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  1. Hi, folks. I used to be a bg artist for an anime outsource company, now I just want to do some freelance jobs I would like to draw bg on some VN's projects. Here's my old stuff I did in for the company : https://www.flickr.com/gp/75976495@N06/0Zm21g Correct me if I'm wrong, honestly I do not know where to post this. PRICING Depend on the resolution, complex and detailed. - Normal Backgrounds (1920x1080) : $60 - $80 usd - Detailed Backgrounds (1920x1080) : $100 - $120 usd This price is only for Visual novel background. PAYMENT I currently only accept Paypal payments. And please, you'll pay the Paypal fee. My process is : - Normally, you can give me some reference image like sketchs, real pictures, some info about the color style you want, the more details the shorter time 'til work done. - When I finish , I'll send you a small sample for you check. If everything is ok, I'll send you full pic(png,jpg...) upon you payment for me. CONDITION I reserve the right to use it for my portfolio or post it on social media. If you are interested my artwork, contact me through: - Email shikitomoya0908@gmail.com. - Discord : Shiki#3061 Looking forward working with you guy.