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    adamstan got a reaction from Seraphim in What are you playing?   
    I just read piano scene in ATRI. Since I'm a keyboardist too, it was especially moving for me.
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    adamstan reacted to Seraphim in What are you playing?   
    On a more positive note, the translation seems solid. The phrasing might come off as a bit overly extravagant at times, but it suits the mood of the game.

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    adamstan reacted to Seraphim in What are you playing?   
    I had no issues whatsoever with Nanairo Reincarnation from what I can remember, so this must be a screw-up from either the developer or the coders in the localization team then. I could accept stuff like this if I was trying to run a VN from the 90's on a modern system, but for one released in 2020, not so much.
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    adamstan got a reaction from Seraphim in What are you playing?   
    I'm tempted to try Asta's earliest VN - Natsu no Ame next.
    (I was lucky to score physical edition from Amazon for a great price.)

    (I'm not clicking that ATRI spoiler yet, until I get to the ending too)
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    adamstan got a reaction from Seraphim in ATRI -My Dear Moments- to be released on 2020-06-19   
    Yeah... (Yumemi... ) but OTOH, To Heart's Multi, one of the first famous moe robot heroines, got her happy ending, so there's still some hope, right? Also, according to that walkthrough, True End is continuation of good ending, whatever it is.
    But then, even though I still have long way to go, I wouldn't be very surprised, if final pairing turned out to be Natsuki x Minamo.
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    adamstan reacted to Seraphim in ATRI -My Dear Moments- to be released on 2020-06-19   
    I'm not sure if you're referring to the sea levels rising, details about diving or something else, but none of that stuff really bothered me. I can imagine it might if you were hoping for something completely realistic, but that wasn't really my expectation in the first place so it hasn't affected my opinion in a bad way. If anything, I actually enjoy the writing in ATRI a lot and the translation feels very vivid and fluent. (especially compared to something like Forgotten Trace: Thanatos in Nostalgia, which just released)
    I saw the bad ending yesterday and have been playing a couple of hours more since then. I thought I was on track to the true ending now, but I guess I'll need to view another one before unlocking that then. In any case, I hope it ends on a positive note, but I know how these stories about robots tend to go so my mind is kinda getting prepared for having its hopes crushed.
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    adamstan got a reaction from Seraphim in ATRI -My Dear Moments- to be released on 2020-06-19   
    According to the walkthrough there are two endings - good and bad, and after completing both, True Ending is unlocked in the main menu.
    Do you mean that the setting (sea level constantly rising without any apparent reason) lacks proper scientific explanation? I think I had my expectations set differently, since, because of ATRI herself (extremely lifelike robot girl) I already treated the whole thing not as Sci-Fi, but as some kind of fairytale, so it doesn't bother me. And when treated like that, it is very enjoyable, at least for me.
    Also, remembering previous Asta's works I've read (IMHHW, ASFOS and Adventure of a Lifetime) - this VN is in line with those, it's "typical Asta". And he seems to reuse many tropes from his previous works. So if someone dislikes his writing, then they won't enjoy ATRI, and vice versa.
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    adamstan reacted to Seraphim in ATRI -My Dear Moments- to be released on 2020-06-19   
    Yeah, I'm reading it, and I think I'm nearing the end now and expect to be done pretty shortly. Great read so far, and yes, while I haven't compared it to the original Japanese, the English translation is definitely solid, although it contains a ton of typos and misplaced words (to the point where I'm questioning if the script was proofread at all).
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    adamstan got a reaction from Seraphim in ATRI -My Dear Moments- to be released on 2020-06-19   
    This topic is unusually quiet for a new VN. Is anyone else reading this?
    Yesterday I reached the point where
    The previous arc, with
    This VN has potential to be good nakige, at least for me - it has some good comedic moments, and at the same time, it's pretty good at tugging at my heartstrings. ATRI is lovely, I also really like supporting cast. Ririka, Ryuuji, Minamo, hell, even Catherine
    I don't know how much of the story is left there, but I assume that quite a bit, since I haven't even reached second choice point yet (out of supposedly three, according to walkthroughs). Since I'm reading untranslated, it's of course slower - I now have ~12 hours on the clock, so perhaps I'd have already finished the English version. But that's not bad - that way I can stay in this world for a bit longer So far I'm really loving it. If they don't fuck it up in some major way in the remaining part of the story, it will deinitely be one of the higher-ranked VNs in my list
    Also, to clarify my point on the translation from the previous post - it's liberal, but that doesn't mean it's bad. From what I have seen, it's actually pretty good. @alwayslonesome on r/vn expressed it nicely:
    It makes me want to reread the VN in English after completing it in JP.
