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  1. oWo, we have the same birthday. I uh guess I can give you my half of the spotlight as your birthday present. Happy birthday.
  2. Do arguments with yourself count? I argue with myself a lot when I'm driving or in the shower. Otherwise my biggest argument was about 1-3* servants vs SSRs in F/GO. Edit: oh wait, it said online
  3. So What Got You Into VNs?

    I was watching Little Busters when it first aired. Around episode 3 or 4 I got tired of waiting for the next episode and binge read the VN before the next episode came out. I'm too impatient to watch airing anime nowadays.
  4. Is that supposed to be a double-negative? So you're pro-moege?
  5. oh, perfect, I never finished steins;gate for some reason. I'll get right on it, didn't even know there was a sequel.
  6. oh, sweet, but whats with the moenovel burn in hell thing. Are they bad or something?
  7. Welcome to Fuwanovel's first ever singles hotline, where if you got the cash then we'll help you- . Oh what? Do an introduction or I'll get banned? Oh, yeah yeah I can do that. Hey guys, so I started reading VNs about 5 years ago. I can read simple japanese VNs. Stopped for a few years and I feel like catching up now. It'd be great if you guys could recommend something translated/released within the past 2-3 years. I'm fine with any genre as long as its good cause I believe every genre has something amazing to offer. List of VNs I've read off the top of my head Other than VNs, I play F/GO(Huge fate fan) and do 3D modeling(mainly weapons). By the way, do you guys have a discord? Nice to meet you guys, よろしくお願いします~