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    adamstan reacted to 0xDC00 in [Release] Agent - an all-games on any platform text hooker, use this for machine translations!   
    Please test latest build: https://github.com/0xDC00/agent/archive/refs/heads/master.zip
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    adamstan reacted to Larxe1 in What are you playing?   
    Finally, finished Parfait, I'm just going to ignore Asuka and Kasuri. Finished Rikako's route and in short, her route is probably the most memorable, while Rea's character is the most memorable for me. Rea is probably going to be one of my favorite tsunderes in VN's and probably how I would go define good tsunderes, her tsun isn't that tsun that it kinda makes you think she actually despises you, just the right amount of tsun that makes you think she doesn't mean anything malicious by it and most of the time her being tsun makes sense and helps the MC, and why the hell am I suddenly praising Rea when this post was supposed to be about Rikako lol, I'm just writing down a stream of consciousness.
    Rikako's route is what I consider the true route, but more exactly the route where the most story and effort was probably put into. Honestly, it is kinda weird that Rikako's route doesn't require Ema's route to be finished. I think a lot of the enjoyment would be diminished if you didn't know what happened with Ema and the MC in the past, which only Ema's route explained. You could probably only rely on context clues to know what happened between Ema and the MC, and what happened there is very, very relevant in Rikako's route. 
    My thoughts on the route was that I really did like it a lot, it was kinda refreshing seeing the MC working hard towards the relationship to work because Rikako has a lot of problems that needs to be solved before they can be together and the MC did that a lot. It was really different where the MC wasn't so clearly defined and was more like a self-insert in Yui and Rea's route. Rikako's a good heroine that has a lot going on for her and against her which is kinda hard to talk about without spoiling the whole thing since its a main plot point too in her route being the mystery.
    All in all Parfait is a good vn, not perfect, it still has a lot of flaws that I'm not sure if it's just unrefined Maruto writing or production limits. Game felt short for me, it did kind of gloss over some scenes where it could have been further expanded or scenes where it should have been shown because there are scenes where they just kind of skip over it and just tell it happened. 
    Also fuck map-type choice VN's lol, It's fine but if you put specific flags to trigger the true ending or other flags to reach the end you want, and it isn't intuitive and easy to understand, it's a bad design choice. How tf was i supposed to know you needed to hang out with Yui in that specific day to reach Rea's true end.
    Probably my next VN is , probably https://vndb.org/v18145 or when Muramasa gets released in EN. But idk, I'm always open to recommendations and random novels but I'm probably not going to read again for a few weeks, I only read Parfait because it was Maruto.
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    That's why sex right after confession is bad trope
    Yep, I had the same feelings. Game repeatedly suggested that MC and Rikako share some (troubled) past, but as a heroine she didn't seem that interesting, especially compared to Rea But the actual route was amazing.
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    adamstan reacted to Larxe1 in What are you playing?   
    Playing Parfait Remake and finished Yui and Ema route
    I really like Yui, her voice and personality is awesome, but I ended up stalling her route halfway near the end because I just don't like that kind of conflicts lol. I really wasn't interested in the plot going forward in her route which I dropped but yeah it was kinda sad because I really liked the first half as Yui is so cute but damn I was bored with the plot in her route.
    Ema was kind of the reverse, I liked her character but not that much, I ended up liking her route and character a lot due to the drama(which was kinda light but still more dramatic than Yui and Rea). Ema has a unique background I was really interested in, which was being an ex-wife of the MC's dead brother. It really was one of a kind of character background and I really like backgrounds like that since it gives Ema and the MC with character depth that is rarely explored in vn's. Ema definitely isn't a saint and has done a lot of morally dubious but human decisions in the past and in the route, and I liked her for being a good and flawed heroine. Of course, her route explores the dynamic behind their relationship well, but let's say it wasn't explored seriously enough but that isn't just unique to her route but the whole game where the routes felt short. (More best tsundere rea where?)
