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  1. def the protag from everlasting summer just cus i could red-larp more than i already do. think his name was semyon
  2. thanks for the warm welcomes, everyone !
  3. hi, im noelle. surprised the username was available i lurk the vn subreddit frequently and every once in a while ended up here. i saw that there was a decent amount of activity here so i decided to join. im quite used to forums like this (used to frequent an unrelated board that also happened to be powered by Invision Community,) so im quick to learn things like board culture and expectations in posting etc. made sure to read the rules before making this thread i think ill lurk here a bit before contributing to get a feel for the culture of the site. im on the discord and its been pleasant so far. - some relevant weeb stuff about me: favorite vn is g senjou no maou, followed by wonderful everyday. favorite anime is higashi no eden, mostly cus saki is wholesome - some of my personal interests: i study economics in college, and on the side i study politics philosophy physics and psychoanalysis. thanks for reading and i hope to make cool friends here.
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