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  1. I'd like to, but just the prologue took forever to do, even with machine translators. If you can do it better, then do it.
  2. https://vndb.org/v16193 Happy Birthday to 花の野に咲くうたかたの on 19/5! This is the first public release in which the whole prologue section is translated, albeit some sound effects are not translated. Video showing the entire prologue: Installation instructions: Download and apply patch 1.11. Download and extract translation patch file "patch2.xp3" into game directory. Play Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/sp9s4et8d83pt1k/Alpha-0.2.rar/file Join the Discord! Thanks to: DeepL, Go
  3. I recommend using a patch file instead of directly replacing the data file, if you can (some games don't allow patch files).
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