    Otw to Rikako route and I seriously didn't like her a lot, not that I hated her, but nothing seemed to be of much interest but her relationship with the MC is also explored in Ema's route, which gave depth to Rikako and that gave me a lot of interest toward her character. It is kinda weird that there is some kind of set-up where the game obviously points to Rikako being the true route. 
    It is also obvious that most of Parfait's story and serious stuff is in Ema and Rikako considering that they deal with the problems in the past.
    Yui and Rea are bundled together and admitedly there was some real lazy writing here with the shared events. There is some kind of love triangle that was present in both their routes, but was only emphasized by Rea's route and mostly absent in Yui's route. One scene in particular was kinda lazy writing in which the shared event was Rikako asks you at the end of the day which do you really like Yui or Rea? This event happens right after you have sex with one of the heroines and confess, but the MC just goes "..." why the hell didn't you answer MC wtf, you just confessed and had sex, and you're telling me you're unsure. The text is the same no matter what route you are, so it is lazy writing choice. 
    I'm writing this half- asleep lol finished Ema's route before I sleep since idk when my motivation to read will also randomly disappear and I may leave parfait stalled without completing the routes, hopefully I'll finish Rikako's route tomorrow or this week and enter a reading hiatus again for a month lol.
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    adamstan got a reaction from Larxe1 in What are you playing?   
    Still going through Princess Evangile for the third time. Konomi's lines are pure gold

    "Holding hands - that surely is the first step towards making babies..."
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    adamstan got a reaction from Vampire Alexander in Aoi Tori and Amatsutsumi   
    VNDB lists unofficial translations as well - if there's even a slight hint of a translation in the works, you can bet that somebody will add it to vndb. What I meant is that it's very unlikely that any translation - official or unofficial - would not get noticed by vndb.
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    adamstan got a reaction from Larxe1 in What are you playing?   
    I think Rea and Yui. Rikako had perhaps the best and most fleshed-out route, but I think my best girl after all was cute tsundere Rea So perhaps it would be something like Rea=Yui>Rikako=Ema>Asuka>Kasuri. I'm not sure where to position Mizuna and Mio - I liked their routes, but they were kind of different thing. And besides, they are absent from the edition you're reading, right?
    So, to sum it up - my favorite heroine was Rea, and my favorite ending was Rikako's true end.
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    adamstan got a reaction from Larxe1 in What are you playing?   
    It seems that we have similar impressions about heroines. And yeah - if the route gets unexpectedly short it means you triggered normal ending I don't know how it is for remake, but in original version, on the final map movement screen (on Christmas Eve) it indicated wheter you're entering "normal" or "true" route. In case of Rea's and Yui's routes, the difference between those two is one choice - to trigger true route for both heroines you have to choose Yui on 11/23. Here's the walkthrough
    Yeah, one of the better tsunderes I saw . And I had similar thoughts about Yui - she somehow tugged at my heartstrings. I found her personality cute, and her singing awesome
    As for Asuka's and Kasuri - their routes felt a bit flat to me, but maybe h-scenes in the remake version you're reading will make them better for you I feel like those two routes are seriously underdeveloped.
    Ema's and Rikako's routes are great, and perhaps it's Rikako's route having the most of the drama. Anyway I'd recommend reading her route last (I'm not entirely sure, but it seems that it might even be somehow locked until you complete Ema's route and Rikako's normal end)
    Yeah, that's the only element I wish they got rid of
    BTW, YMMV, but I found Mio's and Mizuna's routes from all-ages version to be very good despite having different writer. Also, I really dislike remake's changed character art style - I feel like the sprites lost all individuality and expression - in remake they can be differentiated only by hairstyle
    Also, one of the reasons I preferred all-ages version over the +18 one is that I'm not too fond of the "sex right after confession" trope. It feels off to me. Besides, replacement content in "Standard Editions" is quite good.
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    adamstan reacted to Larxe1 in What are you playing?   
    Came back to playing VN's again randomly after a long hiatus and played Parfait Remake.