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    adamstan got a reaction from Freestyle80 in [NekoNyan] Making Lovers Discussion   
    Yeah, I agree. It's just that some routes tried to do some drama, but it was kind of half-assed - it felt too rushed, lacking an impact. But overally I enjoyed M*L and its lightearted mood very much.
    When it comes to moege with overblown, and often pointless drama, infamous Harukoi Otome springs to mind Compared to that, Hatsukoi 1/1 was actually rather tame
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    adamstan reacted to Freestyle80 in [NekoNyan] Making Lovers Discussion   
    its nice to have no drama sometimes tbh, better than the forced drama some other moeges try to do (Hatsukoi 1/1 anyone?), thats one of the reasons I enjoyed most of the routes, Saki's route was also my first and nothing else beat it for me, Mashiro's one had the best puns though 
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    adamstan got a reaction from Seraphim in What are you playing?   
    Okay, so I finally finished Making * Lovers.
    It was really fun - very lighthearted, and making me feeling good and smiling most of the time
    While Karen's route was definitely the best (and I'm glad I kept it for last), my personal best girl is Saki (whose route I've read first). Karen would be the second in that ranking, but a close second. And then Mashiro I guess.
    Reina gets special prize for the most heartwarming epilogue.
    On the contrary, Ako's ending was one of the most unsatisfying things I saw recently - felt almost like a "normal end".
    Art looks nice, music and voices sound good, and I liked the translation. If I had to nitpick, then attempted drama in some routes fell flat - it didn't have the emotional impact needed for it to work. But still it was very enjoyable piece of moege. I'd say, a notch better than Fureraba - and I'm really glad they left the dating sim mechanics out this time - so that means 8/10.
    Now I think I'm going to read ATRI.
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    adamstan reacted to Seraphim in ATRI -My Dear Moments- to be released on 2020-06-19   
    Since there's no Higurashi for me this week, although originally averse due to the whole geoblocking debacle, I ended up buying ATRI as soon as it was released and will devote this weekend to that and Persona 4 Golden.

    I'm barely an hour into it so far, but my first impressions are excellent. The music, art and voice work are all nice, and the setting and premise for the story is pretty interesting. More than anything, there's something about the general ambience of the game that I can't quite put my finger on, but it's making me feel like this is going to be a great read.
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    adamstan got a reaction from Silvz in ATRI -My Dear Moments- to be released on 2020-06-19   
    Today and tomorrow I'm planning to finish Making Lovers, and then I'll start ATRI on saturday I think.
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    adamstan reacted to Silvz in ATRI -My Dear Moments- to be released on 2020-06-19   
    Both ATRI and Adabana are available on Steam!
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    adamstan reacted to Plk_Lesiak in What are you listening to right now?   
    Yup, maybe not to the extreme, but it still ends up sounding sped up and artificial. The composer behind it used to make vocaloids songs and, bafflingly enough, makes a singer she now works with sound a bit like a vocaloid too with all those effects. Kind of defeats the purpose of that whole transition IMO, particularly when working with someone this talented.
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    adamstan got a reaction from Mr Poltroon in What are you listening to right now?   
    Indeed It sounds very good with this natural-sounding singing. What was with the album version - did they overuse the vocal processing? (extreme tuning etc?)
    BTW recently I tried to do kind-of "live" cover of one of abovementioned Yoko Matsuura's songs. Here's the result - officially approved by the author herself, despite my terrible singing
    Also, this time I also put English translation of lyrics in the subtitles.
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    adamstan reacted to Plk_Lesiak in What are you listening to right now?   
    The album version of this song is actually pretty meh due to all the effects/mixing used in it, but this performance from The First Take is, in my opinion, absolutely brilliant. :3
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    adamstan reacted to Freestyle80 in Madosoft is one big joke.   
    Their eyes are so big 
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    adamstan got a reaction from Seraphim in ATRI -My Dear Moments- to be released on 2020-06-19   
    ATRI -My Dear Moments- , a VN developed by Frontwing and Makura is going to be released on Steam in a few days by ANIPLEX.EXE (whose site seems to be still inaccesible from EU )
    Steam page
    I'm really looking forward to it - it is written by Konno Asta, and directed by Yow, both of which were in charge of Konosora (If My Heart Had Wings). And there's a cute robot girl there
    Also, it looks very nice, and the screenshots suggest that it will have multi-language feature, so if translation turns out to be wonky, there will be original text available

    The VN is all-ages originally, so at least there should be no bitching about censorship
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    adamstan reacted to Clephas in Meta - Addressing Fuwanovel Forum Issues   
    On another note, the main reason that forums are failing is, of course, because of the major social media giants.  The other reason is that forums are from the age when people actually were willing to be civil with people who disagreed with them.  In the age of dogmatic shout-outs, there is a lot less demand for a deliberative setting, which is pathetically sad.  It's almost like we went back to the age before the car or even the age before the printing press, when people acted like the entirety of the world is their small village or neighborhood (in a psychological sense).  
