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  1. help me find my next visual novel

    Hmm in one of the first games they did didn't they take out a loli character? I know they have had some games afterwards with them (I own those games) Edelweiss I think it was. Not a big deal as they have certainly back off of it but I am just very sensitive to any kind of censorship. Thanks for all the recommendations people. All of these look interesting will have to see which I can afford and find translated copies for.
  2. Ahhhhh! But those of us who don't know Japanese can't read them if they are not translated...sigh. Ah well.
  3. help me find my next visual novel

    Yea saw that on the dark VN list - manga gamers page on it didn't sell me much but looking at it more closely now. Did mangagamer censor it at all (aka did they remove the loli character like they have done in the past)
  4. help me find my next visual novel

    I have not - does that actually have any hentai in it and it always looked like the gameplay would not be up my ally. I admit the character designs are cute as fuck though...
  5. Soo can we use this as a list of the games we want you to translate...? Chrono box the little research I did on it seems especially very interesting.
  6. So I am new to this forum though been on other forums for a while. Thought I would put up an introduction post and this seemed like a cool place to do it. Only recently have I discovered what I would call "hentai visual novels with gameplay" the first and for a loooong time the only one I was aware of was sengoku rance which I found a fan translation of years ago now. I was amazed and the fact I died quickly the first few times I played didn't frustrate me because (1) the game play was so good (2) and the idea of a hentai game with actual game play was so amazing. I described the game to someone once as "you know I would almost play this even if it didn't have hentai". Since then (and thanks a good bit to mangagamer and the Zerodomai Kitsune youtube channel my visual novel knowledge has exploded. I own a copy of Euphoria (which I love both for the shocking hentai and an amazingly deep and thought provoking plot that does fall apart somewhat in the ending) Koihime Musou (which I love because the characters and plot is great and the hentai is amazingly affecting in some places and the philosophy of the ending is fascinating - I went and read some of the actual translated philosophical articles) and I have played kinchu rance (which the randomness of and complete lack of hints on how to solve puzzles I disliked - but Rance is always a fun character) and big bang age (I wanted to like this one and really tried but I just didn't - characters seemed very interesting and gameplay mechanics seemed interesting but it was just too hard for a hentai game especially since the sex just repeated especially in the beginning and it had the same problem as kinchu in that there was just to much randomness and lack of hints on how to solve puzzles). So which one should I try next? Thanks!
  7. What are you looking for? I do not know Japanese and I do not know computer programming but I write for a living as a lawyer so I could edit perhaps if that was needed. Also love to beta test as I bought the first game from mangagamer and wold love to see series continue
  8. Oh wow so this is getting translated too nice! Love to help out with this if needed don't know programming or Japanese but can edit. Lovely to see these games that I thought had no chance of ever receiving an English translation getting one!
  9. made an account - friend sent me to this forum which I did not know about before when I mentioned this game - to say I hope this is continuing and any way that I can help please let me know. As an owner of mangagamer's euphoria any of the shocking visual novels I want to support! I do not know Japanese or programming but I do write for a living (as a lawyer) so I can help edit work. Thanks!