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  1. HELP!!

    I saw those 2 titles a lot around. I ll definitly look into those Thank you
  2. HELP!!

    G-senjou was amazing...just wow... I bought it blind and I didn't expect for anything like what that vn is...so good..
  3. HELP!!

    Ahhh ok actually the first time I started it, finished the first chapter (DTRH) and got really angry couse i thought I ve spent 30euro for 1 hour of vn xD then I red the comments on steam and... a whole new world...(licterally xD)
  4. HELP!!

    Yhea man and played all the routes as well! (including end sky2) . Oh ok sorry is the first time I post on a forum and I didn't reall knew what to write down eheh So for DTRH I liked all the introspective trip of the characters, the style of writing, all the philosophic journey till the very end(s). On the other side for The devil on G string (first vn ever read) the firt thing that got me good has to be the soundtrak..so good!!All the deepening about the classic music and the different girls on various routes sourprised me as I didn't knew how multiple choices VN worked. At the end, to be onest, if you want to know what i really liked about those two vn is how they make you fall in love with something on one route and then go in a total different direction with another one and not just for the sotry... Sorry for the broken english Thank you all Alessandro
  5. HELP!!

    Hello I just finish to read G-senjou no Mau and Wonderful Everyday down the rabbit hole. Can you please help me with some similar titles? I can't get enough