    As for fantranslation, there will always be a small number of people who like to translate things on their own, but most will be willing to sell the translation to an existing localization company at the drop of a hat.  After all, translating VNs is a ton of work that eats away at time no matter how much you pace yourself, and it is extremely lonely, because very few groups stay together long enough to get things done (there is always someone who ends up doing much more than their part and burning out and a bunch of others that feel ashamed they aren't doing enough and fade away).
    Is Fuwa irrelevant?  At present, the answer is a qualified no.  No forum with members is ever irrelevant to the community, however small, it serves.  However, because Tay didn't hand over the keys to the front page or most of the other parts of the site, there is no way for anybody to run this place anymore.  If he had at least let someone else have the authority to do everything involving the front site, Fuwa probably would have stayed much more relevant to the larger community.  Unfortunately, without that ability, there is literally nothing Emi was able to do to keep things running.  
    Discord and Twitter are useless for forming communities, for different reasons than Facebook or Reddit.  Essentially, whoever shouts out the most or the latest is the one who 'wins' there, so there is no 'discussion'.  There is only a bunch of shout-outs that it is too much trouble for most to sort through.  This is also the reason why individual Discords become irrelevant so fast... once people realize there is no way to catch people's attention without being an ass, they feel empty and decide to go elsewhere, where they repeat the same cycle over and over.  
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    adamstan reacted to Plk_Lesiak in Meta - Addressing Fuwanovel Forum Issues   
    Well, I'm writing on a phone so I'll be brief... 
    1. You probably through your absence missed the worst times of institutional paralyses due to Tay's disappearance. This was partially resolved by Emi taking charge, but generally, nothing could be done on Fuwa for literal years because Tay went AWOL. When it got (partially) fixed, there was no energy left to ressurect the site as something more than the Forums, which is also staying alive through inertia more than anything else. Because no main site content = no traffic and no new people. 
    2. The main roles of this site are not as important as they once were. People get news and discuss them on Reddit. Socialise on Discord. Organise fan translation... Pretty much nowhere because those are dead. I'm being hyperbolic, but only a little. Fuwa is a cool community... But is in no way essential as it once was. The "fix" I was hoping to spearhead for that issue was making it something like an editorial/review hub once more... But few people, me including, had any kind of energy for it, and none had enough for long-term commitment. 
    3. When it goes to the community itself and the atmosphere on the site, I think it's overwhelmingly positive. I'm not objective here of course, but I don't think it's toxic members of any kind of cultural flaw that keeps Fuwa down. Unless you count lethargy as one.
    I don't want to discourage you and any initiative to energise the community is welcomed. I'm not sure there's an answer to this crisis though, different then the community being old, slightly anachronistic and really not having time or energy for all that reforming/rebuilding business. :>
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    adamstan reacted to Plk_Lesiak in What are you listening to right now?   
    When I feel like shit the music I nearly always come back to lately is this generic anison-style pop... My brain somehow finds it really soothing, and this band is a prime example. :3
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    adamstan reacted to Plk_Lesiak in Top 100 Eroge Ranking [1990-2019] according to Japan based on scores from Erogamescape (Japanese vndb):   
    No Clannad, Planetarian or Rewrite either, but Venus Blood -Frontier- somehow made the list, while sitting on 7,5 average and 7,2 bayesian on VNDB... Maybe they don't list games without 18+ content? That's the only way I can explain differences this deep. It would also influence the kind of people that used the site in the first play, attracting mostly seriously ero-oriented players... After all, there's not really a "VN fandom" in Japan the same way as there's one in the West, so probably it's more useful to see this ranking as one from eroge fans specifically?
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    adamstan got a reaction from Plk_Lesiak in What are you listening to right now?   
    Yesterday instead of usual 30 minute facebook stream, Youko did full-fledged 90 minute concert - transmitted on YT from studio, with proper sound, lighting etc. It can be viewed as a video now, and I think it's really worth listening to.
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