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  1. Indeed. So to speak, my favorite Visual Novel is pure SoL, I wouldn't have believed myself when my future-me told me, but my favorite VN is Da Capo II. You will find every cliche in this game, and still it captured me completely. Even today SoL VNs and Anime are my favorite Genre. Good music plays an important role as well, all the good old cliche VNs have this certain "nostalgic" music, old but gold.
  2. Well, the best VN I've ever read in my entirely life, which has quite some heroines is D.C. Da Capo II. You don't really need to read the first one for understanding the Series, I've read Da Capo I after finishing the 2nd one, and I enjoyed the first one even more afterwards than before when I dropped it the first time. It appears as a generic and stereotypical Moege, which it may is. But imho, Da Capo is the game which defined the stereotype, and there was no better Stereotypical Moege I've played so far. I've cried like a Baby in all the Da Capo titles I've read, so you could more consider i
  3. Some Developer do publish their work on the App-Stores as well, like Key published Clannad, Summer Pockets, Kanon and Air as far as I know. The reason for people to play on PC is because the mayority of VNs are being developed for PC in Japan, and most titles who were not developed originally for PC do mostly get a port later on. Also the big screen makes reading more appealing, at least for me. A good point is that you can also translate Japanese Games with VisualNovelReader which is only working on a PC properly (more or less). I think I'd have problems with the small font on my phone (IPhon
  4. I just finished Steins;Gate even though I never thought I'd like it, because I don't liked the Anime back then, but was really good. Now I play Hoshizora no Memoria - Wish upon a shooting star, which is surprisingly good so far, but at the beginning "Mare" the mysterious girl is really annoying, guess I'll like her later on when I get to her Route. After that I plan to get back into Monobeno, I like the setting of it, and I am still surprised nobody translated it yet despite being much better than Maitetsu.
  5. Hello fellow VN-Players, on my Home-PC I got VNR and as soon as I click the word, it translates as shown in the following picture Now I installed VNR on my Laptop after quite some time, but I am not able to activate that option. The Japanese Text and the Colors do appear, but nothing happens when I click them. I tried to use the same settings on my Laptop I got on my PC, but I can't solve the problem.
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