    Holy crap I expected this game to be longer, I felt so unsatisfied by the length because I seriously liked the heroines a lot, like I wanted to see a lot more of them. Its literally just navigating the map system and triggering events and then you can lock in a heroine after a few weeks of ingame time, and then the relationship forms, h-scene, and then an ending shortly thereafter. Why was it short and why was Katori Rea so perfect, rarely do I praise tsunderes a lot as they can be easily mishandled by a bad writer and make me hate the trope but Rea was just the perfect balance of tsun and dere, and her tsun isn't so annoying like most other tsunderes that make you want to bash their head in, Rea's tsun is just so cute, and you can actually see her getting softer and softer overtime and it melts my heart out.
    The game is actually quite good in of itself, It does everything well, it's a good light-hearted romcom and doesn't stray too far from it but I only finished Rea's route so far and some people have said that the other routes are quite dramatic, but I'll read them again when I have the time since I am still in the "why was the route so short" phase. I need more good tsundere content in my life lol, I really love it when it is well executed.
    Well aside from my Rea praising rants, I'll offer some thoughts on the other parts of the game
    The heroines are all good but maybe this is just personal taste but some of them are a bit lacking or maybe because I wasn't as invested in them, particularly Asuka at Kasuri. Asuka seems to just throw herself at the MC and she really has an obvious crush on the MC and Kasuri just lukes the kind of charm that would make me try to go into her route.
    I also really like Yui, I normally don't like air headed heroines but there's just something about her that's really cute and kinda grips your heart and the best part about her is that her character likes to sing a lot, she sings while working and it's often emphasized by the narration on how good she is and she does actually sing in the game a lot. The VA actually sounds like she's having fun singing, so its really endearing, unlike other VNs in which if a heroine sings, they just kinda gloss over it without the heroine actually singing and just said "she sang". Bruh let us hear the singing.
    Rikako and Ema seems to be what other fans consider the true route considering that both of them are the ones most obviously connected to the MC's past and both are fascinating, particularly Ema. Ema is route I am also most interested for, considering her personality and how unique her situation with the MC is in VN stories. Particularly she is the ex of the MC's dead brother so she is her sister in law, and both the MC and Ema might care a little too much for each other. I don't know maybe there is some unique circumstance about it but I was also intrigued because in VN's some people have a weird obsession with their heroines being pure. 
    The story remains light and while there maybe some elements of drama present, it doesn't take itself too seriosuly with too much drama and just kinda plops the drama with a short resolution and i'm fine with that. (Note that I have only played Rea route lol)
    Edit: I was on the normal ending of Rea not the true, wtf that was why it was so short, goddamn map navigation system
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    adamstan got a reaction from Seraphim in What are you playing?   
    Guess finally I have to read Bokuten
    Meanwhile, I'm currently doing my third playthrough of Princess Evangile - this time it's PSP version (Japanese all-ages). Even though it's the third time, I'm still enjoying it very much. It's definitely my "Comfort VN"
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    adamstan reacted to Plk_Lesiak in Will Anyone From America or Europe Make a Quality Visual Novel with a Black Protagonist ?   
    There's something fascinating with how this thread is evolving with every iteration though. Like, he never directly responds to feedback or discusses stuff in the way forums users usually do, but you can see the effects of our responses every time this pops up. The framing is always slightly different and new arguments are replacing the ones that were most violently rebuked.
    It's as if this was some kind of spell, with the author looking for that one exact set of words that will magically conjure his dream project into existence. I haven't seen anything like it before.
    And @Nenor5VB, maaaaaan... Above all, this is not really a dev forums. You can somewhat hope to find translators here, but there's very little chance that someone even capable of furthering you cause will ever read what you publish around here. I've said this before, but there are outlets out there that are way more fit to host this topic – particularly after it has been utterly depleted around here. Lemma Soft, VN Dev subreddit, maybe CloudNovel forums or other platform-related sites. You're just talking at void at this point and if you keep it up, I'll seriously consider removing all future threads for redundancy.
