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  1. Merry Christmas indeed. Obviously take things at whatever pace is sustainable and as enjoyable as something like this can be. If I had any relevant experience, I would offer some help, but for now all I can really add is saying "Thank you so much, and this project is in our thoughts."
  2. It's definitely disheartening to see this translation collapse on itself. :< I've been following it for a couple of years now, so seeing Tymmur fall off from commenting, and Rauros telling everyone that there are no plans to continue the TL process.. It's a sad ending to something that I had built up in my mind as having a happy ending. Thank you, TL team, for what you gave us; good luck in your future endeavors.
  3. Nah, this project regularly goes months without updates, but it's tenacious, lol. Usually they pop in every now and again and let everyone know where they are.
  4. Yeah I get not releasing it before it's done, another project I follow that's translating Amagami opts not to release it before it's ready either. I'm just glad to see that the project is alive and well.
  5. How can I stay on top of the translation progress? Are there any useable builds released for the public, or is it all on the dev side so far? Stoked to see this is alive!
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