idea. Please educated a simpleton about MoeNovel and what we can do is the TLDR of this topic, I guess. Also, is it worth learning Japanese so I can try and TL stuff, officially or as a fan? TY
  10. Hello

    I'm a Canadian who doesn't like living in Canada but is tied down to Canada because I'm a student that's too poor to travel but also too poor to get enough money to travel, if that makes any sense (probably doesn't) I'm here for four reasons: Sky Full of Stars has made me extremely disappointed; not because it's bad or anything, but because its publishers/developers are pieces of bad Because I want to know if there's anything we can do to stop them from constantly doing this bad Wondering if it's worth it to learn Japanese until I'm completely fluent in it Also if I do that then I can get into TL'ing which would be cool too I guess. You can make money from that, right? Visual Novel recommendations yeah i also really like shitposting, but in a funny way, not a 4chan /b/ or /pol/ flame-baiting way nice and thank