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  1. Mochizuki Rina

    Stage 1:

    [Small Talk]

    "I've decided I'm gonna become a good student." --> "I'll correct the school's moral values."

    "Thoughts on all the cute new first years?" --> "I must talk to them nevertheless!"

    [School Life] 

    "How's your outside of school club thing?" --> "Maybe I'll start a Meteor Strike Club."

    "I get so sleepy during afternoon classes." --> "I think it's classes being so boring that's the problem."

    "Porn mags in the library. Wouldn't that be great?" --> "Think I'll donate some of my collection to the cause." (EXTRA)

    "We NEED super carbonated drinks at this school! Agree?" --> "I think I'm gonna petition the school about this. They might actually pass it."

    "Make any new friends lately?" --> "I guess you're just a natural at it."

    [Weekends and Holidays]

    "Isn't it tough working a part time job on the weekends?" --> "People who work jobs day in and day out really are amazing."

    "Nothing more depressing than seeing flirty couples on weekends." --> "Does it not make you depressed any?"

    "Don't you just hate doing nothing on weekends?" --> "I'm gonna change myself into the guy with plans every Sunday."

    "Tips on how to spend my time productively on weekends?" --> "Could always just go do something with you."

    Stage 2: 


    "Do you ever think about getting really good at one type of game?" --> "There definitely are collectors"

    "Any things you've been really into lately?" --> "Since you like it maybe I will."

    "Know of any easy-to-pick-up hobbies?" --> "I'm gonna take candid shots of you starting tomorrow."

    "How much money do you spend on your hobbies?" --> "The people who mess with motorcycles must spend like a fortune every month."

    "I'm thinking of trying out fishing. What do you think?" --> "I know how you feel"

    [Private Life]

    "How many times do you clean your room per week?" --> "You're a clean freak! You're a legit clean freak!"


    "Do you play any sports other than tennis?" --> "Does lacrosse get that messy...?" (EXTRA)


    "Anything you wanna achieve before you graduate?" --> "That's the kinda answer I'd expect from you."

    "What's your plan for the scholarship test?" --> "If only there was a test on having fun..."

    "I wonder if it's better to have a lotta qualifications?" --> "I'll show them! I don't need qualifications to be something!"

    "Do you have a hard time picturing where you'll be after graduation? I do." --> "No fair! Let me join in too!"

    "Occupational aptitude tests are kind of fun" --> "Can't tell you." 

    "Laugh at me if I graduate without even being able to find a girlfriend." --> "I'll cry." (EXTRA)


    "Tell me what girls think of love." --> "Is that the suspension bridge effect?"

    Stage 3:

    [Hobbies 2]

    "Do you have any surprising hobbies?" --> "Oh Mochizuki... That's so cute"

    "Does bathing powder really work?" --> " You know what bathing powders are effective?"

    "Do you go to bathhouses often?" --> "Swimming there feels hella good."

    "Aren't the bottles for female cosmetics just so cute?" --> "Maybe I'll buy some."

    "Tell me about girls and arcades." --> "Rhythm games are so embarrassing to play" (EXTRA)

    Watch any good anime recently?" --> "Isn't Castanet Erect that old show?"


    "Too many commercials can legit ruin any show, don't you feel like?" --> "Alright, gimme one million yen and I'll get to work." (EXTRA)

    "I really don't like panties you're meant to be able to see" --> "Spats are appealing in their own way."

    [Romance 2] 

    "What advice do you give a man after he gets rejected?" --> "If I were in that situation I'd level up and try again."

    [Ask Me]

    "Ask me something about my hobbies." --> "Probably fun songs."

    "Ask me about my private life." --> "Definitely bread."

    [Do something]

    "Stare at her." --> "Mind if I give you a hug?"

    "Smile at her." --> "I'm practicing my natural smile."


    "Can being a hard worker get you a raise?" --> "Someone as great as the noble Rina must only get the highest of wages."


    Mochizuki's Third Event:

    "Me too"

    "Something swimming related."


    Stage 4:

    [Romance 3]

    "I've been having a lotta fun talking to this certain someone lately." --> "I was thinking it so I figured I'd say it." (EXTRA)

    "What do you think of controlling girlfriends?" --> "I wish people had more confidence to just say no to stuff like that."

    "I feel like you worry about what you wear when you start crushing on someone." --> "I'm going to start wearing suits to school from now on." (EXTRA)

    "Give me an example of the type of guy girls would see as a 'slob' " --> "I bath regularly I swear!"

    "You can really tell who's good at romance and who isn't." --> "Can I fire a cupid beam full of love and hearts and kisses at you?"


    "Appearance is just a matter of luck when you think about it." --> "You're really convincing, Mochizuki."

    "Ever thought about getting plastic surgery?" --> "Your body is something like a gift from your parents."

    "You ever gone to a thrift shop to buy clothes?" --> "Tell me where I go to get the good stuff."

    "What's this whole 'cool-cute' thing?" --> "I feel like they should just pick cool or cute, one or the other."

    "What do you think of guys who wax their hair?" --> "You could use a pompadour as a drill!"

    "Is it true that you'll get dry skin if you don't wash out conditioner right away" --> "I've certainly learned something new today..."

    [Hobbies 3]

    "Have you ever had pickled celery?" --> "Same here."

    "Can you make homemade soap?" --> "Lemme be your model next time you're making some soap."

    "Do you count your daily calories?" --> "And so that's how they always keep themselves looking good..."

    "What rice cookies would you recommend?" --> "Very refined."

    "What's hyaluronic acid" --> "Does it do anything special if you drink it?"

    "Pickled cucumber is just so simple and safe." --> "I"ll try asking my mom to make it."

    [Chatting 2]

    "I really wish they wouldn't rank everyone in our grade level with test scores." --> "So, we can say we did better than our peers?"

    [Do something 2]

    "Stare at her." --> "S-Say something..." (EXTRA)

    "Smile at her." --> "You could say that."


    "What do you do to keep up on fashion?" --> "At that point why not just create your own fashion trend?"


    Once you reach Mochizuki's final event, you may hold her hand if you choose the correct options, detailed below:

    • "I was really worried you were gonna say yes."
    • "I don't know"
    • "Take her hand"


    Stage 5:


    Note: Confess before June 21th.


    Rina's route first choice event:

    "It was kinda exciting"

    "I'll give you everything you want"


    This Rina guide is based and tested by me, a Team Rina lover.


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