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    adamstan reacted to Seraphim in What are you playing?   
    I looked into it a bit as well and it seems like there are some added scenes and CGs in this version, so that should definitely make up for any censored content, to the point where I'm deliberating rereading the VN myself. It's one of my personal favorites, but the h-scenes were awful and way too long (and this was back in the days when I used to sit through the entire scenes to make sure I didn't miss anything plot-related). We're talking a huge time investment though, so I dunno when I'd find the time, considering my current backlog and all the other stuff that's being released.
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    adamstan reacted to Silvz in What are you playing?   
    I'm almost finishing Flowers 3 after reading it non-stop for a week after months stalling. I'm glad I did, because the story is so enjoyable, well written and engaging. The romance flows naturally and the mysteries actually made me interested in what was going on. I'm pretty excited for Flowers 4 [come on, Jast, release it already!]
    That said, I just bought a fan-favorite on Steam - yeah, Steam! because from what I researched, for me it is the best version - Fruit of Grisaia! Unless something major happens, such as Reflection Blue being completed, I'll read Grisaia next. Do you have a recommended route order? Or should I go blind?
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    adamstan got a reaction from ChaosRaven in What are you playing?   
    Yeah, my backlog is quite big as well. However recently I tend to prioritize reading in Japanese - it got strangely addictive. And well, I keep adding VNs to the backlog, and the order/queue often gets shifted around - when something seems to grab my attention, I might read it immediately, regardless of backlog
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    adamstan reacted to ChaosRaven in What are you playing?   
    My backlog of English VN's alone aready demands a high amount of discipline against random VN's. 
    Not to mention that I'm still struggling to get my current Japanese VN Shin Koihime † Musou -Kakumei- Ryuuki no Taimou finished - it's just so ridiculous long. 
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    adamstan reacted to ChaosRaven in What are you playing?   
    How do you decide, which of those old relics of VN development to play anyway?
    It looks so incredible niche, that it's more something I'd expect to show up when clicking on "Random visual novel" in VNDB. 
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    adamstan reacted to Plk_Lesiak in Birthday thread   
    All best wishes to @adamstan!
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    adamstan reacted to littleshogun in Birthday thread   
    Happy 37th birthday to @adamstan, and I hope you'll have a good birthday there.
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    adamstan reacted to Seraphim in What are you playing?   
    I love the fact that "Heroine with Jeans" is an actual tag.
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    adamstan got a reaction from Seraphim in What are you playing?   
    Talk about coincidences, and deep roots of some tropes... After finishing Parfait, I just started playing ancient and obscure charage from 2000 (or 2003 for voiced edition) called Hachigatsu no Nostalgia ~the summer with you~ - since it's August right now  
    In Parfait one of the heroines was Ema - blue haired sister-in-law, currently widow.

    Imagine my surprise when I started playing Hachigatsu no Nostalgia and met Chitose - blue haired sister-in-law, currently widow 😮

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    adamstan got a reaction from j2alg in To Heart 2 discussion thread   
    It's worth noting, that in case of TH2 console version is the original one, while the PC version with added H-scenes arrived later.
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    adamstan got a reaction from j2alg in To Heart 2 discussion thread   
    Oh, that's interesting. I own PS3 edition, if the stories are indeed different, it might be worth giving it a go - especially since I wasn't too fond of H-scenes in PC version.
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    adamstan reacted to NowItsAngeTime in Since the introduction of Cloudflare protection, it's very hard to enter the forum   
    Requiring a privacy pass browser add on just to let people access the site consistently sounds like bad design.
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    adamstan got a reaction from Emi in Since the introduction of Cloudflare protection, it's very hard to enter the forum   
    For now it seems to be ok - forum loads instantly both on PC and phone. Thanks
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    adamstan reacted to Emi in Since the introduction of Cloudflare protection, it's very hard to enter the forum   
    The protection thing should have been loosened up abit. 
    so say if you continue have issues entering. 
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