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  1. Id like to know what route everybody would like to see translated first. Information about progress can be found here Hikari has been selected as the first route to translate
  2. ~Hia

    I don't really have any issue's with MoeNovel, I understand the business choice of selling VN's as an all age versions (since it's got a higher demographic and all) and there translations are way better that what they used to be cough If my heart had wings cough So i still like there game's =3
  3. すべてスクリプトできました: 「1/181」 「0.5%」(Total Scripts Translated) 名前 スクリプト ヘンタイ %______________________ ⦁ ひか: 「0/33」 「0/3」 0% (Hikari scripts translated) ⦁ ころ: 「0/24」 「0/3」 0% (Korona scripts translated) ⦁ みは: 「0/27」 「0/2」 0% (Miharu scripts translated) ⦁ おり: 「0/19」 「0/3」 0% (Orihime scripts translated) ⦁ さや: 「1/32」 「0/3」 2.85% (Saya scripts translated) ⦁ よし: 「0/30」 「0/2」 0% (Yoshioka scripts translated) All technical issue's (as of now) have been solved! A more detailed progress report can be found: here
  4. ~Hia

    I don't believe that i have actually said hi here your so here is your obligatory hello message =) I honestly have nothing else to say
  5. ~Hia everyone So, as of now this is what is working Rio.arc ws2's has been extracted with exoozoarc shifted bits by 2 left so the files are readable Translated a random file (Saya route script 1 for testing) Repacked ws2(and shift bits 6 left) and remade Rio.arc using ahdprc with 932 instead of 936 Unicode in all 3 locations of wpscript.cpp The new Rio.arc "works" as in doesn't crash the game or cause an issue's but at the end of the script a few different things can happen, The Intro movie ends and the script doesn't move forward and just sits on a black screen, the game still responds to commands like alt+f4 but doesn't move forward The intro movie plays and if you either skip it or wait for it to end it will either jump to the next script but the screen stays black until the next jump or jump backwards into the script either partially or fully (If you skip the movie, it restarts the movie but the dialogue does one of the prior statements) The game explodes (Was totally my fault for not shifting bits back after edit) I think the cause of the issue has something to do with either the tool not properly packing or the jumpcode getting corrupted (Which i don't know how to fix) There is no Route selection options (Besides the initial game launch when you chose who's route you want to do) so that isn't causing the issue If anybody has a fix, knows how to fix the potential jumpcode issue, or had an alternative tool please let me know =3
  6. It Worked! How did you do it?!
  7. You get to pick what route you want to play, i think it's determined my what character you pick but yes, i can make yozora_fd_hika_001 the first to launch
  8. Those look the same way as the files i have, And yeah the scripts are pretty short, What is the tool you used?
  9. Here you go, https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pcj9v0o1CKagwpVQVraSSt1sYOebai-e/view?usp=sharing
  10. Considering i don't know what .bin file you are talking about that would be a no...
  11. I tried to read through that and it just confused me, I get that it's used over a command line but that's about it
  12. ~Hia everyone, I am messing with a soft/full TL project of A Sky full of stars「Fine Days」(見上げてごらん、夜空の星を「Fine Days」)  I chose this game so i don't have to mess with jump in points/Route Selection Issue's OK so here is what i have done so far: Unpacked Rio.arc Rolled .ws2 files by 2 bits left and got the file to be readable using this tool: https://github.com/Inori/FuckGalEngine/tree/master/AdvHD Translated one of Saya's script file's to test repacking Cant figure out how to repack the .txt to .ws2 or use in injector I've looked through everything i can find but i don't really understand any of it on how to repack Can someone please explain how to repack these text files or show me how to inject text or something? I really want to get this to work so i can make a translation project for everybody =)
  13. Data extraction thread

    ~Hia, I'm working on modifying dialogue scripts for A Sky Full of Stars 「Fine Days」 and i can't find a way to repackage the text back to .ws2 and into the game. If anybody knows how to repack these text files back into .ws2's and repack it into the game's files please let me know =)