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  1. Hey guys, I normally refrain from asking for help, without trying all the obvious solutions. So far, after patching hatsukoi, i started playing the game. Immediately i noticed some crazy blur, and figured it wasn't normal. After some looking around online, my text seems to be a lot blurrier that it should be, here are some pics: For some reason, the text is a lot more legible on the screenshots. Not sure whats exactly causing these issues, i messed around and tried all the possible resolutions. (Locale is Jap, Anti-virus is disabled and everything should be fine) Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance
  2. So What Got You Into VNs?

    First off: Get out, this is scarily similar to some of my experiences and im not even joking Secondly: Thats amazing! I never had any japanese classes offered at my school, we only had french. +1 for Saekano, Noitamin A did an excellent job with the crisp animation in the anime, but i sadly haven't watched s2 or read any VNs of it. But i do have a vita and might get em all if they differ from the anime Thirdly: Honestly any tips? Your possibly 2-3 years older than me and somehow im in the exact time frame where i wanna learn japanese haha, i have no clue about the symbols being used and anything, so id appreciate any tips on how to get properly started into learning japanese to a point where i can at the very least read and speak it Thats pretty cool haha, as stupid as it may sound, i never finished watching clanned after i guess ep5 because someone said the VN was years ahead, guess its the perfect time to finish it then! Also +1 for toradora, even the mc was wishy washy and jesus knows how i finished watching oreimo, HenNeko was better than those 2 for me Ahem usamin ahem Jokes aside, i have no clue why i never watched grisaia, i remember the anime coming out, it was fresh and i think i finished season 1 Guess its the perfect time to read those VNs then! Haha why is it so relatable? Playing league and YS was my jam, anything thats an jrpg would keep me hooked for hours (i sunk in 150 hrs in Persona 3, and around 180 in Persona 4 golden). Needless to say i was an rpg freak, that considered turn based rpg superior to all genres! From DQ, FF, YS to any shin megami tensei game But basically i got bored with games to a point where i just couldnt even be bothered playing them, then moved to anime. And if you read my OP you know how i ended up with VNs! What if i lied and i never played a single Vn as well? What if i just want to be accepted!
  3. So What Got You Into VNs?

    It's a mistake i wouldn't mind having tho Funny you mention mons, i was super into pokemon upto Gen6. Overall other than R/B/G, i guess my fave mons game is Black and white. I was also super into competive mons, and even managed to get 1st place on ladder in pokemon showdown back when PO was a thing. Also nice taste in Ace attorney, and hope you enjoy fate as much as i did! Interesting, i kinda also got into it after i saw a few screenshots over at discord. Joined Fuwa due to it being a great repository of VN info and seemed like a cool place
  4. As simple as the question is, i have a feeling everyone has some interesting stories behind how they got into this medium, As for me, getting into Vns was a long winded journey, It all initially started when i got into anime. Very often i would i see vns being talked here and there in anime forums, but i didnt pay too much attention to it. For starters, i was not very invested in reading and from the few screenshots i saw here and there, i felt like there was a barrier which stopped me from getting into it. This is also due to the fact, i was just getting into anime and i was more comfortable with western shows and series at that time. But before i knew it, i was hooked into anime and an issue became apparent very quickly, which left me a bit surprised. After i spent years binging anime, i started to notice a lack of quality shows, or shows i liked to be exact. Im the type of person that binges anything i like, so in 2-3 years i was done with every notable anime and watched most of the hidden gems to all the garbage romcoms that came out every fall. Thus i realized i needed a change of pace Enter phase 2: Manga Now with having exhausted my list of anime (from 90s-2010+) and having gotten accustomed to the medium in general, i was ready for manga. At that time i was bored and needed something to fill the void. I personally could not read manga from a computer as it felt clunky and browsers on my phone felt tedious. Then i stumbled upon Manga rock, which held my hand for 3-4 more years, where i had some of the most memorable time reading. This was a time of excitement, where i found near infinite things to read whilst not getting tired of the medium which i had not predicted. After all, i was never much for reading, but this got me invested and slowly i stopped watching anime all together and started enjoying Manga's more (who said reading manga isn't beneficial, it single handedly got me into reading!). But slowly after i kept binging on manga the inevitable reality was soon becoming apparent, i had somehow managed to exhaust even this medium. I had kept reading day and night (mostly night), in between shifts and bus rides, it was soon becoming apparent this medium was not gonna last forever. Alas all good things must come to an end, i soon realized that most the manga i haven't read are just 1-2 chapters and ongoing. I had read all the obscure manga from Love in hell, to almost all the english manhwa and it was becoming hard to find stuff that was enjoyable to read Enter Phase 3: Visual Novels At this stage i started reading books and novels not related to anime or manga. I had broadened my horizons and therefore i started reading anything that fancied my taste. But there was a hole left behind, a void that always reminded me: what if there was a medium that joined both manga and anime but offered more flexibility? And lo and behold, i started getting into VN's, a medium that i considered to be very dismissive about in the past. The first one i played was G-senjou maou, which was very interesting to say the least. For starters the first thing that caught my attention mid-way through the game was: "Holy shit, for once it matters which characters i like". Even though G-senjou has a different approach to each heroine and plot progression compared to other VNs, the fact that what i had a choice was a concept that blew me away. Never before did anime or mangas offer that flexibility. Before i knew it, this became possibly the best medium i had interacted with. Infact, i thought it was a better Death Note in a sense that i found its ending to be quite satisfying and it wasnt a typical cliched ending or anything soft, which it could have easily gone for. Comparing the two isn't exactly fair i guess, but its better than mindlessly questioning morals and then throwing away an epic story with a subpar ending with convoluted decision making (cough death note cough). This lead me to reading Fate, Ever17, Karin and really got me hooked into VN's. Now this is where i stand, fascinated and engrossed in a medium which i know will offer hundreds of hours more of enjoyment, the story behind how i got into VNs might not be too interesting i suppose, but it did get me thinking: "How did other get into it?" I initially avoided VNs since it looked over the top and was kinda hard getting into, as i was accustomed more to western media i guess, but im very happy that i did manage to get into it, otherwise i would be missing out.
  5. Thanks for the heads up! Will be fixing it now Hi (Generic enough?!) Guess declaring myself as a nub beforehand was a smart move aye? Thanks, nice meeting you as well Fair enough Can you tell me what's the time? Cuz i can't stop staring at you *blush* Jokes aside, thats super helpful! Thank you True, your the 3rd person to mention it! And hi um, idk how to break it to you, but not quite....someone beat you to the punch D-d-damn....i dont know who you are and how your doing this...but i must admit, you are a worthy adversary Just how i like it! Thanks for the warm welcome, looking to get to know yall and hope we get along
  6. As you can see i cant really offer anything interesting to start off the conversation, other than saying something along the lines of "Hi, im new to VN's and i love what you guys do here, nice to meet yall" (A bit cliched isn't it?) I have been to this site quite a few times and love the community here, hope we get along and no ones get annoyed by my (incoming) nub questions, which i will be guessing has been asked a millions times before Funfact: Audio is one of my passions, if anyone here shares the same interest, hit me up. I also dabble into philosophy and science quite a bit but i mainly spend my free time trying out VN's now, so any recommendation would be appreciated