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  1. Im looking for some translated jrpg with actually good game mechanics i remember i played kamidori alchemy and it had pretty good and intresting combat and some fun build you could do ect So im looking for some fully english translated jrpg with plenty of cg scenes and some good game mechanics plenty of skills so you actually have some builds you can go for Good plot is a + but its fine with as long as there is plenty of dialoge Fully english translated only so no interface only patches
  2. Hmm looking for mostly evil or turned evil not insane but already played them all besides Rewrite but doesnt seem to fit what im looking for atm
  3. Looking for a vn with a dark and evil route doesnt really matter of protag starts off good and later turns to evil or just hes evil from start Supernatural stuff is a bonus (Magic demons monsters ect) Fully english translated plz
  4. It seems to be missing a few titles mostly from the vn´s thats been released before 2017 but been translated this year
  5. Is there anyway i can get a complete list of everything that been fully translated and the patch / game released in past 2 years ?
  6. 11eyes is pretty good but has only 1 route that is worth playing tbh
  7. Bored af give me some lighthearted eroge with high school setting and good visuals and good af looking females i mean if im gonna read some moege might as well have good eye candy right Translated also
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