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  1. I just finished steins gate and it was excellent, imma be watching nichijou now
  2. I've been playing granblue fantasy nonstop for a good while now truly addicting game
  3. Bonjour et bienvenue, hope you enjoy yourself here, it's a pretty great place
  4. Oof don't worry we see that often here as well, and it'll only get worst
  5. Weed isn't even legal in quebec yet and it's already absolutely everywhere so maybe i'm just used to it?
  6. Whats wrong with canada though
  7. My name was originaly supposed to mean Euro(beat)cat(girl) but seems like alot of people see it as europe, so rip me right
  8. My worst fear is that my favorite character ends up having terrible fetishes
  9. Cooking, the satisfaction of eating a delicious meal you made from scratch yourself is incredible never forget to add lots of
  10. I can't wait to get my new pc so I can play pubg all night long, but while i'm stuck with this pile of garbage all I have is osu
  11. Well I sure do wonder what that big project is !!!!
  12. Hi. I'm expecting a cookie. I know where you live
  13. Domo arigato everyone
  14. Eyy, danke m'dude
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