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  1. 23 hours ago, Ulysses said:

    GARBro's GYU decoder: https://github.com/morkt/GARbro/blob/master/ArcFormats/ExHibit/ImageGYU.cs

    For my first glance at that source code I think it's possible (maybe) to implement an encoder by learning from the decoder logic. However currently I don't have enough spare time to implement that, maybe someone else with enough programming skills can help you.


    12 hours ago, Huang Ling Yin said:

    simply convert your edited images to 32 bit bmp with alpha channel, and rename bmp to gyu


    Thanks you both for your answers, well, if i extract the images into png, edit and rename them, it works. But in the case of extracting into bmp and do the same procedure, looks so bad, pixelated. Nevertheless, for our image editor, work with bmp images is easiest than png. Is there any specific method of extracting the images into bmp? Tested with asmodean tool and garbro, aetool don't seems to support the format.

  2. Hi everyone


    My team is translating a game that uses ExHibit engine, the text works pretty good, but the images are the problem, we can extract them, but for repacking... we don't have idea how to do (.bmp to .gyu). I've been looking for a repacker without success and i don't have enough skill with reverse engineering, so..I'm here looking for your help guys, anyone have idea how we can do that or knows anybody who cans?




  3. Hi there

    Actually i'm having the same problem with the font while translating euphoria to spanish, chars like áéíóúñ and punctuation marks like ¡¿ simply don't work. In one post in progvian.wordpress.com he said that the scripts use shift-jis for encoding so you can´t change the encoding and only chars that are included in the font S ゴシック may works, i'm managing into changing MS ゴシック font, replacing some hiriganas with the characters i need, but without any success. But i still don't reject the possibility of changing the font (that would be awesome since i could use another modified font, modify MS ゴシック is annoying because it consists in one ttc that contains 3 ttf or that seems) 


    Maybe in that file is the answer but progvian's tool doesn't extract this, only dialogs :(

    I will be modifying and testing the font, and will upload the advances to this post


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